Well balls...

I’ve been on Ravelry a lot the past few days faving projects and patterns and today I came across an interesting project…an apple sweater. Now, I must ask, why would one knit an apple sweater? I don’t have the answer. I have tried to think of something and yet there is nothing that can explain this phenomenon. I also came across a man who crocheted himself a pair of bibs. Capri, baggy, Rastafarian bibs that he modeled shirtless. He also indicated that he would be making some more of these bibs in the future out of various yarns. Got to admire a man who knits his own clothing. You can google You Knit What? And find a link for a gem of a blog. It is no longer being updated, but you can review past entries and laugh your little tail hair off. People really will make just about anything. You have to think about it though. First someone has to have an idea, then write a pattern, then make the item, then sell the idea to someone else to publish and then someone with absolutely too much time on their hands and a complete lack of taste to make said item.

I have a lot of fun fur yarn. I don’t know what to do with it. I had it on hand when I was still looming scarves and it added some nice pizzazz and camouflaged the hideous cast on edges. But now, I don’t know what the hell to do with it. Any thoughts, please drop me a note.

I must learn to crochet this term. That is if the schedule ever comes out. I realize it is still August, but I need to plan my schedule and so I must see the class schedule to decide what I am going to do. I might want to take more than one class. I was thinking about pottery or wood carving. I haven’t done pottery since fourth grade. That is a long time ago. I would love to make something. I think pottery is great, but the problem comes in when you need to fire something. We don’t have any places around here that let’s you bring stuff in to be fired, at least none that I know of. So, maybe wood carving would be a better class to take. Woodcarving and Knitting/Crocheting. I don’t know that is two nights away from the house and three hours each night. That is six hours a week that I would not be home. I love the knitting/crocheting class because it is basically three hours that I set aside to knit and converse with people and get help when I need it. So that is a definite class I will take both fall and spring terms. I need to learn to crochet to make amigurimi critters. I think they are super cute and would be fun.

Adult Ed Debbie just called and is emailing me the schedule because I told her I just couldn’t wait until Sunday. So I will be spending the afternoon checking my email frantically to plan out my calendar. I must tell you when I talk about planning my schedule, my life in the fall/spring pretty much revolves around what is on t.v. I have shows that I watch and I need to have a plan to watch them. I can only record two shows at a time on dvr and well dvr only has so much space if you don’t clear it off. Plus it gets wonky somewhere around 40%. I have a ton that I need to clean off this weekend because fall premiers start on Monday for some shows. So, I need to take classes on nights that either repeat shows later in the week or on nights where there are not multiple things that I would like to watch/record. Yes, it is pathetic, but I don’t much give a shit what people think.

Well balls, there are two classes I want to take on Wednesday night. Sign Language and Woodcarving. I will have to deliberate and make a decision soon. I need to get my registration sent in on Tuesday. Classes start the 9th.


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