Tuesday, May 20, 2008

who doesn’t like to see David Boreanez half naked???

I hurt. I went swimming yesterday after work and then I got up at 5:15 this morning and did it again. Right now, I am not going to bike after work. I was going to, but unless some sudden burst of energy kicks in or my aches and pains go away enough for me to change my clothes, then it’s not happening. The good thing about swimming in the morning is I get to use the warm pool and have it all to myself. I was going to do the water aerobics class, but after eyeing them up today, not going to happen.

Last night was a night of season finales for me. So I will recap.

Bones – I kind of figured Zach to be the Gorgomon apprentice. I thought he might be working with Sweets though. They did a good job of making you think it was Hodges and then for a minute I thought it was Zach and Hodges, but then I was like, nope not Hodges. Way to start off the show by showing Booth’s funeral and then having him be one of the honor guards and taking out that guy…although it was Brennan who really took the guy out. I think it was a good finale, it tied up some loose ends and who doesn’t like to see David Boreanez half naked???

One Tree Hill – I kind of thought when Dan made the comment about getting killed, he was going to get hit by a bus or something. While it was surprising, it wasn’t at the same time. If that makes any sense, let me know. I thought for sure the bastard was going to kill the reverend. So who gets the call? No surprise that I am praying it’s Miss Brooke Davis. And praying it’s not PS aka Drama Queen. The rest of the show was kind of boring. I do still love Nanny Deb. “It’s not porn, it’s erotica.” Beautiful, just beautiful.

CSI Miami – didn’t watch the entire episode, but I saw enough. So my question is, is Mr. Wolfe in on the conspiracy to kill H? God I hope so. Getting two birds with one bullet would be sweet. Get rid of H get rid of Wolfe. Life would be grand. I would love to know why the plane closed up shop on H though. I may have missed something. Thinking of who the shooter is…I am guessing it’s not little H because the gun he had, I don’t think would have gotten the job done. And who knows where Momma Whore went. Dude, it sucks that that lady m.e. took one to the noggin, but she was not a good actress.

Gossip Girl – a little disappointed in Mr. Bass, why did he have to open his mouth and have a meaningful conversation with little Bass? I love the idea of Chuck and Blair together. Looks like Serena might be shacking up with Nate this summer and Dan and Vanessa are getting cozy again. Little J? Going to work for Momma Waldorf? Go Little J. Serena’s dress for the wedding was fugly. Lily’s dress, however was gorgeous. Oh and Georgina? I loved Blair at that moment. I don’t like Georgina at all…but then I don’t think I am supposed to. I would love to know what happened with Eric and his man love?

Tonight it’s NCIS. I hope to get some reading done when that is over. It’s a 2 hour finale. Then Wednesday I just have CSI: NY and I am not sure I even want to see it. Didn’t they do this at the end of the first or second season? Wasn’t Mac in a diner? Hello recycle bin. Thursday is the premier of So You Think You Can Dance and the sf of Grey’s Anatomy. I will probably watch SYTYCD and then later watch Grey’s. Then it’s done. All I have lined up for the summer is SYTYCD, soaps, Burn Notice and Closer. I love and hate the summer at the same time. It gives me more time to read, but I hate waiting for season premiers.
Yes, my life revolves mostly around television. It’s what I enjoy.

I need to get to work.

Friday, May 16, 2008

A check is missing

So the big news of the day…CSI’s Season Finale. Can’t say I was too surprised…I mean they had to do something intense right? I seriously thought he did it though. I thought he was going to leave the restaurant and have Pritchard’s body in the car or something…go and dump it. I was convinced he was guilty and just covered it really well. Not so surprised that the mole is McKeen. I think it would have been awesome if Brass had turned out to be the mole or even Grissom and then the entire 9th season could have been about trying to find Warrick’s killer and then the sf could have been the bomb. I really want CSI to shake it up a little and this is more stirred than shaken. I seriously wanted it to be Brass I think. I couldn’t get to sleep because I just kept thinking, what if this person had done it or better yet this person. Then I spent some time trying to figure out how they will open the next season…will it be Nick finding Warrick, will it be Warrick’s funeral, will it be 6 months later and they find the body of McKeen and then we find out at the end of the season that X killed him for revenge??? So many possibilities I hope the writers don’t puss out on us.

In more depressing news…my beloved Penguins lost last night. I really thought they were going to have an awesome rally in the last three minutes and tie the game then win it in the first fifteen of ot. That didn’t happen. I figure, they will just go back to PBurgh and win it on home ice then wait for the Red Wings. I don’t want them to play the Wings in the finals, but I don’t see Dallas rallying to win four straight. I hope they do, but realistically I don’t see it.

