There was a time when I could spend hours in an office supply store. Don’t get me wrong, I still can, but office supplies, forms I would never even use, hell half of them I didn’t even know what they were for, fascinated me. I could spend hundreds of dollars…make that thousands, I have already spent hundreds on office supplies. I have a pen box for Scotty’s sake (I don’t know anyone named Scotty…but I digress) filled with pens. I go through it twice a year and test them out, throw some out, add some more. I generally never use these pens and pencils, I just like to have them in the box. So where is this leading you ask??? My office supply fetish has now been overrun by my yarn/knitting fetish.

I could spend hours and hours and hours looking and touching and even smelling yarn. It is sick. Since I lack a good Local Yarn Store (LYS), I look online. I could spend hundreds of dollars, well I have spent hundreds of dollars on notions/accessories. I love them! I have to force myself to close the window and not search the history to find the site again.

I did find some yarn at the LYS, as sad as it is, for my swap, a wool/silk blend (very little silk). That was great. I have to pick up a few more items and I can get it sent off soon.

I took back the Red XL twisty turny ab workout thing. Yeah, I didn’t use it. So I got my money back…or rather a gift card that holds my money hostage. I used a good portion of it on more stash storage. I had a six shelf bookcase with canvas drawers that was containing my stash, but then something happened and I pretty much purchased every ball/skein of yarn I touched…and so my stash runneth over. I bought another six shelf bookcase and canvas drawers and hooked it all up. I even have room to grow! Sweet. I am a little stuck on how to organize it. Should I do it by color or by yarn type? Some of my yarn doesn’t even have labels anymore, but I know 88% of what I have is acrylic. I also have an abundance of novelty yarn. Good grief, what am I going to do with that??? The homespun, I am either going to make scarves or start working on a quick garter stitch blanket. I have some green and purple that I want to make a baby blanket out of. That’s what I got it for, back when I was looming…I don’t loom anymore. I may have to pick up the little one to make a turtle…but other than that…I don’t loom.

I need to get my computer looked at. I sent an email off to the shop we have…hopefully they are still open. I have not heard back. I made it clear that I do not want to send their children to college. I just need to know if they can fix it and how much it will cost. I don’t think it is anything too big. The thing is just kind of bogged down and running a little slow and freezing up at different times.

I am realizing that regular season shows just returned and soon it will be time for season finales. I am almost not sorry for the finales to begin. I got used to watching the stories and I kind of miss it. Playoff hockey will be coming to a close in a little over a month. Go Pens! And so far, TBS is not showing any Braves games. To which I must ask, WTF?

I had to look up an acronym tonight. KWIM. At first I thought someone misspelled swim, but it did not fit. So I googled it. KWIM=Know What I Mean. My god I am so old! I don’t do the text thing, I rarely im. And I tend to spell everything out. