But I still didn't get the memo

I have more regrets. Nothing new, I seem to accumulate three or a million every day or so. I came home early from work on Thursday and then convinced myself before nodding off to sleep that I was not going in on Friday. So, I am behind at work now and I was not all that ill feeling. I did sleep a lot on Friday though. I will be all caught up by tomorrow afternoon, no biggie. I just always regret and feel guilty for not going into work. I have got to stop doing this.

I haven’t done much lately either. I really just lazed around on Friday and didn’t do much. I could have knit up a storm, but I didn’t. I am working on two projects right now. I have a wrap started for my aunt and another hat for my brother-in-law. I made him a hat to go with the hats I made for my nephews, but he needs one for work that will match his uniform. So it is dark navy blue. It is working up nicely and I will have it done probably mid week. The wrap on the other hand I hope to have knocked out by election day. That is extremely hopeful, but I will try.

So Friday, woke up to snow. It let up some today, but the roads were still kind of a mess. Old man winter is setting up shop. I don’t know that I expected it quite this early. We have been spoiled though for so long with late snow, that it was bound to happen. Not a huge worry for me as I don’t have to drive the highway every day to work anymore. If this were a year ago, I would have been a little more on edge and dreading going to work. I am actually looking forward to going in tomorrow and entertained the idea of going in today, but decided that it was a different time sheet, so I mostly stayed in today.

I have to make a run to Wal*Mart after work tomorrow. I need to pick up my books because my usual newsstand didn’t have them this weekend. That sort of pisses me off. But, not much I can do about it. I need to pick up a few other things too. I can’t remember what at the moment, but I am sure that sometime between tonight and tomorrow I can figure it all out. I may look for some nice soft Caron yarn to make a scarf out of. I need black and camel. Or one or the other. I would like both though. I am thinking about doing one of those monster length wise scarves. The one where you cast on a gazillion stitches and then knit something like twenty rows. I don’t know for sure though. When you really stop to think about it you are knitting the same number of stitches if you cast on twenty and knit a gazillion rows as you are if you cast on a gazillion and knit twenty rows. I guess it is all in how you want your striping. Maybe I could do, camel, black and white. I will have to see what colors are available. I would get Vanna but she is not on sale anymore. I really like her though, but the Caron is super soft and I think would make a lovely scarf.

I ordered a whole bunch of sock yarn the other night and yarn to make another wrap. I picked up a couple of circulars too. Then yesterday, I ordered yarn for a swap that I am doing and a pattern. I will print the pattern pages off on the nice color phaser at work. The pictures and the color turn out some beautifully and feel awesome. Weird how ordinary white bond paper can feel so much nicer when printed on that printer.

I tried to knock a little Christmas shopping out this weekend, but it was a no go. My all purpose media store was supposedly having buy one get one free on DVD box sets and so I ask which ones and they say all and then I get what I want…almost (there was a search involved at the time) and told these ones weren’t on the list. I was kind of pissed, and so I left. I went back later to pick up Fraggle Rock because it was on the list and I have been putting that on my Christmas list for years now. Then there was the whole, this isn’t on the list and me telling them to look again because the manager said it was. Finally when I walked out I had seasons 1 & 2 of Fraggle Rock for $25.00. Now I just need to watch it.

So I got the new DVR a few weeks ago and it has been super duper, except I have had to reset all of my series recordings and I didn’t reset Grey’s Anatomy and so when I went to watch it today, it was not there. I was a little peeved at myself for that.

I am in the market for an elliptical. But they are spendy and I am running a little on the cheap side because I don’t want to spend all of my savings on one. So, I decided to but a mini stepper for now and see how much I use it before I blow all that money on an elliptical and to build up my leg strength so that when I am able to use the company fitness center free of charge when it is up and running I won’t absolutely kill myself on the elliptical and/or treadmill. That little bastard kicks my ass. I keep at it though, I will have thighs of steel. Good lord I thought I would put a time limit and keep increasing it, but I have to put a step limit and keep increasing it. It is good cardio too. I have to start slow though. My body is not ready to jump in the deep end. So, we are starting slow and building up to a more thorough workout. I may incorporate the ball too. I have to do it slow though or I won’t keep doing it.

I am debating on making an Old Navy purchase. I have $75 in gift cards, but with everything in my cart it is an additional $55. I am trying to decide if I want to do that or send the cards to my sister and let her enjoy an ON shopping spree. I have time to think about it.

I need to do some research on what the hell happened over the summer in the NHL. I bought Center Ice and so I am watching more games now…well since it just started. And I am just dumbstruck that Barry Melrose is coaching…in the NHL…with real hockey players…pro players…and did I mention he is the head coach? Of an NHL…National Hockey League team? Barry Melrose, former LA Kings losing coach, so called analyst for ESPN, faithful daily user of Dippity Doo hair gel. And then there are the guys that aren’t even playing. I mean I knew that Jagr was going back to the Czech because he called me and told me and I had a good cry over it, but I did not know that Forsberg was not playing. Not that I am at all surprised. I am sort of happy about it, but I still didn’t get the memo. And Jose Theodore is in Washington now? I am okay with that. Would have been a little more happy with him going to Philly, but I will take what I can get. I have another reason to dislike Dallas. I mean they were never my favorite, but I would take them over the Red Wings any Tuesday, but now they have that ass munch Sean Avery. That man is an asshole. And as if I needed a reason to not like Calgary, they now have Todd Bertuzzi. The man should not even be allowed to sniff a goalies leg pad, let alone play in the NHL.

I have scoured the internet looking for video of Michael Peca’s run in with the on ice law and it is a no go. No place can I find video of him and the linesman/ref that has him suspended. I did however find Jonathan Roy’s total annihilation of an opposing goaltender from March I think. Yeah, Jonathan Roy wanted a piece of the opposing team’s goaltender when a fight broke out and after the ref/linesman had him calmed down and he was heading back to his own net, he flipped a bitch and went the length and pummled the poor kid. All the while, his daddy, NHL legend Patrick Roy, watched. They were both suspended. Go figure.

Eh…I guess I will go back to watch the game and knit some more. I should figure out what to wear tomorrow…40 is tomorrow’s high…I am thinking a sweater would be a good thing. Maybe grey pants, grey sleeveless mock turtleneck and pumpkin spice sweater with black shoes. Or not…I will decide in the morning I guess.


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