I am old school...

Grissom is going bye bye. That’s right kids, William Peterson is leaving CSI at the end of episode 10! Not to worry though, he is not going to die like poor old Warrick. He will be back as a guest star whenever the show calls for him. And in case you didn’t know Sara Sidle will return in a multiple episode arc this season too. No doubt in regards to Warrick’s pending demise and Grissom’s departure. If you are really quiet, you can hear the fan fics being furiously typed up by the 18-25 demographic across the country.

It’s only Tuesday. The allergy bug has bitten me hard in the ass and refuses to let go! My nose is drippy, stuffy and itchy. My eyes burn constantly. It is hell!

I have slowly been working my way through a huge to do list at work. I have an equally massive one at home, but my energy is zapped by the end of the day. Yesterday I took a 30 minute siesta to recover enough to eat dinner and read a little. I could have so easily have finished my book last night if I would have had just three ounces of energy left. Instead I was out as soon as the light went off.

There is nothing on television tonight, so I am either going to record SYTYCD to dvr (just the dances, I don’t care about all the other shit) or not.

Speaking of SYTYCD – Jessica is OUT! I am so freaking happy. Not has happy as I would have been if she would have been booted, but happy nonetheless. Apparently she is suffering from injury that will require 4-5 weeks of recovery time. Comfort has been tapped to replace her. I can’t stand either and either way at the end of Thursday they would both be gone anyway. This just means I don’t have to look at her and her stupid laugh again this week. Instead I get to look at Comfort’s awkward face and dancing. They touted her solo last week as good. I thought all she did was run around the stage waving her arms. In other words, a lot of people thought it sucked. I totally loved Twitch’s solo though. Holy man boobs Robert DeNiro, that was some good stuff. I am still having a hard time picking the one. I am leaning towards Twitch for the guys and the girls it is a little tougher, I like Chelsie and Katee (even though I was unimpressed with Katee’s crying during the top 20 pick). I was a Kherington fan at the beginning, but then watching Chelsie and Mark and Katee and Joshua… Also, I can’t get past Kherington’s smiling. I thought Mia was harsh on her for calling it out during the ”white” performance, but then I just started seeing it all the time and I am tired of it. So…Katee or Chelsie with a leaning towards Chelsie.

Over on America’s Best Dance Crew, I could really give a shit less. Seriously if I could just watch the dancing that would be great, but then you have to throw in the judges and all Shane Sparks ever says is “y’all”. I can’t stand it. And then if that isn’t bad enough, you have Mario Lopez. Don’t get me started on that Nancy Boy. Dance crews though…I like ASIID. Any group that has a deaf person who dances his ass off while not being able to hear the music…yeah they get my vote.

The Closer started last night. Not an incredibly intense episode. I was a little bored, but I did finish my ballband dishcloth. I was highly pissed again this season that they force you to sit through part of Saving Grace to see previews for next week’s episode. I was even more pissed when they showed the K9 dog going over the wall and then showing him lying near death at the bottom of a large drop off. I am sorry, did anybody get the message that you do not show cruelty or injury to animals on television or write about it in a book? Nothing pisses me off more than seeing bad shit happen to animals! I wrote to CBS about it when they did that horrible dog fighting episode, the fuckers.

So, work goes and goes. I get a massage tomorrow after work. Something to look forward to. A day of slaving for 60 minutes of bliss. I can’t wait. Reminds me to plan something comfortable to wear tomorrow. I am thinking thongs for footwear (I am old school where thongs were toe crack shoes, not butt crack underwear).

I guess I should close up shop and get ready to head home. These last few hours were long.


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