Bronxy Russian

Are there really still people who write their posts in the editor instead of in a word processing program and then pasting it into the editor? I ask this because every day I read blogs that have incredibly gross misspellings. It is distracting when you have to try to figure out what someone is trying to say. That is my little bitch this morning. People who can’t spell.

I learned an interesting word last night. Quagmire. I can honestly say that until I heard it on youtube last night, I don’t believe I have ever heard it before. I kind of like it and may start to use it more. Not that I have a lot of conversations that it would fit into…I may just make shit up to use it.

Youtube? You may be asking yourself, what was she doing on youtube? Well, let me tell you, I was looking for an episode of Boston Legal because you can’t find it for download anywhere. It’s not on itunes, it’s not on unbox, you just can’t find it. So…I was thinking youtube. I got tired of looking after a while, sorting through all the cspan bullshit. I may make that my weekend project. It is just one episode. They don’t’ even have them on abc. Ugrrrrrrrrrrh.

I bought a new cd last night. I got Chris Brown’s Exclusive – The Forever Edition. I love the song Forever. Did anyone watch So You Think You Can Dance this past Wednesday? Twitch and Comfort did a hip hop routine to it. It was awesome. There are a lot of good songs on the cd.

Speaking of So You Think You Can Dance. Last night’s eliminations floored me. I thought for sure Comfort was going home. For Vito’s sake, she was eliminated the week before, she didn’t earn a spot in the top ten. The plan was for Jessica to go home this week, but she’s supposedly hurt and so can’t compete, so Comfort was let back in and then Kherington gets the lowest votes? I call bullshit and demand a freaking recount! And Gev? Sweet little, bronxy Russian Gev? My little disco dancing, samba hip rumbling sexy b-boy Gev? Mark was supposed to go home. I have no words on how upset I was over that. Last night’s show sucked it big time. First there was the Mia Michael’s girls routine that left me scratching my head and saying “Huh?” It was awful. I know there are people who loved it, but honestly it was terrible. Then the mystery guest choreographed boys routine. Cheesy. That is a word I would use for it. Then to find out that Nigel choreographed it…I was not surprised it sucked as much as it did. I can’t even remember the opening routine because the other two just sucked memories out of my brain and left crap in their wake.

I need to start a new knitting project this weekend. I haven’t done any knitting since Monday when I finished the ballband cloth. I have been reading regularly though. I am going to try to finish Immoral this weekend. There is a lot to do this weekend. I am undertaking a huge project in that I am going to go through all the boxes of stuff I have in the garage and get rid of more stuff. Not all this weekend, but throughout the rest of the summer. I also am cataloguing my books, cd’s, movies, etc…I am such a dork.

I am one of those clich├ęd people who is so happy that it is Friday. I am not a TGIFer, just a happy it’s Friday girl. I have a huge to do list of stuff that was supposed to be done by the end of today…it will be interesting to see what actually gets done.

I guess I will go now and turn on some music. The sky is rumbling and I may have to turn on a light to see what I am doing. So… in the immortal words of seven little dudes…“hi ho hi ho, it’s off to work I go”


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