Today's entry is brought to you by the letter N

Ah, the letter N. So many things are associated with the letter N. The N word, No, Nine, my celebrity crush N, and the missing letter from my keyboard, N. The N is almost completely worn off of my keyboard and the M is showing signs of ware. It’s a good thing I learned proper finger placement in high school typing class.

I don’t know that I will continue to watch CSI faithfully this year. I am not to thrilled that they have tapped Laurence Fishburne to join the cast. It may not be bad, but I am thinking that it may not be good either. I don’t think I can handle much more of that skank Catherine. Whore. I’ll give it a go though.

I’ve been looking at the new fall television lineup. There are several new shows that I am going to give a go and a lot of faves returning. This is my line up

Monday: Gossip Girl: One Tree Hill: CSI Miami (yes I continue to watch this craptacular show)

Tuesday: NCIS: The Mentalist: Law & Order: SVU: 90210 (dvr): Fringe (dvr)

Wednesday: Bones: Criminal Minds: CSI: NY: Knight Rider (dvr)

Thursday: CSI: Life on Mars: Grey’s Anatomy (dvr)

Friday: The Ex List: Numbers

Saturday: DVR catch up

Sunday: Cold Case: True Blood

My midseason pickups include:

24: Damages: Dollhouse: Reaper:

Over the next few weeks I am going to work on cleaning off my dvr to make room for the new season. I will probably cancel out my story recordings (One Life To Live & General Hospital). I am sure my series recordings are still stored. That will be nice. I will have to delete a few since Moonlight is no longer on the air. That sort of depresses me, thus I am going to give HBO’s True Blood a go.

I am thinking with this lineup, I will get a lot of knitting done. I might want to start planning out projects and getting those together in little baggies. I will put that on my enormous to do list. The list is ever expanding. It is huge!

The house will finally be done today. They cleaned carpets yesterday and today they are installing the doors on the laundry center. Those and the bathroom door need to be painted, but those are Sunday projects that I will get to once the move is complete. I don’t know if I mentioned it or not, but I am moving from the family room and smaller bedroom to the largest bedroom and what we like to call the backroom. The backroom will be my new living room. I plan on keeping it as sparse as I can. I have a new television stand and end table to put together. Other than those two things all I have is a chair and a bookcase.

My bedroom will be home to my bed, clothing armoire, dresser, computer armoire and a pink chair that I will use to work on my computer with and when not in use will be home to some stuffies that I love (some old stuffies). I am slowly putting my bathroom together. And by slowly, I mean today I put my toothpaste and toothbrush in the cabinet. Tomorrow maybe I will do something else.

Tonight we are moving a desk and linen dresser. That should be fun. It is so hot here right now, but that is to change in the next few days I believe. I hate the heat. Last night was horrible, I took a shower and cooled off and two hours later I was sweaty again. Not fun, not fun at all!

I am trying to decide what to work on today. I have some in a tiq file, but I am waiting on a phone call from one of the places. I refuse to pay twice for something. Maybe I will work on my calendar first and then on my mail. Then perhaps I will find a box and put my new year ap in it since I can’t file until after the audit. When is that going to start, I wonder. Then maybe I will work on comparisons and maybe if I feel ambitious I will redesign the invoice merge since it quit working on me last month. Figures it would quit at my busiest time! Agh!


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