...in an almond shell

Wow the 4th of July has come and gone. Now it’s time to look forward to back-to-school items! I love back-to-school time. I love shopping for school supplies. I am no longer in school, so now I buy school supplies for needy kids. I think everyone should go back to school with cool new stuff. I did it last year and I am getting started this year. I picked up a few things at Staples yesterday because they were having their penny sale.

I had an awesome weekend. We got to leave work at around noon on Thursday. I went home to find that someone awesome had cleaned my room and went to the library for me. My mom totally rocks! I promptly started reading Ricochet by Sandra Brown. I read and read and read all weekend. I finished the 705 page book last night. I will review it soon. I started reading a book on the Secret Service. It is quite interesting. A little slower than the novel, but interesting.

We went and looked at the floats on the 3rd and watched the fireworks. We went to the parade on the 4th, but left early. It was boring and hot. Finished watching it on television when I got home, while reading my awesome book.

That is pretty much all I did this weekend was read. I moved my desk around yesterday before I finished the book, but all I wanted to do was read. I am going to start another book by the same author probably tonight. I don’t know though because I am going to watch Definitely Maybe tonight, while I start a ballband cloth. I have the perfect colors…I think.

Well just thought I should update. So there it is…my life in an almond shell.


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