Thursday, July 31, 2008

I might golf

I have a new blog! Like I don’t have enough shit going on, I go and add another place to bs! The Fat Journals is my new blog about my journey of loss (with any luck). I thought it would be good to separate it from this. Any ways, that is what I did yesterday!

Ugh, we just had a garagebq at work and I feel icky. I am leaving in an hour to go pick up some paint pots and to sign the loan papers. I didn’t tell you about that did I? We, err me, is getting a loan to do some home improvements. A nice chunk of it is going to pay off my fat credit card and then that goes buh-bye. Then, we are re-doing the bathroom and when I say re-doing, re-doing! The tub is being completely moved, not just replaced, but moved. It is swapping places with the sink/vanity. We will be getting a new vanity/medicine cabinet, light fixture, floor, exhaust fan, linen cupboard. It will be sweet. It is also being all painted. People won’t even recognize it. Then, they are going to paint the inside of the house, minus the bedrooms and bathrooms and one wall of the kitchen that has vintage wallpaper. Plus, we are going to put a new floor in the hallway and kitchen and new doors on the laundry area. Oh yeah, the bathroom is getting a new door too. It is going to totally rock.

Then on top of all that, I am moving back into the large room, with the smaller back room as my living room. I am essentially getting my “apartment” back. I get the largest room in the house, complete with small bathroom and a room to be like a living room. I will be moving my dvr back there, already have my chair, maybe look for a cheap new entertainment stand. I am going to have my computer in my new bedroom. I already know how I am going to set it up. It will be sweet. The only thing that I am not all peachy about is the armoire for my computer is oaky. I have all white bedroom furniture and would like to continue with that. My options are to buy a new armoire (very spendy for white) or to spray paint the one that I have, which means lugging the beast outside and buying loads of paint. I am looking at new bedding too. I just feel like getting something fresh. I really want to make this all very special and grown up. I want to feel like I am finally being an adult.

I might golf. There are a few of us at work that I think are going to join in a golf tournament (the company is paying) and we are going to golf. Three of the four of us have no idea what to do, we have never been golfing. It might be loads of fun and we get the day off to do it. I might just have fun! You never know.

Well I have to cut this short to get my desk cleaned up and get the hell out of here.

Thursday Thirteen # 2

Thirteen Popular Songs I Like
(in no particular order)

  1. Forever – Chris Brown
  2. Closer – NeYo
  3. I Kissed A Girl – Katy Perry
  4. Shake It – Metro Station
  5. Burnin’ Up – Jonas Brothers
  6. Disturbia – Rihanna
  7. Bleeding Love – Leona Lewis
  8. Pocket Full of Sunshine – Natasha Bedingfield
  9. It’s Not My Time – 3 Doors Down
  10. One Step at a Time – Jordin Sparks
  11. Damaged – Danity Kane
  12. Low – Flo Rida featuring T-Pain
  13. Summertime – New Kids On The Block

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Friday, July 25, 2008

Anyone remember caboodles?

Have you ever read a book and wondered who thought it was good enough to sell, let alone publish? I did last year. Blue Justice (there is an entry back in August of last year). That was by far the worst book I have ever read. It was absolutely horrible. I don’t think I can stress enough how incredibly terrible that book is. If I weren’t such an anti-pyro I might have burned it to prove a point.

I am half way through a book that is not bad, but not the best I have ever read. This is the second book in the series. I finished book one after a lengthy break and two other books, last weekend. It ended and I was left a little unsatisfied. I thought the author robbed me of figuring out the mystery. I was frankly kind of pissed. I have no doubt that will happen again with this book. I think he likes the control. He apparently dislikes dialogue. There is more description in this book than in the JC Penney fall catalog. I get bored with too much description. There are also a lot of characters popping up in this book and if the first half is any indication, there will be a few more. Without a character list, it is hard to keep track of every one. In his last book he used (or maybe the publisher?) italics to indicate flashback. This time no such indication except, “she remembered”. I don’t know how many times the man can use the word penis. These characters think more about schlong than Ron Jeremy. I am bored with the transsexual and the reminders that she did not have the “SRS surgery”, which the same as saying “sexual reassignment surgery surgery”. No I did not type surgery twice by accident…SRS is Sexual Reassignment Surgery, yet the author insists on putting surgery after SRS every freaking time. I am not a reviewer of books. I dropped out of the critiquing group because I couldn’t read anything without critiquing it. Maybe some of that has stayed with me. Maybe I am a more well rounded reader. Maybe the writing really does suck and the quotes they get for the cover are from people used to reading children’s books. I hold the books I read to a standard and that standard is Ed McBain. In my eyes the man can do no wrong. Everything he writes is literary genius. He is the master to which all mystery writers should aspire to be. I admit it. I do not critique his books because they are pure and utter masterpieces. Poison is my Odyssey.