Tonight is the series finale of Moonlight…that is equally depressing. I also have to clean tonight. I think I might finish the dishcloth tonight though so that will be good and then I can find another pattern and start a different one. I made a scrubbie last night but it is small. I found another pattern and might try that tonight or tomorrow. I have no weekend plans. Mom comes home from Minneapolis tomorrow afternoon. I am sure she will be tired…so we will probably just hang at home.

Good Grief…that seems like an oxymoron. Grief is not a good thing. Hmm…anyways, I digress. I slept on the couch last night. Why you might ask? Well, I was sleeping in Mom’s room, but it was hot last night and no fans in the house yet, plus she has flannel sheets on. Hello??? So why not sleep in your own bed you might be asking. Well, I was blocking my needle case on my bed last night, so. So the couch it was. It took a while to get comfortable and even longer to get to sleep. The boys had me up at 5:05 to go potty. That was fun. Then they wanted their treat…then I said, “back to bed, cause I’m a sleepy head” Slept for a little while longer and then got up to start the day.

I wonder if the CSI sf is going to be on my mind all summer. I mean, I thought the season as a whole was awful. Hell, I didn’t even watch last week’s episode because it started out stupid…

Speaking of stupid, I saw the best t-shirt last weekend. “You can’t spell stupid without U” I love it! I wish I were a t-shirt girl…but I’m not. They are not comfortable at all unless you get something with a v or loose neck.

A check is missing. I am assuming someone came into my office and took it…but I don’t know. All I know is it is gone and the stub and invoice are here. I wouldn’t really be too concerned, but it wasn’t my check. I was helping a co-worker.

I have mail to sort this morning. I will do it just to put off doing my schools summary. That whole process was a nightmare and I don’t think it will ever end. I pray that next year goes as they told me it will and I won’t have to deal with this shit. I also need to draft a form letter. I better put that on my to do list. I do have one account reconciled for the month of April…so that is good. One down, 6 to go.

I best get this nightmare started.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

rip out the damned...

So last night I finished my needle cozy that I started way back in April. I seamed the sides, but did not like it, so I ripped it out…then I re-seamed the sides and still am not too thrilled…I am thinking though that I should have blocked the piece first…so now I am thinking about going home and ripping out the seams again, blocking and then try to re-seam it. I wish I knew what method to use for seaming. The mattress stitch is not going to work I don’t think, because it is not straight stockinet stitch. It is a knit/slip/purl concoction with cabeling. First things first though, rip out the damned seam yet again. I may have to look for some seaming videos on the internet…I’ll try YouTube.

Here is my plan for tonight…
1. Get dinner. I don’t know what we are having, but I am just going to drive down the street until something sounds good.
2. Change my clothes and put on the comfies.
3. Have dinner with my boys
4. Put my boys outside to play so they will sleep past 3:30!
5. Turn on the Pens/Flyers game – GO PENS!
6. Rip out my freaking seams
7. Block my piece
8. Bring boys in the house and take a shower…they won’t get into trouble…I don’t think
9. Put the boys back outside to play. Hopefully they will be quiet.
10. Check mail/OD/Ravelry
11. Work on the dishcloth until CSI comes on
12. Bring boys in the house for the night. They should be tired.
13. Switch to the blanket during CSI and after
14. Read at least three chapters…I have to start reading if I ever want to finish the book!
15. Sleep!

Egads! I have a 15 step plan. That is more steps than a recovering alcoholic has to go through!

I am so glad tomorrow is Friday. I am going to come in early tomorrow and leave early. For criminies sake, I was almost the last to leave last Friday. That never happens to me. I make it a point to not be the first or last person in/out of this building.

Well I am going to go in about ½ hour. Yay!

Yeah, I don't like her.

Do you ever put on an outfit in the morning and think, “this looks cute” and then you see your reflection in a door and think, “I look like a tool”? That was my outfit yesterday. It looked fine early and then I saw myself in a door and I looked like a tool. I think it was the pants. I may never wear them again.

So Mom is in Minneapolis until Saturday and today is Thursday. Not a lot going on in my life. It’s basically work, internet, email, knitting and television. That’s it. I did exercise one day this week. I felt great that I did it, but now I feel like a loser for not continuing to do it. I will though, I am paying for it.

So all you One Tree Hill fans… “Peyton, I hate you.” Did not see that coming at all! I didn’t see the Lindsay seeing someone else thing coming either. I was thinking, that’s kind of fast…I didn’t think she was that type. Maybe she just told him that to get him to leave her alone. I don’t know. Anyone else hoping that next week’s call to go to Vegas is to Brooke? Oh well. I keep thinking that hotty Dr. Ethan Copeland looks awfully familiar to hotty Andy the Australian Professor.

