rock on with your bad selves

Today is June 11th and it is snowing! Like snowing sticking to the ground snowing. Like I had to brush snow off my car in order to drive it snowing. Like 39 degrees is the high today snowing. Did I mention that today is June 11th?

I had to wear socks and a sweater today. Socks on June 11th? Insane. As a general rule, I don’t wear socks after Memorial Day until the first snowfall. I guess today counts as the first snowfall. I should mention that it is not unusual for it to snow here in June or even July sometimes. But it hasn’t done this for quite some time. We have had pretty mild winters the past 10 years or so. Is this a glimpse at what the future has to hold? What about all the poor schlubs who planted their bedding plants already? Socks…I tell ya…even on the wettest, rainiest days I don’t wear socks, but when it snows? You bet ya I wear socks.

So besides snow, what else is going on in my world you may be asking yourself. Not a whole lot. I work, I go home eat dinner, I check email, I read faves, I sometimes exercise, I watch my stories and I knit. And if I am really ambitious I read. I was going like gangbusters on the reading thing last week and this week nothing. I don’t know if I just can’t get into my book or if I just don’t feel like reading. I must persevere and finish the freaking book though. It is only 250 pages, I should have had it done this weekend. It’s kind of boring though. Maybe I should just wait for the movie. It’s not like Nicholas Sparks is someone I read often or rather at all. I never saw the Notebook and I don’t really plan to. I want to see Nights in Rodanthe, but I can’t get through the 250 pages.

I am done with one pedicure sock and will start the second one tonight. I love them, but I might give them to my mom and make a second pair for myself. Socks get a little boring at times, but these ones are quick and cute. I am finally getting used to dpns! I should be starting on the Mystery KAL, but I just don’t know. I will have to look and see what the materials are to see if I have anything lying around that will work. I need to get another dishcloth going too. I have some great yarn for it, I just haven’t found a pattern I like.

Work is going well. That is about all on that front.

I leave in less than two weeks for Washington D.C. I think it will be a fun trip. I need to start doing some research though and planning an itinerary. I might be on my own a lot to do touristy things.

I saw my friend? I don’t know what to call her anymore. I don’t know that friend is appropriate, more like an acquaintance now. Anyways, I saw her this weekend. I think my mom talked to her more than I did. There’s not much to say really. And what there was to say, I said it in an entry a long time ago.

The new diet is going well. I am learning to eat better choices and to cook. I can’t believe some of the things I have made. I guess I don’t mind cooking, I would just rather be doing something else. The exercise is going okay too. I might need long johns to exercise today/tonight though.

Snowing…on June 11th. ><

Mom’s birthday is on Friday. I have a little something, but I need to get something kind of big for her.

**My god it smells in this office…not mine individually, but in general. It smells like something is burning. I have my window open even though it is snowing.**

So I think I know the big thing I am going to get Mom. I think she will like it.

I had to transfer money from savings last night to cover some bills and stuff and so that I can get gas today. I needed to transfer money to get gas! Well I did, but not because it is so expensive, because I spent the money on some other stuff.

Did you know hula hooping is harder when you are older? It is not like riding a bike, you do forget how to do it. I thought it would be good exercise. I spent more time picking the damn thing up than I do making it hoop. But it’s pretty green with water in it. Yeah, I don’t know if the water is making it harder to do or what, but it isn’t easy.

I think there is the beginning of an office romance. Not between me and someone, but someone and someone else. It is interesting to watch.

Well rock on with your bad selves, I am going to do journal entries.


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