That being said, this book I am reading is starting to interest and disappoint me at the same time. I am going to finish it (with any luck this weekend) because I need to know what happens in the end. I need to know how it all plays out. It is important to me. I can’t read anything else until I finish this book and I have two waiting in the wings. One quick fluff and one that is critically acclaimed, by real writers, respected writers. Once the book is finished I will write more about my overall feelings. This is just the half way point. A lot of books don’t pick up until the half way point. Some books never pick up. At least I am interested in this as opposed to that horrible disaster that was Blue Justice. Honestly the worst book I have ever read in my life.

So basically I read last night. I did watch So You Think You Can Dance…in between chapters. I must say that seeing Will & Twitch in the bottom was shocking. I was sure Mark was going home with Comfort, who thank Christ is finally gone. But in all seriousness, Mark and Joshua being the two safe? Did a dyslexic accountant write the results cards? Don’t get me wrong, I like Joshua. I think he is good, even if looking at him with that shit on his teeth is distracting. Not surprised that Courtney was in the bottom with Comfort. I swear that if Comfort had sailed through again this week I was going to boycott the rest of the season. She is not that good in anything other than hip hop. I was a bit relieved when Will was sent packing. Not because I didn’t like him. Well at first I didn’t, but he grew on me and I thought for sure he was going to win the whole kit and caboodle. Anyone remember caboodles? Those hard plastic makeup totes? Mine was a raspberry pink and white swirl. Anywho, I was just happy that Twitch lives to dance another day.

And was it just me or were we totally screwed on performances this week? Last week there were three group numbers (not to memorable) and this week there was one and then we had to bring everyone out individually and relive the night before. Then there was a ballet that quite frankly, toilet paper hold my attention better. Then LL Cool J performed. My god the man has muscles. I don’t even know how the song sounded because I could not take my eyes off of him.

It is very cold in my office. I don’t want to say too much because I am one who does not like the hotness of summer. But the past few weeks my office has been comfortable and now , it is frigid.

That is all I have at 10:00 in the morning.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Thursday Thirteen # 1

Thirteen Things I Love (Note Things not People)
  1. Penguins – the history behind Lady Penguin aka LdyPngn is long and boring…let’s just say something negative turned into a signature of sorts
  2. Disco – the music, the dancing, the clothes, the shoes, I love it all!
  3. Pens and Pencils – I have a long standing relationship with the writing utensil industry. I don’t know where it comes from, I am sure that there could be hours of costly therapy devoted to this, but it doesn’t hurt anyone so what’s the point.
  4. Books – every summer (for the last two years that I can remember), I have just read non stop. There is nothing on television, so the precursor to television is the next best thing. I just read and read and read. I love buying books too. I have shelves of books some I have read, a lot I haven’t. I am nutty like that.
  5. Music – sometimes it is almost overwhelming how much I love music. The right song, the right mood. It is a great feeling.
  6. Daydreaming – I wanted to say writing, but my thoughts never quite make it to paper, so daydreaming it is.
  7. Rings – I love rings. Big rings, little rings, cheap rings, expensive rings. I love them all.
  8. Television – I watch it all the time. I watch the same stuff multiple times. I think it is an escapism or something. Again, more costly therapy could tell me more but I am cheap like that.
  9. The Internet – This is quite obvious. If I spend so much time on it as to have a blog or rather blogs, then there must be some sort of love affair there.
  10. Sugar Free Popsicles – this is a rather new love affair. It started about a month and a half ago and things are just so sweet.
  11. Lounge Wear – Some people call them pajamas, but there is a clear difference. I actually call them comfies. Anytime that I can be comfortable and braless is so welcome.
  12. USB drives – seriously one of the great technological inventions. I love being able to take files from home to work and work to home without lugging around thirteen disks or burning a cd every time.
  13. Siestas – there is nothing better than settling down on the couch with a good book and falling asleep. I could go for one right now.
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capture the crazayness

This morning is dragging. I feel like I have been here for at least 6 hours, but yet the clock says 3 ½ . I call Bullshit!

Life has been pretty boring lately. Not a lot going on. It’s summer. Not that that really makes a difference, I don’t do anything ever anyways so. Thinking about going uptown on Saturday to look around. Maybe get some veggies at the Farmer’s Market and look at a few of the vendors in for Evel Knievel days. Normally we stay far away from uptown during this weekend…but there is nothing to do.

