Is there anyone who actually enjoys paying bills? I suspect there is…someone who either a) has a buttload of money or b) has minimal billage. I don’t have either. I just got done paying three weeks worth of bills and all is not good. I have money and I don’t really need anything…I just spent more than I would have liked…but what else is new? Of course if I didn’t use my debit card so freely, I wouldn’t be so bummed when I balanced the checkbook.

My beloved Penguins are losing right now. I don’t know if it is because of the mood I am in or not. I am kind of a cranky butt right now. I think it has to do with dinner. I made tuna burgers…they were gross. The soup was good though. Some of the crankitude could stem from work. Things went off plan today and I do not like when that happens. It stresses me out too much.

I finished my second sock last night, so I now have a pair. I can see my mistakes on the first sock (any idiot could), but the second sock looks good. I did goof when seaming the toe, but they are for me so screw it.

I have a blanket in the works right now and need to decide on a dishcloth pattern I like. I wanted to make another pair of socks, but I haven’t found a pattern for the yarn I have that I like so I will keep looking. I may need to invest in a sock book. I will peruse amazon for a good one.

I have to go to my former facility next week. They have hired the third replacement for me…so I get to train this one too. That is frustrating. I spend time training the first one, who does the job for 9 months and then skips off to California (only to recently return), then I spend a day with the next replacement, who spends a month and then leaves for the Midwest and now the third one. I can’t keep doing this. I am making notes and a schedule/master task list. Ugh!

I have to do some work on the database tomorrow. I am taking it totally offline to make the changes. It shouldn’t take too long, but I have to do it in between finishing up the work that was supposed to be done today. People are not considerate of other’s time constraints and that pisses me off. If they would have started on this two days ago, it would have been done and I could get all my catch up work done tomorrow. Speaking of catch up work, is it wrong that I fudged a number to make things balance? I know it does balance, but at the time the report was run until now there is $5.18 in limbo. It is all accounted for…believe me if it weren’t, I would know about it. It is a date thing with the program. It picks up things at different times. It is way fucked, but they aren’t going to change it because I told them it is crap…unless I come up with something better. Thanks, but I don’t have time. So, I fudged the number, because I am going to this again in a couple of weeks anyways…besides nobody really cares until the june report. I don’t think anyone looks at them besides me anyways…so…why did I even mention it???

I have to go to the bank tomorrow to cash a pc check. God I hate doing that. I just hate going to the bank. I would like to run by staples to pick up a monitor riser…my screen is too low. I will do that while I am out.

I am going to go take a nice hot shower and wash my hair and exfoliate. I need an exfoliation and today is a good day for that.


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