stuck with whatever knob they can get

I have about zero tolerance for people who can barely speak the language in this country and are customer service representatives. I just got off a phone call that could have lasted ½ the time it did, if I could have understood what the man was saying. I had to say “excuse me” about seven times because I could not understand him. I realize that customer service representative is a low paying job and that they are basically stuck with whatever knob they can get to do the job, but is it too much to ask that they get someone that people can understand? And another thing, can they get someone who can f’ing read the screen before making a telephone call? I was pretty pissy with the guy because I had already talked to a girl this morning about the same damn thing and she said that she made a notation and Mr. Can’tTalkRight found the notation, but the tool who called five minutes ago apparently can’t read!

That’s my frustration of the day. Something happened with the mail not too long ago because some of the checks I sent out were late getting there even though I sent them on time and so last week I was dealing with collection calls and then one place either didn’t send out a bill or it got lost in the mail, but they at least know about it and are taking the late fee off the bill. Then there is this whole debacle as noted above. I did not receive a statement in July, so I didn’t pay the bill. That’s the way it works here, you send me a statement and I pay off of it. I had all the receipts and they totaled the past due balance, but I have searched and searched and nowhere can I find a record of getting the statement. I pay too many bills to notice when I don’t receive one statement.

The bathroom is supposed to be done today. Do you know how excited I am at the thought of taking a shower vs. a bath. I was super stoked…and then…Mom said that she doesn’t think they are installing a curtain rod and we’re not quite sure where our old one is. That and the extension might not be installed. I need a shower. I am about one day away from taking one here at the office. Getting up early, coming in with accoutrements in tow and taking a shower and getting ready here. I need a shower not a bath!

I am not reading anything new until I finish the hat I am knitting. It is going slow. I have hopes of working on it tonight, but I think tonight is going to be kind of crazy. I need to do my strength exercises even though my back is killing me and I need to get some cardio in (I was thinking about taking the dogs for a walk). I have to cook dinner and that has to be after 5 because someone is getting a massage and that someone is not me. I can start cooking about 4:45 and I could get my strength in before that. I could probably do strength and cardio back to back if I danced instead of walked the dogs, then I could cook at 5 and be free after dinner to knit. Of course doing strength and cardio between 4 & 5 would depend on if the contractors were still at the house or not.

I am getting stressed! I need to get this damn hat done, but I am not feeling the urge to work my fingers to the bone. I love the feel of the yarn and I can handle the dpns, it is just sitting down and doing it. I need to find something on the television to watch and at the same time. Maybe I will put Money Pit on dvd. That would kill two birds with one stone. But, I will probably just watch the stories and Sex & The City. Ehh…I will make myself knit for one hour minimum tonight. I can do that.


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