shopping spree

It highly unusual for me to write on a Saturday. The past few weeks it has been highly unusual for me to even turn on the computer on Saturday. I don’t know why, I just don’t. Saturday is errand day and sometimes I take a nap late on errand day. Today, I ran a ton of errands and no nap.

We are remodeling our bathroom. So, I cleaned out the bottom of the cupboard and took some pictures. I should upload them, but to do that, I have to download them from the camera. Maybe tomorrow. I am gong to do a whole photo book of the transformation. It should be interesting. Of course, that book won’t be put together until sometime in the year 2013. I procrastinate.

I finished another book on Thursday night. The Dirty Secrets Club by Meg Gardiner. I went off the title, the blurb and that Steven King’s (not that I have ever read anything by him) word that she is the next suspense writer. Note to self, don’t do that again. The book did not suck, it just didn’t reach my high standards. That is not to say that Meg Gardiner is not a good writer, she is. She is, I believe, best friends with Roget’s Thesaurus. I spent a good deal of time using the dictionary. She used words that are not in the American Heritage Dictionary and that dictionary is one thick mother. She is also in love with the term psychological autopsy. It is a clever concept/description, but after about the 18th time reading it, I was over it!

With all that, if she develops a Jo Beckett series, I will continue to read them, because I am now invested in Jo, Gabe, Sophie, Ferd, Mr. Peebles, Tina and Amy Tang. I like series books, what can I say?

Tonight I will be starting 1st to Die by James Patterson. I may be one of the only people living who has not read a James Patterson book. Well at least one of the people living who read something other than porn and Archie comics. By the way, they still produce Archie comics. Not that I read them, but I do know you can find them at the newsstands…in the grocery store.

A little disappointed, my Friday magazine shopping spree was not as fruitful as usual. Namely the one thing I go for, the one magazine that completes my weekend, the holy grail of magazines, the Soap Opera Digest was not out. The store buys two maybe three copies. I buy one, the only one. There is always one left. And there it was yesterday, sitting there all desperate. I picked it up with anger wondering where the new cover was. I picked it up thinking that magically the new copy would appear. It didn’t. I set out on a mission to find the magazine cart. It was nowhere in site. I stood by the stock room doors hoping some schlub would open it and I could run in and find my magazine. It didn’t happen. I left without the Digest! I replaced it with a copy of Entertainment Weekly. I shouldn’t say replaced. Nothing replaces the Digest. I compensated with EW.

Did you know that that tool Michael Ausiello from tvguide is now at EW? The only reason I know of the Aushole is because I used to wait patiently for his Ask Ausiello column on every Wednesday. Sure I was distracted by his asterisk * bullshit. But sometimes I got some good leads to check out the spoiler circuit. He has resurrected it at EW if anyone is interested. I figure it is a good thing he works in print, because the boy is ugly. Every year some dickweed nominates him for Sexiest Vegetarian. He has no hope of winning.

I am going to knit a hat for a co-worker who just got through another bout with cancer. She comments a lot that she likes the hat I bought at the Folk Festival and well I want to make her a hat. It is going to be getting colder soon and her hair is just starting to really come in again. So, I went out and found a super cute and free pattern and ordered the yarn. I can’t wait to get it and get the hat done. I love to do stuff for people and I think she will really appreciate it. I wish I had a decent yarn store here. When I win the lottery, I am buying the local brothel (not still operating) and turning it into a yarn store. Or at least part of it. I could rent out the other rooms to little gift stores for people who make had made items. Like a consignment center for handmade items. Soaps, jewelry, jellies, whatever. I am going to call my store Dumas Yarns. The brothel is The Dumas. So…that is my new dream. I would also put in a small newsstand because I have always wanted to have my own newsstand. Part of it will be Dumas Yarns and the other part will be Dumas News. Screw the consignments. If I am really rich and ambitious, I could have Dumas Coffee or Dumas Snack Shack. I would knit stuff from Naughty Knits and put the mannequins in skimpy knitted wear. Oh to dream.

The Fat Journals are going well. I am really enjoy writing there. It is the reason I am writing tonight. I wrote an entry and then just decided to do this one.

Well I need to wash my eyes yet again. I am having an allergy attack. I can’t be sure, but there is a fat cat in the area around the house and I am wondering if dander from the f’er is getting to me somehow. You know like it knows I am highly allergic and the little bastards are just riding the wind to my front door and attacking me. Well…I may never know their evil little plan.

Okay, so I am off to read and enjoy a popsicle or three.


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