I went to see The Dark Knight on Sunday. Great movie. I didn’t really like Batman Begins. It could have been Katie Holmes or it could have been that there was no real nemesis. Heath Ledger was awesome as The Joker. I don’t know that they could ever find someone to capture the crazayness that he brought to the role. They could easily stick someone else in there and put them in makeup and you wouldn’t notice, but I honestly can’t think of anyone who could do what he did. Hell, I was kind of skeptical at first and then I saw a clip over a year ago and was hooked. Excellent movie. I know there were some people talking about the length, but honestly I don’t see where they could edit it anymore without it crashing. There are some things I am sure they cut out that probably would have made things more solid. I hope there are deleted scenes on the dvd when it is released. I am definitely going to add it to my collection. It only cost me about $20 to go see it. I went to a matinee. I thought I would spend at least $25.

So You Think You Can Dance was on last night. I so hope that Comfort goes home tonight. She can’t keep getting hip hop routines week after week and she can’t do anything else. I think she should have been the first one to go…I can’t believe she is still around. I continue to enjoy Twitch quite a lot. I loved the Mia Michaels’ routine he and Katee did last night. I like Joshua too. It is hard to find people other than Mark and Comfort (I hope they both go home tonight) to not like. Kind of frustrating really. I usually have the clear cuts I want gone…this year I am having trouble picking a true favorite. Last year I was behind Lacey from the beginning and I loved Sara too. I could take or leave Lauren and Sabra and I could not stand Danny at all. So glad he didn’t win.

I am not watching America’s Best Dance Crew too much. Mario Lopez is so annoying and the droning of the judges just makes me tune out! That and they cut my fave crew last week. Bastards.

Tomorrow is payday. I got my stub today. It was nice to have a full check this week. Last pay period I was short about $100 from my vacation, so now I am back on track. Good thing because I have to pay my credit card out of this. I might get it paid off with a loan and then make the loan payments. Better interest rate and I am cutting the card up! If I can’t buy it with my debit, I don’t need it. That means I have to change my online accounts to get that card off there. Especially itunes. I love itunes, but I hate that I have to record to a cd and then rip it back to media player to get it on my mp3s. It sucks and it such a waste.

The Chris Brown cd kicks ass. I love it. He is a talented young man. Ahhh, youth. I wish I still had some.

Good lord I need to clean out my purse. It is a disaster of receipts and sugar free candy wrappers.

I hate when you call a business over and over and the person you need to speak to never picks up and you leave messages and they don’t return the call. At least if I don’t answer, I do listen to the message and return the call within a few minutes. There are sometimes that I just can’t pick up the phone. If I know it is a solicitor I don’t answer. But I always call back…provided they leave the correct number. The other day the phone company called, left a number that wanted me to dial another number and be charged $5.00. I said “screw that, they can call back.”

I’m staying in for lunch today. I just don’t feel like walking uptown and there is no way you can drive to the kitchen…so I have a salad and ceasar wrap. Of course lunch is an hour away and I want to eat right now.

I should get to work…I just don’t know what I want to work on.

I will leave you with a few pictures from my D.C. trip.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Bronxy Russian

Are there really still people who write their posts in the editor instead of in a word processing program and then pasting it into the editor? I ask this because every day I read blogs that have incredibly gross misspellings. It is distracting when you have to try to figure out what someone is trying to say. That is my little bitch this morning. People who can’t spell.

I learned an interesting word last night. Quagmire. I can honestly say that until I heard it on youtube last night, I don’t believe I have ever heard it before. I kind of like it and may start to use it more. Not that I have a lot of conversations that it would fit into…I may just make shit up to use it.

Youtube? You may be asking yourself, what was she doing on youtube? Well, let me tell you, I was looking for an episode of Boston Legal because you can’t find it for download anywhere. It’s not on itunes, it’s not on unbox, you just can’t find it. So…I was thinking youtube. I got tired of looking after a while, sorting through all the cspan bullshit. I may make that my weekend project. It is just one episode. They don’t’ even have them on abc. Ugrrrrrrrrrrh.

I bought a new cd last night. I got Chris Brown’s Exclusive – The Forever Edition. I love the song Forever. Did anyone watch So You Think You Can Dance this past Wednesday? Twitch and Comfort did a hip hop routine to it. It was awesome. There are a lot of good songs on the cd.

