A check is missing

So the big news of the day…CSI’s Season Finale. Can’t say I was too surprised…I mean they had to do something intense right? I seriously thought he did it though. I thought he was going to leave the restaurant and have Pritchard’s body in the car or something…go and dump it. I was convinced he was guilty and just covered it really well. Not so surprised that the mole is McKeen. I think it would have been awesome if Brass had turned out to be the mole or even Grissom and then the entire 9th season could have been about trying to find Warrick’s killer and then the sf could have been the bomb. I really want CSI to shake it up a little and this is more stirred than shaken. I seriously wanted it to be Brass I think. I couldn’t get to sleep because I just kept thinking, what if this person had done it or better yet this person. Then I spent some time trying to figure out how they will open the next season…will it be Nick finding Warrick, will it be Warrick’s funeral, will it be 6 months later and they find the body of McKeen and then we find out at the end of the season that X killed him for revenge??? So many possibilities I hope the writers don’t puss out on us.

In more depressing news…my beloved Penguins lost last night. I really thought they were going to have an awesome rally in the last three minutes and tie the game then win it in the first fifteen of ot. That didn’t happen. I figure, they will just go back to PBurgh and win it on home ice then wait for the Red Wings. I don’t want them to play the Wings in the finals, but I don’t see Dallas rallying to win four straight. I hope they do, but realistically I don’t see it.

Tonight is the series finale of Moonlight…that is equally depressing. I also have to clean tonight. I think I might finish the dishcloth tonight though so that will be good and then I can find another pattern and start a different one. I made a scrubbie last night but it is small. I found another pattern and might try that tonight or tomorrow. I have no weekend plans. Mom comes home from Minneapolis tomorrow afternoon. I am sure she will be tired…so we will probably just hang at home.

Good Grief…that seems like an oxymoron. Grief is not a good thing. Hmm…anyways, I digress. I slept on the couch last night. Why you might ask? Well, I was sleeping in Mom’s room, but it was hot last night and no fans in the house yet, plus she has flannel sheets on. Hello??? So why not sleep in your own bed you might be asking. Well, I was blocking my needle case on my bed last night, so. So the couch it was. It took a while to get comfortable and even longer to get to sleep. The boys had me up at 5:05 to go potty. That was fun. Then they wanted their treat…then I said, “back to bed, cause I’m a sleepy head” Slept for a little while longer and then got up to start the day.

I wonder if the CSI sf is going to be on my mind all summer. I mean, I thought the season as a whole was awful. Hell, I didn’t even watch last week’s episode because it started out stupid…

Speaking of stupid, I saw the best t-shirt last weekend. “You can’t spell stupid without U” I love it! I wish I were a t-shirt girl…but I’m not. They are not comfortable at all unless you get something with a v or loose neck.

A check is missing. I am assuming someone came into my office and took it…but I don’t know. All I know is it is gone and the stub and invoice are here. I wouldn’t really be too concerned, but it wasn’t my check. I was helping a co-worker.

I have mail to sort this morning. I will do it just to put off doing my schools summary. That whole process was a nightmare and I don’t think it will ever end. I pray that next year goes as they told me it will and I won’t have to deal with this shit. I also need to draft a form letter. I better put that on my to do list. I do have one account reconciled for the month of April…so that is good. One down, 6 to go.

I best get this nightmare started.


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