I might golf

I have a new blog! Like I don’t have enough shit going on, I go and add another place to bs! The Fat Journals is my new blog about my journey of loss (with any luck). I thought it would be good to separate it from this. Any ways, that is what I did yesterday!

Ugh, we just had a garagebq at work and I feel icky. I am leaving in an hour to go pick up some paint pots and to sign the loan papers. I didn’t tell you about that did I? We, err me, is getting a loan to do some home improvements. A nice chunk of it is going to pay off my fat credit card and then that goes buh-bye. Then, we are re-doing the bathroom and when I say re-doing, re-doing! The tub is being completely moved, not just replaced, but moved. It is swapping places with the sink/vanity. We will be getting a new vanity/medicine cabinet, light fixture, floor, exhaust fan, linen cupboard. It will be sweet. It is also being all painted. People won’t even recognize it. Then, they are going to paint the inside of the house, minus the bedrooms and bathrooms and one wall of the kitchen that has vintage wallpaper. Plus, we are going to put a new floor in the hallway and kitchen and new doors on the laundry area. Oh yeah, the bathroom is getting a new door too. It is going to totally rock.

Then on top of all that, I am moving back into the large room, with the smaller back room as my living room. I am essentially getting my “apartment” back. I get the largest room in the house, complete with small bathroom and a room to be like a living room. I will be moving my dvr back there, already have my chair, maybe look for a cheap new entertainment stand. I am going to have my computer in my new bedroom. I already know how I am going to set it up. It will be sweet. The only thing that I am not all peachy about is the armoire for my computer is oaky. I have all white bedroom furniture and would like to continue with that. My options are to buy a new armoire (very spendy for white) or to spray paint the one that I have, which means lugging the beast outside and buying loads of paint. I am looking at new bedding too. I just feel like getting something fresh. I really want to make this all very special and grown up. I want to feel like I am finally being an adult.

I might golf. There are a few of us at work that I think are going to join in a golf tournament (the company is paying) and we are going to golf. Three of the four of us have no idea what to do, we have never been golfing. It might be loads of fun and we get the day off to do it. I might just have fun! You never know.

Well I have to cut this short to get my desk cleaned up and get the hell out of here.


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