rogue elephants,

Yes, I am still alive! I just haven’t been posting. Which in itself is strange because I have been on the internet. But as I have told you before I used to update most often at work and since the move, I have more to do so I don’t post. And then when I get home, I am tired and look at my faves, ravelry, espn, email, msn, tmz, and od. Then I settle in to watch my soaps.

So what is happening? Well not much. I leave in two, that’s 2 days! I need to start packing tonight so I am not doing it all tomorrow night. Get ready sis, I’m bringing two, yes that’s 2 bags…checked and my new snazzy backpack. I never ever pack light. I like to be prepared.

I have not decided what to take for pajamas. I am sure that my family does not want to see my usual thrown together mismatched makey-doo pajamas! I will have to come up with something.

What else? I love, love, LOVE my office. Even though all the furniture is not in it yet, it is spectacular. I have a life form other than myself in it…yes I have a plant…more specifically a money tree. How appropriate is a money tree for an accounts payable tech? Very I think! I even have my cheesy pop music on my computer. I am loaded with NKOTB, NSync, Britney, Jersey Boys, Michael Jackson’s Thriller, Rick Springfield, Saturday Night Fever, Grease, Grease 2, and some newer singles.

My phone rings…a lot! I don’t know that I like that too much. Ugh, you win some, you lose some. I came in early today (7:00am) because I need to go to the bank to get some spending money. And I was up early anyway. I had a weigh in this morning. I am down 2.2 pounds. Yeah, I’m not too impressed either. I will have to be stricter with myself I guess. But, the first week I didn’t even really count anything, so…and I had some pretty heavy meals being that I was all alone!

I turned 32! I’m not sure that exclamation point (!) was really needed…or expected. I don’t know how I feel about getting older. I gladly welcomed my 30th birthday. But now, I don’t know that I am so into it. I never really had a plan or goals for where I would be when I was x number of years old, but now I am starting to realize that windows are slowly closing. I don’t see a marriage in the future for me. I may just be single my entire life. I think that bothers me, but I am not sure. I mean, I am never alone. I have family and I will always have a dog or two, maybe three. No, three might be too many. I have so much love to go around, but more than two and someone is going to feel like a third wheel and that is not right.

Speaking of animals. I had one fucked up dream last night/this morning. I was out in the safari (I get that from watching GH last night), but then there were rogue elephants chasing people around and I might have been with a co-worker. I also had a work dream that I am not to thrilled about. I want my dreams to be good, maybe even a little f’d, re: rogue elephants, but not about work! Especially not like last night’s, where I am trying to get my work done and am relying on someone else. Yes, that is a current situation at work, but I only worry about it at work, not when I am home, and sure as hell not when I am sleeping.

I should be working right now, but that would require some motivation and I don’t have that yet. I am having a rare cup of coffee hoping that it contains more than peppermint mocha sweetener. I would have had a pepsi, apparently nobody here is a coke fan like I am, but some tool left an empty box in the refrigerator. Someone also left a dollar. I am sure it is one of the trainees who doesn’t realize that caffeine is provided by the company. We are special here at corporate.

Checking one of my trusted sites,, it is supposed to be fairly decent temperatures when I am gone. I just don’t know what to take for a jacket. Considering it snowed here last night and I only wore a sweater today, I am thinking that I am not going to take the jacket I had planned on. I think it will be too much. It’s too big, but then so am I.

Okay, well I can’t go on vacation if I don’t get my work done, well not really, but I am not going to leave it for someone else to deal with so I bid you farewell and I wouldn’t expect an update for a while.


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