rip out the damned...

So last night I finished my needle cozy that I started way back in April. I seamed the sides, but did not like it, so I ripped it out…then I re-seamed the sides and still am not too thrilled…I am thinking though that I should have blocked the piece first…so now I am thinking about going home and ripping out the seams again, blocking and then try to re-seam it. I wish I knew what method to use for seaming. The mattress stitch is not going to work I don’t think, because it is not straight stockinet stitch. It is a knit/slip/purl concoction with cabeling. First things first though, rip out the damned seam yet again. I may have to look for some seaming videos on the internet…I’ll try YouTube.

Here is my plan for tonight…
1. Get dinner. I don’t know what we are having, but I am just going to drive down the street until something sounds good.
2. Change my clothes and put on the comfies.
3. Have dinner with my boys
4. Put my boys outside to play so they will sleep past 3:30!
5. Turn on the Pens/Flyers game – GO PENS!
6. Rip out my freaking seams
7. Block my piece
8. Bring boys in the house and take a shower…they won’t get into trouble…I don’t think
9. Put the boys back outside to play. Hopefully they will be quiet.
10. Check mail/OD/Ravelry
11. Work on the dishcloth until CSI comes on
12. Bring boys in the house for the night. They should be tired.
13. Switch to the blanket during CSI and after
14. Read at least three chapters…I have to start reading if I ever want to finish the book!
15. Sleep!

Egads! I have a 15 step plan. That is more steps than a recovering alcoholic has to go through!

I am so glad tomorrow is Friday. I am going to come in early tomorrow and leave early. For criminies sake, I was almost the last to leave last Friday. That never happens to me. I make it a point to not be the first or last person in/out of this building.

Well I am going to go in about ½ hour. Yay!


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