silken bamboo

I hate summer. I really do. Especially now that I am not commuting to work anymore. The impetus for this hatred at this moment is allergies. My nose is itchy, stuffy, sneezy. My eyes are basically slits that itch and water. Eyeshadow apparently does not hide the fact that they feel like sandpaper. People notice. I took some drugs, so I am hoping that will help here shortly. In the meantime, I am working to try and forget my misery. At least I am not having trouble sleeping at this point.

So the weekend is once again a distant memory. It’s saddening. I didn’t get nearly the amount of reading done I wanted to. I just couldn’t concentrate. I watched Superbad. Some parts had me nearly peeing myself. It was a funny movie. I watched 46 minutes of Live Free or Die Hard. I’ve seen it. There was nothing on last night and I needed something that didn’t require the use of my brain. Action movies are always a safe bet.

The National Folk Festival was in town this weekend. We have it for three years. This was year one. Not bad. Didn’t actually listen to a lot of the music because we were just not there at the right times. The groups we wanted to see were later in the day and just didn’t feel like sitting around waiting. Especially when you think of all the things you could be doing. So…did some shopping though. I got a super cute knitted hat. It is super soft, bamboo yarn. I am thinking a silken bamboo only because she had another bamboo hat and it was more coarse than they one I bought. Mom got me a medicine bag. It is really nice.

This coming weekend it Art in the Park so I am sure we will go over to that for a little while Saturday morning. Then the weekend after is Evel Knievel Days. We will not be taking part in that. Busy month for our little part of the world. In August is the Irish festival. Probably won’t go to that because they charge to get in. Yes, they close off public streets and charge to get in. Last year I worked at the corporate office on the Friday it began and, at 7:30 am, a guy asked me if I had a ticket. I told him “I have a job” and went to work. I had to park three and a half blocks away. It pissed me off so much.

I bought the Katy Perry cd this weekend. I love “I Kissed a Girl”. So far, not a bad cd.

I am still working on the ballband dishcloth. I find that while I am watching tv I feel like I should be reading even though I want to knit. I think that tonight I will get some more of it done though because The Closer starts a new season tonight, so I will be tuned into that. It’s not that I don’t enjoy doing it, I do. I like the pattern a lot and am already thinking of more colors to do it in. It is a fun and easy to remember pattern. I am just so into the book I am reading.

Well I should get my butt back to working.


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