Whatever oodles the noodles

So it’s been a while since I have updated. I have no real reason. I have been updating at OD, just not here I guess. I don’t know why I usually post the same thing here and there, or there and here. Whichever you prefer I guess.

Let’s see happenings since, November 1st. Um, made it through the whole Election ’08 drama. Yea Democrats! Except my state flipped R and the last minute 3% points! I was so hopeful we would go blue this year.

I also made it through my first full on ap run at work. When I say full on, I mean all the ap for the entire company! Yeah, over 250 checks and lots and lots of $$$.

I am still working on Christmas presents. I am scaling back what I had originally planned to do. I am only working on my aunt’s present right now. It is monsterish and I just need to focus on it and spend my time on it.

I got a Wii and have been spending a lot of time playing tennis. I am so addicted to tennis I want to get a cute little outfit. Well not little, but still. It is so much fun.

OD is doing DePhoMo for December and I have been debating if I want to do it or not. I would have to really buckle down and get into the computer mode at night. You post a new random picture every day of December. This month is NoJoMo and so you journal every day of the month. It is a take off of NaNoWriMo, which is National Novel Writing Month. I am doing NoJoMo, this is year number three for me, 2006, 2007 and 2008. It is fun, I enjoy doing it.

The weather is changing. Every day is long sleeve day for the most part. Last night we had freezing winds and snow/rain. The roads were kind of icy this morning. It looks beautiful out right now, but quite cold. I haven’t looked at the 10-day for a while…well I looked. 40s through the weekend, some snow on Sunday am. Then 30s and 40s the rest of the week. I think the snow should be coming soon. Maybe I am just looking forward to it because I am getting excited about the holiday season. I’ve already seen a few holiday themed shows this week. A little early, but whatever oodles the noodles. There are some shows that I just love and wish would go on for like two hours, like Bones, Life, The Mentalist. Those shows have some of the best writing on television right now. Ooh, don’t forget to vote People’s Choice www.pcavote.com

So that is pretty much my life in a nut shell.


Holiday Swapper said…
Hi ~ stopping by to say I'm your WDK Holiday Swap pal. I'll be back. Have a great evening. ;)

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