He's a douche

I see I haven’t written a real entry in over a week. Bad me. Bad, bad, bad! I write daily in The Fat Journals. Not a whole lot has been going on. The house is a mess. We thought they were just going to work on the bathroom for a week but then they decided to start painting the ceilings so it was a rush to move some stuff and get things covered. Our bedrooms and garage are full of stuff! The refrigerator and microwave are in the dining room along with a tote of food. They are putting down a sub floor and hopefully flooring today in the kitchen, hallway and bathroom (sub floor is already in the bathroom). We are able to take baths, but no showers yet. The bathroom is HOT. I blame it on the lights being exposed, but when you take a hot bath and the exposed lighting beating down on you on top of the fact that it is summer and the window has been walled up, it is HOT!

I like the bathtub, it is bigger, more room to stretch out when bathing. The bathroom is way smaller though. Eh, all I do is take a shower and use the toilet. Once the rest of it gets done it will be fine.

I finished another book last night, the first for August. 1st to Die by James Patterson. It was a little disappointing for me though. I expected something more. Left me not sure if I want to read more in the series. But, I am not reading anything until I finish the hat I am knitting. I started it on Saturday and made it through the ribbing and increases yesterday. I hate, hate, hate k1p1 ribbing. It takes a while because I throw. Nine freaking rounds of ribbing and then a switch to larger needles. I am not using a circular on this hat, I am just using double points. I was having some hand cramping using the circulars. I will have to work with them more. The yarn is yummy. It is so soft and beautiful. I may have found my new favorite yarn. It is around $8.00 and some change a ball and honey, the balls aren’t big.

Work continues to be work. Our offices are freezing. As we speak I am wearing a sweater and my pedi socks. I look cute. I am going to make more pedi socks…I love them. I did win a $50 gift card at our staff meeting last month. I don’t know what to spend it on.

I bought an external hard drive for my laptop. I need to get it running at an optimum level again and I think all the shit was bogging it down. I have a lot of crap saved. A lot of music and pictures too.

Did some gambling yesterday and won a little scratch. It was nice. We made dinner for my aunt’s birthday yesterday and she and my uncle came for dinner. I made an awesome strawberry cake. Oh, I love it.

So You Think You Can Dance is over, that means that only one show has new episodes, The Closer. So, I should have more time to watch movies. I watched The Brave One yesterday. It was a let down for me. I expected it to be better and it wasn’t. It wasn’t bad, just not as good as everyone told me it was. But, I can scratch it off my list and move on.

So, So You Think You Can Dance is in the books. For the first time and untrained “street” dancer was the winner. I must say, that I was pulling for Twitch but am not disappointed in the outcome. I think Joshua is a fine dancer and deserved the win. I think that a lot of people thought it would be Katie, but I am glad that it was Twitch and Joshua in the top two. I knew Courtney would be the first elimination. I thought the show was fine, with the exception of the dropped camera shot during Twitch & Comfort’s Forever dance. I liked that both Mary and Nigel did a routine. I hope next year they follow up on what the choreographers said and they do routines as well. I think it is great to see them dance. I would love to see Tabitha and Napolean do a routine, as well as Wade Robson. The bunny funeral bit was a trifle scary for me though. I thought it was extremely creepy. I don’t really like Cirque though. It’s all a bit on the weird side of the tracks for my liking. I love, love, loved how they didn’t even mention Jessica’s name in the introduction of the dancers. It was like she never existed. How sweet was that? Another thing I liked was seeing previous contestants, except for that cocky Blake from Season One. He’s a douche.

See, I warned you, not a lot going on in my life.


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