Today I might get to breathe a little.

I have been so busy this week! Monday was just go go go at work and then Monday night, my shows were on and I was a knitting fool. Tuesday I stayed home sick and slept and watched The Closer and did some knitting. Tuesday night was class for three hours. Wednesday was back to work and go go go. I got a ton of stuff done. Yesterday was more go go go and I got a lot more done. I got a lot of knitting done last night. I didn’t turn my computer on at all. Today I might get to breathe a little.

Monday night was Gossip Girl and One Tree Hill. If Gossip Girl keeps going like it is, I am not going to watch it live, rather ff through it on dvr. It is so boring. Serena is so annoying! I can’t stand her. I think I read somewhere where Rufus and Vanessa might hookity hook up. Gross! She is his son’s age and has hooked up with said son. Eww. She should stick to Nate, who is screwing an older woman. I love Blair, but can’t stand her new beau. Chuck is always a delight. But that is where it ends. There is nothing that makes me want to watch and know more. Kind of a bad start to sophomore year.

One Tree Hill held a few surprises. I am so glad I don’t eat oatmeal after Nanny Wackadoo fed oatmeal with live cockroaches to Dan the Dick. Creeped me out totally. Uh, what else? Oh yeah, Peyton is the dumbest person. She totally should have known it was more than a fall down the stairs that totally fucked up Brooke. Thank god Brooke turned to the gun toting granny Deb. Can I just say again how much I adore Deb? She is great. I was not expecting the ending at all. I mean, the box, the cape, the gun shots. It was sad and I can’t imagine how next week’s episode is going to jerk the tears. Oh…

I watched 90210 when I got home Tuesday night. They really are getting a lot of the drama out there in the first few episodes aren’t they? The big cliffhanger remains, who is Kelly’s baby daddy? I am on board with Dylan. For a couple of reasons, she said she had a thing with him in high school. Well she didn’t have a thing with Brandon in hs, but she did Dylan. Steve’s name has been mentioned, but he was with Janet and baby Maddy at the end of the series. Also, I don’t believe that Brandon would be a douche bag and not be with his kid, plus when she mentioned Brandon’s name to Brenda she was happy and when she was on the phone with, what we are assuming is baby daddy, she wasn’t thrilled. Also she said she talked to Brandon at 3am. I would like to believe that as a mother she would not have hung up at 3 o something to a child who can’t sleep and tickled him. That is not the way to get a child to sleep in the middle of the night. Not that I have ever had to do it, but tickling increases adrenaline which does not aid in sleep. So, that leaves Dylan or that prom queen Matt, unless the powers that be are going to throw some other dude in the mix.

So, I dvred the new show Fringe on Fox. The first few minutes I was like, “nope, won’t be watching this.” I didn’t do the whole X-Files thing, because that doesn’t interest me. I don’t do sci-fi really. But I kept watching because Joshua Jackson is hot and wouldn’t it be a monkey’s butt, it got interesting. So I kept watching and then there was Pacey, all scruffy and trying to pull off an accent maybe? Not sure, but it’s not like it matters he was looking super fine. And let me tell you that his papa on the show is funny. “It was just a squirt.” Funny. And Blair Brown’s freaky deaky hand makes me want to watch more, so I set up a series recording. Now that means that in two weeks I will have to stop recording Privileged (which I have yet to watch) because I want to film The Mentalist and I can only record two shows at the same time. I am hoping I can count on The CW to keep airing repeats of Privileged on Sunday. Then I can still catch it.

Bones was good this week. I could not stand the new intern or whatever she was. She sent shivers down my spine. I loved all the sex talk, I think it is hilarious. The whole porta potty burial ground was a little gross though. Eew.

That’s about all that I have watched. I still have Privileged and Raising the Bar on the dvr. I will get to them this weekend. I think I might watch the season finale of The Closer live on Monday and watch GG on dvr. I just can’t get into it yet. I can watch it after OTH.

In other news, I have completed the baby hat and mitts. Let me just say, the hat is super cute and the mitts are sucktacular as I expected. Those mitts should not be knitted flat. They turn out so much better knitted in the round, so I may knit them up again on dpns. I haven’t taken pictures yet, I will this weekend. I finally got my shipment of circulars on Wednesday, two days after I really needed them. Oh well. I got started on the project on Wednesday night and really cranked out some inches last night. I got the striping done and I love it. I think it is going to turn out great, I just hope it is not too big right now. I guess time will tell. At first I was feeling a lot of pain in my wrist on the circulars but last night, it was okay. It might just be the first few rounds that are difficult on the wrists. I like the ribbing pattern on this project. I have two other projects going. First my fingerless gloves are finally started. I hate k1p1, but that is what the pattern calls for, the whole freaking glove is k1p1. I have a feeling that it is going to take a while to get two gloves done. I have Christmas projects to work on first. I have the reader’s wrap started. I don’t know that I like the feel of the yarn, it is a little stiff and scratchy for Vanna. I hope it turns out okay, it’s not like you will wear it on bare skin…I don’t think. I will try to take pictures this weekend.

I have a new present coming in the mail. I can’t wait. When I get it, I will take a picture. So excited.

That is pretty much what is going on in my life right now. I need to pick up my living room again. I need to still sort my file cabinet and my desk. I have boxes of books that need to come in and be put away and I still have a box of desk stuff that I really need to get in the house. I gave away a ton of scrapbooking stuff. I finally faced it that I just love the stuff, I don’t love doing stuff with the stuff. The Girl Scouts are going to be very happy. I also gave all my looms and a ton of yarn to the nursing home. They were super happy. Now I have room to buy yarn I will actually use.

I need to start looking for a Halloween book. I joined a swap and that is one of the things we need to include. I also need a one skein project and a skein of fall colored yarn. I have a project idea in mind, I just need to see if I can get the yarn it calls for without needing to take out a loan. I hope it comes in some sort of fall color, otherwise I have to find something new.

Okay, well I am going to do something, I just don’t know what yet.


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