capture the crazayness

This morning is dragging. I feel like I have been here for at least 6 hours, but yet the clock says 3 ½ . I call Bullshit!

Life has been pretty boring lately. Not a lot going on. It’s summer. Not that that really makes a difference, I don’t do anything ever anyways so. Thinking about going uptown on Saturday to look around. Maybe get some veggies at the Farmer’s Market and look at a few of the vendors in for Evel Knievel days. Normally we stay far away from uptown during this weekend…but there is nothing to do.

I went to see The Dark Knight on Sunday. Great movie. I didn’t really like Batman Begins. It could have been Katie Holmes or it could have been that there was no real nemesis. Heath Ledger was awesome as The Joker. I don’t know that they could ever find someone to capture the crazayness that he brought to the role. They could easily stick someone else in there and put them in makeup and you wouldn’t notice, but I honestly can’t think of anyone who could do what he did. Hell, I was kind of skeptical at first and then I saw a clip over a year ago and was hooked. Excellent movie. I know there were some people talking about the length, but honestly I don’t see where they could edit it anymore without it crashing. There are some things I am sure they cut out that probably would have made things more solid. I hope there are deleted scenes on the dvd when it is released. I am definitely going to add it to my collection. It only cost me about $20 to go see it. I went to a matinee. I thought I would spend at least $25.

So You Think You Can Dance was on last night. I so hope that Comfort goes home tonight. She can’t keep getting hip hop routines week after week and she can’t do anything else. I think she should have been the first one to go…I can’t believe she is still around. I continue to enjoy Twitch quite a lot. I loved the Mia Michaels’ routine he and Katee did last night. I like Joshua too. It is hard to find people other than Mark and Comfort (I hope they both go home tonight) to not like. Kind of frustrating really. I usually have the clear cuts I want gone…this year I am having trouble picking a true favorite. Last year I was behind Lacey from the beginning and I loved Sara too. I could take or leave Lauren and Sabra and I could not stand Danny at all. So glad he didn’t win.

I am not watching America’s Best Dance Crew too much. Mario Lopez is so annoying and the droning of the judges just makes me tune out! That and they cut my fave crew last week. Bastards.

Tomorrow is payday. I got my stub today. It was nice to have a full check this week. Last pay period I was short about $100 from my vacation, so now I am back on track. Good thing because I have to pay my credit card out of this. I might get it paid off with a loan and then make the loan payments. Better interest rate and I am cutting the card up! If I can’t buy it with my debit, I don’t need it. That means I have to change my online accounts to get that card off there. Especially itunes. I love itunes, but I hate that I have to record to a cd and then rip it back to media player to get it on my mp3s. It sucks and it such a waste.

The Chris Brown cd kicks ass. I love it. He is a talented young man. Ahhh, youth. I wish I still had some.

Good lord I need to clean out my purse. It is a disaster of receipts and sugar free candy wrappers.

I hate when you call a business over and over and the person you need to speak to never picks up and you leave messages and they don’t return the call. At least if I don’t answer, I do listen to the message and return the call within a few minutes. There are sometimes that I just can’t pick up the phone. If I know it is a solicitor I don’t answer. But I always call back…provided they leave the correct number. The other day the phone company called, left a number that wanted me to dial another number and be charged $5.00. I said “screw that, they can call back.”

I’m staying in for lunch today. I just don’t feel like walking uptown and there is no way you can drive to the kitchen…so I have a salad and ceasar wrap. Of course lunch is an hour away and I want to eat right now.

I should get to work…I just don’t know what I want to work on.

I will leave you with a few pictures from my D.C. trip.


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