I totally still love him

Bresnan is pissing me off. They do have a great service department though. First, my DVR was wonky and not filming my stuff even though it thought it was…very frustrating. So, I took it into the local office and said give me a new one. And they did. Then this afternoon I couldn’t log into my email so I got on their live chat and they fixed it all up for me. Their fault it went down, not mine. Effers, trying to mess with me. Now, I have to reload all my series recordings again on the dvr, I hope I don’t miss anything. I wonder how long it will take to load the guide tonight.

I am so glad that they are having the VP debate this Thursday. I have a company dinner to go to and I won’t miss any shows or anything. I am sure I won’t get home until after nine. Three hours for dinner! It kind of sucks, because I get off at 3:30/4:00 and I am used to having dinner by five so…they won’t even take the orders until at least 6:30, probably later. I am going to starve. I did this not to long ago…a long ass dinner. Eh…it’s free and at a great restaurant.

The weekend flew by. For the past two weeks, I have woken up on Thursday and was pretty excited that it was Friday…only it wasn’t. Then at some point during the day, I was happy it was Friday, but again, it wasn’t. That is so depressing. Today is almost like a Friday with regard to what I am working on…filing. Otherwise, it is a total Monday. I was going to work until four o’clock today, but I think I will leave around 3:40 and get the dvr plugged in. That and I am so tired of filing that I just want to scream! I have done nothing but file all day. All day! Well I did do the bank run and got the dvr, but other than that and lunch, I have been filing.

I finished another hat and a pair of baby socks. I am just cranking the projects out now! I made an olive green lacey edge hat. It is cute, but huge. I need to make some more, but I will go down a few needle sizes. This one is way huge and if I would have followed the instructions to the letter, it would be down to my knees! Yeah, I really misjudged the needle size on that one. I know I should gauge swatch, but do you know how utterly boring and unproductive it is? I mean, you work and work for x amount of time and get a piece to count some stitches and then you rip it out and if your measurements didn’t come out right, do it again…before you can even start the project. I call bullshit! Unfortunately it is a necessary evil when working a pattern with different yarn that what the pattern calls for…which I do a lot. I need to find some great sock yarn in a really pretty color. I will have to do some thinking on where to get it from…maybe Elan, maybe Knit Picks. Hmm…will have to think.

Okay, I think I am really starting to like Fringe, which means they will probably cancel it. I heart Joshua Jackson. He is a doll and sexy as all get out. Okay, maybe not all get out because there are at least three that I can think of that are just a tad more sexy…but then I can think of thousands that are way fugly so…

I also think that I am still in love with Donnie Wahlberg. I thought I outgrew it, but then I watched VH1 Behind the Story – New Kids On The Block and yeah, I totally still love him.

I know why I am not supposed to go to the convenience store on my way to work to get coffee. Because I come out with coffee, a kit kat, some Pringles, a Diet Dr. Pepper and corn nuts! Okay, two kit kats, but one is for way later! I am no willpower to resist right now. I haven’t gotten coffee in a long time because it is out of my way. I will not make that mistake again. I have to get this caboose back on the track! I need to start exercising and watching what I eat. I just have to, but I don’t want to put in a lot of work. That’s sad, really sad, but I am in a mood right now so I don’t much care. Someday when I reread this, I will care.

So I sucked it up and took a lookie loo at my 401K and it wasn’t so bad. I am sure that if I look now, I owe someone some money. I lost about 8% since July 31st. That’s not as bad as I expected. I know people who lost more that a quarter of their retirement, people much older, okay 18 years older than me. So, I am sitting fine right now. I honestly have no real thoughts on the bailout. I know I should, but I don’t. I try to distance myself from anything that involves financial markets and institutions because of a bad college experience, ie class. It makes me twitch a little uncontrollably and my eyes start to roll back in my head. I do have a book…Freakonomics that I bought on a whim. I should read it. Then again, I have three weight loss books I should read too.

Speaking of reading…I haven’t been. I tried to start a book, but lost interest. I rather just read a magazine blurb about a book I should read, buy said book and let it sit on the shelf collecting dust until it is outdate, or they make a movie out of it, in which case, I do not need to read it. Hence, Twilight…which I have put into the give away box because I think the people they got to star in the movie are way ugly. I am having a problem watching television shows with ugly people in them. I mean, every show has an ugly person or six, but I am talking about people that the sight of them burns my retinas. People who are so ugly, my stomach turns. People that are so ugly, even my dogs look away. People uglier than Horatio Cane. Do you know that there really are people uglier than Horatio? Seriously. And most of them end up on CSI Miami.

Well I should get back to my filing…or surfing until it is time to go home.


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