I think I am in love...

My plan for the week says that I need to journal 3 times. Today is Wednesday…I am thinking that three times is probably not going to happen.

Not a whole lot has been going on. I cleaned my room and have come to the conclusion that I need to dust and vacuum once a week. That’s what I need to do, what I will actually do remains to be seen. I also think I need to move things around a little. Spring is starting to appear here and it is hard to open the window and will be a pain in the ass to put the fan in so that means I need to do some rearrangement. I originally was going to rotate my bed and move some dressers. I think now, I am going to rotate my bed to the opposite wall and move the armoire. I don’t know for sure, I will have to do some plans to see what I like best.

I am going to town on the blanket I am knitting. It is looking good. I also started a dishcloth that I really like. I can already tell that I will be making more of that pattern. I like the color I am using too…too bad I can’t get it around here. My dream is to order a butt load of cotton yarn. Of course, it is just a dream though…if I did that I might not have a place to live. I am trying to stash bust so that I have more room for cotton yarn. I think I am in love with cotton. I don’t know if it is the real thing yet.

Work is pretty much good. I have my frustrations, but who doesn’t? In fact, I just had one.

I haven’t really been watching the stories because the end of the season is coming up on prime time and when I am not watching that I am watching hockey. But, what I have been watching…

· Gossip Girl – I kind of knew that Eric was on the gay train…it wasn’t a shocker. Georgina is a bitch, but I don’t like the girl playing her so I am kind of biased that way. Serena killed someone huh? Can’t say that I am too surprised. Should be interesting to see what happens. I hope Jenny is out of stuck up bitch mode…she was annoying. I heart Chuck. I used to not like him, but I really do now.

· One Tree Hill – Yay! Deb is back. Dan is dying…really. I keep wondering if someone is going to die to give him a heart. Naley is back together. I do have a bone to pick on this week’s episode…Jamie just turned five, there is no way a five year old could have written that thank you card by himself with that handwriting. I have a six year old nephew who is super smart and he would have had to ask how to spell some of those words. So yeah…I didn’t buy that. I am still holding out hope that Brucas will be back. I heart Brooke and Lucas. Peyton can go bye bye. I have never really liked her and I think she dicks around with Lucas too much. She is too much of a drama queen too.

· Bones – Love it. I am so glad that I got DVR. When it was on Tuesdays opposite NCIS, I never got to see it…now with DVR I get to watch it all the time. Even better now that it is on Mondays. I was thinking that Zack was Gormogon but now I don’t know…I saw where he will be back next season so…

· NCIS – Who is going to die? That show is the best at keeping big things from the spoiler queens. Ugh! I hope it’s Tony. I can’t stand him!

· Shark – I don’t watch this regularly, but I did watch last night because my favorite actor was guest starring…no not John Travolta…Nestor Serrano. He plays a hot bad guy.

· Women’s Murder Club – I so hope this gets picked up for next year. At first I was ready to write it off and then I watched it. I love it!

· SVU – Haven’t really been watching, especially since WMC is on Tuesdays and the same time.

Maybe Friday I will bullet Wednesday and Thursday television. I heart TV. Can you tell?

Okay well I am going to get back at it.


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