who doesn’t like to see David Boreanez half naked???

I hurt. I went swimming yesterday after work and then I got up at 5:15 this morning and did it again. Right now, I am not going to bike after work. I was going to, but unless some sudden burst of energy kicks in or my aches and pains go away enough for me to change my clothes, then it’s not happening. The good thing about swimming in the morning is I get to use the warm pool and have it all to myself. I was going to do the water aerobics class, but after eyeing them up today, not going to happen.

Last night was a night of season finales for me. So I will recap.

Bones – I kind of figured Zach to be the Gorgomon apprentice. I thought he might be working with Sweets though. They did a good job of making you think it was Hodges and then for a minute I thought it was Zach and Hodges, but then I was like, nope not Hodges. Way to start off the show by showing Booth’s funeral and then having him be one of the honor guards and taking out that guy…although it was Brennan who really took the guy out. I think it was a good finale, it tied up some loose ends and who doesn’t like to see David Boreanez half naked???

One Tree Hill – I kind of thought when Dan made the comment about getting killed, he was going to get hit by a bus or something. While it was surprising, it wasn’t at the same time. If that makes any sense, let me know. I thought for sure the bastard was going to kill the reverend. So who gets the call? No surprise that I am praying it’s Miss Brooke Davis. And praying it’s not PS aka Drama Queen. The rest of the show was kind of boring. I do still love Nanny Deb. “It’s not porn, it’s erotica.” Beautiful, just beautiful.

CSI Miami – didn’t watch the entire episode, but I saw enough. So my question is, is Mr. Wolfe in on the conspiracy to kill H? God I hope so. Getting two birds with one bullet would be sweet. Get rid of H get rid of Wolfe. Life would be grand. I would love to know why the plane closed up shop on H though. I may have missed something. Thinking of who the shooter is…I am guessing it’s not little H because the gun he had, I don’t think would have gotten the job done. And who knows where Momma Whore went. Dude, it sucks that that lady m.e. took one to the noggin, but she was not a good actress.

Gossip Girl – a little disappointed in Mr. Bass, why did he have to open his mouth and have a meaningful conversation with little Bass? I love the idea of Chuck and Blair together. Looks like Serena might be shacking up with Nate this summer and Dan and Vanessa are getting cozy again. Little J? Going to work for Momma Waldorf? Go Little J. Serena’s dress for the wedding was fugly. Lily’s dress, however was gorgeous. Oh and Georgina? I loved Blair at that moment. I don’t like Georgina at all…but then I don’t think I am supposed to. I would love to know what happened with Eric and his man love?

Tonight it’s NCIS. I hope to get some reading done when that is over. It’s a 2 hour finale. Then Wednesday I just have CSI: NY and I am not sure I even want to see it. Didn’t they do this at the end of the first or second season? Wasn’t Mac in a diner? Hello recycle bin. Thursday is the premier of So You Think You Can Dance and the sf of Grey’s Anatomy. I will probably watch SYTYCD and then later watch Grey’s. Then it’s done. All I have lined up for the summer is SYTYCD, soaps, Burn Notice and Closer. I love and hate the summer at the same time. It gives me more time to read, but I hate waiting for season premiers.
Yes, my life revolves mostly around television. It’s what I enjoy.

I need to get to work.


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