Speaking of So You Think You Can Dance. Last night’s eliminations floored me. I thought for sure Comfort was going home. For Vito’s sake, she was eliminated the week before, she didn’t earn a spot in the top ten. The plan was for Jessica to go home this week, but she’s supposedly hurt and so can’t compete, so Comfort was let back in and then Kherington gets the lowest votes? I call bullshit and demand a freaking recount! And Gev? Sweet little, bronxy Russian Gev? My little disco dancing, samba hip rumbling sexy b-boy Gev? Mark was supposed to go home. I have no words on how upset I was over that. Last night’s show sucked it big time. First there was the Mia Michael’s girls routine that left me scratching my head and saying “Huh?” It was awful. I know there are people who loved it, but honestly it was terrible. Then the mystery guest choreographed boys routine. Cheesy. That is a word I would use for it. Then to find out that Nigel choreographed it…I was not surprised it sucked as much as it did. I can’t even remember the opening routine because the other two just sucked memories out of my brain and left crap in their wake.

I need to start a new knitting project this weekend. I haven’t done any knitting since Monday when I finished the ballband cloth. I have been reading regularly though. I am going to try to finish Immoral this weekend. There is a lot to do this weekend. I am undertaking a huge project in that I am going to go through all the boxes of stuff I have in the garage and get rid of more stuff. Not all this weekend, but throughout the rest of the summer. I also am cataloguing my books, cd’s, movies, etc…I am such a dork.

I am one of those clich├ęd people who is so happy that it is Friday. I am not a TGIFer, just a happy it’s Friday girl. I have a huge to do list of stuff that was supposed to be done by the end of today…it will be interesting to see what actually gets done.

I guess I will go now and turn on some music. The sky is rumbling and I may have to turn on a light to see what I am doing. So… in the immortal words of seven little dudes…“hi ho hi ho, it’s off to work I go”

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I am old school...

Grissom is going bye bye. That’s right kids, William Peterson is leaving CSI at the end of episode 10! Not to worry though, he is not going to die like poor old Warrick. He will be back as a guest star whenever the show calls for him. And in case you didn’t know Sara Sidle will return in a multiple episode arc this season too. No doubt in regards to Warrick’s pending demise and Grissom’s departure. If you are really quiet, you can hear the fan fics being furiously typed up by the 18-25 demographic across the country.

It’s only Tuesday. The allergy bug has bitten me hard in the ass and refuses to let go! My nose is drippy, stuffy and itchy. My eyes burn constantly. It is hell!

I have slowly been working my way through a huge to do list at work. I have an equally massive one at home, but my energy is zapped by the end of the day. Yesterday I took a 30 minute siesta to recover enough to eat dinner and read a little. I could have so easily have finished my book last night if I would have had just three ounces of energy left. Instead I was out as soon as the light went off.

There is nothing on television tonight, so I am either going to record SYTYCD to dvr (just the dances, I don’t care about all the other shit) or not.

Speaking of SYTYCD – Jessica is OUT! I am so freaking happy. Not has happy as I would have been if she would have been booted, but happy nonetheless. Apparently she is suffering from injury that will require 4-5 weeks of recovery time. Comfort has been tapped to replace her. I can’t stand either and either way at the end of Thursday they would both be gone anyway. This just means I don’t have to look at her and her stupid laugh again this week. Instead I get to look at Comfort’s awkward face and dancing. They touted her solo last week as good. I thought all she did was run around the stage waving her arms. In other words, a lot of people thought it sucked. I totally loved Twitch’s solo though. Holy man boobs Robert DeNiro, that was some good stuff. I am still having a hard time picking the one. I am leaning towards Twitch for the guys and the girls it is a little tougher, I like Chelsie and Katee (even though I was unimpressed with Katee’s crying during the top 20 pick). I was a Kherington fan at the beginning, but then watching Chelsie and Mark and Katee and Joshua… Also, I can’t get past Kherington’s smiling. I thought Mia was harsh on her for calling it out during the ”white” performance, but then I just started seeing it all the time and I am tired of it. So…Katee or Chelsie with a leaning towards Chelsie.

Over on America’s Best Dance Crew, I could really give a shit less. Seriously if I could just watch the dancing that would be great, but then you have to throw in the judges and all Shane Sparks ever says is “y’all”. I can’t stand it. And then if that isn’t bad enough, you have Mario Lopez. Don’t get me started on that Nancy Boy. Dance crews though…I like ASIID. Any group that has a deaf person who dances his ass off while not being able to hear the music…yeah they get my vote.

The Closer started last night. Not an incredibly intense episode. I was a little bored, but I did finish my ballband dishcloth. I was highly pissed again this season that they force you to sit through part of Saving Grace to see previews for next week’s episode. I was even more pissed when they showed the K9 dog going over the wall and then showing him lying near death at the bottom of a large drop off. I am sorry, did anybody get the message that you do not show cruelty or injury to animals on television or write about it in a book? Nothing pisses me off more than seeing bad shit happen to animals! I wrote to CBS about it when they did that horrible dog fighting episode, the fuckers.

