...alone…with a stuffed animal.

I’ve been missing for a while. I am a okay though. I haven’t really been missing, like 9-1-1 missing. I have actually been holed up in my new “living” room because I love it so much and because I am back to watching television and knitting!

Class starts on Tuesday night from 6-9! I have to DVR 90210; Fringe; Privileged and NCIS when it comes back on! My Sundays are going to be full of television and knitting for the entire fall and winter. I have two projects on the needles right now and once I get my 16” circulars in the mail, I will be casting on another! All but one are Christmas presents. I have finally started my fingerless gloves. The pattern has been in my book for a while and I just decided to cast on. I am doing the long, elbow length gloves with a thumb. They are in Caron Simply Soft Heathers Charcoal. I think they will be great…but are going to take a while. It is all done in k1p1 ribbing. Ugh! I hate k1p1 ribbing.

Work is going okay. I love love love working on Fridays because I get so much stuff done! I have a lot to do this week though. Trying to get everything entered and checks run. It will be crazay, but I can do it!

I am happy to report that somewhere around two weeks into my new room and I have kept is super clean and nice. I make my bed every day, the mess from my computer is behind closed doors. My dresser is nice, my nightstand and even my closet look okay. I love coming home to a made bed and nice room. I try to pick up my living room at least every other day. It is easy to leave a pop can on the stand table and patterns on top of the blankets on the ottoman. I am trying though. I will be taking the fan out probably the end of the month. I took the fan out of the windows and closed them up for the winter. I need to get some window screens rescreened in the spring. The hail storm last weekend totally shredded the one in my living room.

I need to do my flex reimbursement. I need to get my savings account back up and I need to see how much I need to spend between now and the end of the year. I don’t want to leave money on the table so I need to figure out a way to get reimbursed for my massages possibly. I have another one tomorrow. I have gone to every two weeks now. It is so relaxing and just makes me feel good.

Well I am going to go back and watch the VMAs and then see if True Blood is any good before calling it a night and going to bed….alone…with a stuffed animal. Good sleep everyone!


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