Bones – I did not see Booth getting shot at all! It was very jaw dropping for me because I totally thought it was going to be Zach. And then Brennan shooting Wackadoo Pam? Holy man they made the last few minutes fun and intense. Because you have to admit, the singing was fun! Can’t wait until next week.

Miami – I didn’t watch. I turned instead to…

Gossip Girl – I kind of figured when Serena said she killed someone, that she didn’t really “kill” them. Glad that was cleared up last night and the drama of that is over. I loved the scene between the four “breakfast club” friends. “I’m Chuck Bass.” Classic line of the show. Chuck is so growing on me. And Nate is HOT. Goodness that boy was given some nice genetics. I don’t even feel pervy because he is about a decade younger than I am. I can totally go for the younger guys…if it’s good enough for Demi, hell it is good enough for me. I am also glad that Blair told Lily what was going on with S. Thankfully Lily got the message and things are golden between her and Serena again. Where was little brother last night? Is he being locked up for being on team fuchsia? No Jenny either, but we did find out that she was with her mom. Georgina…can we please just get rid of her already? I don’t like her. I’m not supposed to, but still I just don’t like her. Ugh!

NCIS – Two hours next week? At least it’s not a to be continued. I hate that shit. Not very entertaining this week. I wasn’t into Palmer being the focus of an episode. He is just a “there” character, I don’t want him to be the focus. So I was not that into it this week. Of course, I was more into the Pittsburgh/Philly game. Go Pens!

Women’s Murder Club – I have to admit that I totally thought Pete the dream guy was going to be the Kiss Me Not Killer. I do not like the way they ended the series. I was hoping for a second season, but it seems as though none of my shows are going to get picked up. That sucks. I saw where the CW is courting Rob Estes to be on their 90210 spinoff. I normally don’t like Angie Harmon, but she rocked in this show. I still don’t like Pete…he seems a little off to me. I guess we are supposed to draw our own conclusions about what happens to her father. I should check FF net to see what people have done. I am sure there is some stuff up by now.

CSI NY – Not very entertaining. I want to know just one thing…well maybe two…First, where were Reed’s parents? I mean the kid was nearly decapitated and they are nowhere to be found. Mac is there when he wakes up, Mac takes the kid home. Where the F are his parents? And Quinn? Yeah, I don’t like her. I would like to know why she thought she could butt her nose into the case just because a Jersey cop was killed. She is not a NY police officer, she had no business being involved. And she had absolutely no business quizzing Mac about Reed and trying to get a judge to force him to talk. Bitch! I certainly hope she gets whacked by Tony Soprano…provided that he did not bite it in that farce of a series finale.

Moonlight – from last week… I don’t like Eric Winter’s character. I like Eric Winter, just not his character…he should be back on Brothers & Sisters as Rob Lowe’s gay brother. And I am going to let that one go. So I was not into the whole disappearance of Mick’s grandson. And we know it is his grandson because he did not let Beth see the results which said he is the papa of that old man who had his kid way late in life. Mick just took the high, non convoluted road. Doesn’t look like this one is coming back next year either. That sucks. I loved this show and I didn’t save the eps on dvr. I can hope they repeat this summer. Oh and by the by, I saw Alex O’Loughlin girlfriend’s post on her myspace about the show being cancelled and she is a bitch. Alex’s post was very heartfelt and sad, hers was bitchy to the max.

Work – what can I say, work is work. I come and do my job and go home. I get paid rather well. Don’t remember mentioning but while I was on vacation, I got a nice boost to my paycheck and in a few months will get another $1. Holy man alive, I am going on vacay more often. Actually I am in just about a month.

Tomorrow is my sister’s birthday! For some reason I thought her birthday was on a Thursday, but I think that is because my nephew’s birthday was last Thursday. I can’t keep up.

Well I am well onto page 2, so I should probably go and do some work.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

I think I am in love...

My plan for the week says that I need to journal 3 times. Today is Wednesday…I am thinking that three times is probably not going to happen.

Not a whole lot has been going on. I cleaned my room and have come to the conclusion that I need to dust and vacuum once a week. That’s what I need to do, what I will actually do remains to be seen. I also think I need to move things around a little. Spring is starting to appear here and it is hard to open the window and will be a pain in the ass to put the fan in so that means I need to do some rearrangement. I originally was going to rotate my bed and move some dressers. I think now, I am going to rotate my bed to the opposite wall and move the armoire. I don’t know for sure, I will have to do some plans to see what I like best.

I am going to town on the blanket I am knitting. It is looking good. I also started a dishcloth that I really like. I can already tell that I will be making more of that pattern. I like the color I am using too…too bad I can’t get it around here. My dream is to order a butt load of cotton yarn. Of course, it is just a dream though…if I did that I might not have a place to live. I am trying to stash bust so that I have more room for cotton yarn. I think I am in love with cotton. I don’t know if it is the real thing yet.