So, work goes and goes. I get a massage tomorrow after work. Something to look forward to. A day of slaving for 60 minutes of bliss. I can’t wait. Reminds me to plan something comfortable to wear tomorrow. I am thinking thongs for footwear (I am old school where thongs were toe crack shoes, not butt crack underwear).

I guess I should close up shop and get ready to head home. These last few hours were long.

Monday, July 14, 2008

silken bamboo

I hate summer. I really do. Especially now that I am not commuting to work anymore. The impetus for this hatred at this moment is allergies. My nose is itchy, stuffy, sneezy. My eyes are basically slits that itch and water. Eyeshadow apparently does not hide the fact that they feel like sandpaper. People notice. I took some drugs, so I am hoping that will help here shortly. In the meantime, I am working to try and forget my misery. At least I am not having trouble sleeping at this point.

So the weekend is once again a distant memory. It’s saddening. I didn’t get nearly the amount of reading done I wanted to. I just couldn’t concentrate. I watched Superbad. Some parts had me nearly peeing myself. It was a funny movie. I watched 46 minutes of Live Free or Die Hard. I’ve seen it. There was nothing on last night and I needed something that didn’t require the use of my brain. Action movies are always a safe bet.

The National Folk Festival was in town this weekend. We have it for three years. This was year one. Not bad. Didn’t actually listen to a lot of the music because we were just not there at the right times. The groups we wanted to see were later in the day and just didn’t feel like sitting around waiting. Especially when you think of all the things you could be doing. So…did some shopping though. I got a super cute knitted hat. It is super soft, bamboo yarn. I am thinking a silken bamboo only because she had another bamboo hat and it was more coarse than they one I bought. Mom got me a medicine bag. It is really nice.

This coming weekend it Art in the Park so I am sure we will go over to that for a little while Saturday morning. Then the weekend after is Evel Knievel Days. We will not be taking part in that. Busy month for our little part of the world. In August is the Irish festival. Probably won’t go to that because they charge to get in. Yes, they close off public streets and charge to get in. Last year I worked at the corporate office on the Friday it began and, at 7:30 am, a guy asked me if I had a ticket. I told him “I have a job” and went to work. I had to park three and a half blocks away. It pissed me off so much.

I bought the Katy Perry cd this weekend. I love “I Kissed a Girl”. So far, not a bad cd.

I am still working on the ballband dishcloth. I find that while I am watching tv I feel like I should be reading even though I want to knit. I think that tonight I will get some more of it done though because The Closer starts a new season tonight, so I will be tuned into that. It’s not that I don’t enjoy doing it, I do. I like the pattern a lot and am already thinking of more colors to do it in. It is a fun and easy to remember pattern. I am just so into the book I am reading.

Well I should get my butt back to working.

Monday, July 07, 2008


I'm probably going to get swallowed up in a sink hole on my way home from work. I have received the Read (do not delete) email about five times now. I read it once, then deleted it. I didn't forward it on to anyone. Why? Because the people who sent it to me are the people I would have forwarded it to. So, I will probably meet with some doomed fate. A fatal paper cut, stab myself with a knitting needle...who knows. I just want everyone to be aware of it. an almond shell

Wow the 4th of July has come and gone. Now it’s time to look forward to back-to-school items! I love back-to-school time. I love shopping for school supplies. I am no longer in school, so now I buy school supplies for needy kids. I think everyone should go back to school with cool new stuff. I did it last year and I am getting started this year. I picked up a few things at Staples yesterday because they were having their penny sale.

I had an awesome weekend. We got to leave work at around noon on Thursday. I went home to find that someone awesome had cleaned my room and went to the library for me. My mom totally rocks! I promptly started reading Ricochet by Sandra Brown. I read and read and read all weekend. I finished the 705 page book last night. I will review it soon. I started reading a book on the Secret Service. It is quite interesting. A little slower than the novel, but interesting.

We went and looked at the floats on the 3rd and watched the fireworks. We went to the parade on the 4th, but left early. It was boring and hot. Finished watching it on television when I got home, while reading my awesome book.

That is pretty much all I did this weekend was read. I moved my desk around yesterday before I finished the book, but all I wanted to do was read. I am going to start another book by the same author probably tonight. I don’t know though because I am going to watch Definitely Maybe tonight, while I start a ballband cloth. I have the perfect colors…I think.

Well just thought I should update. So there it is…my life in an almond shell.