Eekers Bleekers

I had a card reading last night. I haven’t had one for a while because my reader was traveling. I had great cards! There is something strong about an unexpected love that will be everything I ever wanted. I can only wish. That wasn’t even my wish this time. It had been in the past because I was in a “I’m getting older, I don’t want to be alone” phase, but now I am in a “I just want to be happy with myself, love can come or not, I am okay with it” phase. So my wish was something unrelated to love of another and more to do with love of myself. The Justice card came up with every pass. There was something underlying about courts. Perhaps a JP wedding? I don’t know. I also need to let go of the past. I think I am starting to do that though, so I will just pay extra attention to continuing. There was mention that I will have a great time on a trip. How appropriate, because I leave Sunday for D.C.! So that was great. I should mention that I give no information until after the cards are read. I don’t offer anything that will “influence” the cards/interpretation. It was fun. I killed my entire night, but it was fun.

This is a super busy week for me. Last night I had my reading, today after work I have to go to the dentist (that is the suckiest thing this week!), then to WalMart to pick up some essentials for the trip. Wednesday I have a massage after work. I think I have Thursday evening free, which means I will have to start packing. Friday will be more packing and cleaning. Saturday afternoon I get a manicure and finalize my bags and instructions for the babysitter. The boys were going to go to the spa, but the beauty technician quit and so now they are going to stay home and they will have to go to a different beautician when we get back. Their crazy aunt is staying with them. They will just love that. I think she is bringing Jake. I am in flux about the DVR. I don’t know if I should make a temporary move to the back television and leave the living room television free for her viewing or what. I can only imagine that I will come home to no recorded shows. That would suck because SYTYCD does not repeat and I am planning to fill my evenings with fun, not sitting in a hotel room watching television!

On the knitting front…I am stumped! I have tried to find a great dishcloth pattern to knit up with no luck. I mean there are great patterns, but I am just not into them. I have been trying to use my Aztec yarn that I got. I finally just made some mug rugs. I don’t like the yarn as much as I did when I saw it online. I am not into the southwestern flare. So, note to my purchasing database, no more Aztec! I spent about 45 minutes the other night looking for my project bag and finally my mom found it for me. I can’t figure out what to start next, so I am going to work on the fingerless gloves that I started in January. Yes, I haven’t picked them up since February. But now that I have my pedi socks, I want to have my fgless gloves. My goal is to have glove one done by July 31st. It should be a good project to work on…I kind of like cabeling.

On the reading front…I gave up on Nights in Rodanthe. Nicholas Sparks is not the writer for me. I just couldn’t get into it. I also tried another PD James book and it was too wordy for me. So I took it back to the library and now I am reading Immoral by Brian Freeman. I would love to finish it up by Saturday and take Twilight and maybe The Possession on the trip. I picked up a couple Books on CD to put on my MP3 player to listen to while knitting. The movie on the plane doesn’t look so hot.

I am in flux on weight too. I was where I had trouble getting to and stayed there or below for a couple of days and today I was back up. I have to get strict again. I may have ate out too much this weekend. I think tonight I will just have cauliflower and maybe salmon.
I am gearing up for Season 2 of America’s Best Dance Crew. I am totally turned off by the boy bander group though and they haven’t even started the competition yet!

I bought a television for the garage, my new dance studio. I can’t dance by the way. I did get a hip hop dvd and I have a salsa dvd. I’m going out tonight after the novocaine wears off to bust a move.

Eekers bleekers OD is down! *bangs head on desk*

I watched Juno this weekend. I didn’t love it the way I thought I would. It was an okay movie. Not something I am rushing out to buy. I am actually kind of disappointed. The hype was so great and the movie was a huge let down for me.

Well OD is up now…so I am off to post this and then do the usual work!


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