Work is pretty much good. I have my frustrations, but who doesn’t? In fact, I just had one.

I haven’t really been watching the stories because the end of the season is coming up on prime time and when I am not watching that I am watching hockey. But, what I have been watching…

· Gossip Girl – I kind of knew that Eric was on the gay train…it wasn’t a shocker. Georgina is a bitch, but I don’t like the girl playing her so I am kind of biased that way. Serena killed someone huh? Can’t say that I am too surprised. Should be interesting to see what happens. I hope Jenny is out of stuck up bitch mode…she was annoying. I heart Chuck. I used to not like him, but I really do now.

· One Tree Hill – Yay! Deb is back. Dan is dying…really. I keep wondering if someone is going to die to give him a heart. Naley is back together. I do have a bone to pick on this week’s episode…Jamie just turned five, there is no way a five year old could have written that thank you card by himself with that handwriting. I have a six year old nephew who is super smart and he would have had to ask how to spell some of those words. So yeah…I didn’t buy that. I am still holding out hope that Brucas will be back. I heart Brooke and Lucas. Peyton can go bye bye. I have never really liked her and I think she dicks around with Lucas too much. She is too much of a drama queen too.

· Bones – Love it. I am so glad that I got DVR. When it was on Tuesdays opposite NCIS, I never got to see it…now with DVR I get to watch it all the time. Even better now that it is on Mondays. I was thinking that Zack was Gormogon but now I don’t know…I saw where he will be back next season so…

· NCIS – Who is going to die? That show is the best at keeping big things from the spoiler queens. Ugh! I hope it’s Tony. I can’t stand him!

· Shark – I don’t watch this regularly, but I did watch last night because my favorite actor was guest starring…no not John Travolta…Nestor Serrano. He plays a hot bad guy.

· Women’s Murder Club – I so hope this gets picked up for next year. At first I was ready to write it off and then I watched it. I love it!

· SVU – Haven’t really been watching, especially since WMC is on Tuesdays and the same time.

Maybe Friday I will bullet Wednesday and Thursday television. I heart TV. Can you tell?

Okay well I am going to get back at it.

Thursday, May 01, 2008


Is there anyone who actually enjoys paying bills? I suspect there is…someone who either a) has a buttload of money or b) has minimal billage. I don’t have either. I just got done paying three weeks worth of bills and all is not good. I have money and I don’t really need anything…I just spent more than I would have liked…but what else is new? Of course if I didn’t use my debit card so freely, I wouldn’t be so bummed when I balanced the checkbook.

My beloved Penguins are losing right now. I don’t know if it is because of the mood I am in or not. I am kind of a cranky butt right now. I think it has to do with dinner. I made tuna burgers…they were gross. The soup was good though. Some of the crankitude could stem from work. Things went off plan today and I do not like when that happens. It stresses me out too much.

I finished my second sock last night, so I now have a pair. I can see my mistakes on the first sock (any idiot could), but the second sock looks good. I did goof when seaming the toe, but they are for me so screw it.

I have a blanket in the works right now and need to decide on a dishcloth pattern I like. I wanted to make another pair of socks, but I haven’t found a pattern for the yarn I have that I like so I will keep looking. I may need to invest in a sock book. I will peruse amazon for a good one.

I have to go to my former facility next week. They have hired the third replacement for me…so I get to train this one too. That is frustrating. I spend time training the first one, who does the job for 9 months and then skips off to California (only to recently return), then I spend a day with the next replacement, who spends a month and then leaves for the Midwest and now the third one. I can’t keep doing this. I am making notes and a schedule/master task list. Ugh!

I have to do some work on the database tomorrow. I am taking it totally offline to make the changes. It shouldn’t take too long, but I have to do it in between finishing up the work that was supposed to be done today. People are not considerate of other’s time constraints and that pisses me off. If they would have started on this two days ago, it would have been done and I could get all my catch up work done tomorrow. Speaking of catch up work, is it wrong that I fudged a number to make things balance? I know it does balance, but at the time the report was run until now there is $5.18 in limbo. It is all accounted for…believe me if it weren’t, I would know about it. It is a date thing with the program. It picks up things at different times. It is way fucked, but they aren’t going to change it because I told them it is crap…unless I come up with something better. Thanks, but I don’t have time. So, I fudged the number, because I am going to this again in a couple of weeks anyways…besides nobody really cares until the june report. I don’t think anyone looks at them besides me anyways…so…why did I even mention it???

I have to go to the bank tomorrow to cash a pc check. God I hate doing that. I just hate going to the bank. I would like to run by staples to pick up a monitor riser…my screen is too low. I will do that while I am out.

I am going to go take a nice hot shower and wash my hair and exfoliate. I need an exfoliation and today is a good day for that.