what’s top on my mind…Sex!

Whre oh where to begin…

Okay let’s just go with what’s top on my mind…Sex! I just got back (okay two hours ago) from seeing Sex and the City. I LOVED it. I have resolved (once again) that I need to own the entire SATC collection. I was so sad when the series ended. I had to go see the movie this weekend. It was perfect. I think they did an awesome job. I even went and looked at heeled shoes afterwards, but I didn’t buy any…but only because I couldn’t find any super cuties. Right now I have SATC on through On Demand! Got to love On Demand.

What next? I finished my Lisa Scottoline book for my knitting group. I read Mistaken Identity. Quite a good ring if I do say. I finished up my knit for it too…some little felted handcuffs. I found them in the naughty section of Ravelry.

My next book is Cover Her Face by PD James. I hope it will be a good one. I am also going to read He’s Just Not That Into You because I definitely plan on seeing the movie when it comes out.

My baby blanket is done, my needle case is done, a tribble is done, the ocean ripple dishcloth is done and the flickering flames is on the needles.

I am learning to cook. Last week I made roasted veggies that were yummy. Today I made surprise mashed “potatoes” (mashed cauliflower). Delicious!

I need five days of great outfits for work. I really need to step it up a little. I wish I could remember what I wanted to wear with my taupe pants, but alas I can’t. Just like I can’t remember what I wanted to get at the grocery store.

Well it is time for me to find something else to put on the needles…I like to have two projects (or more) going at once.


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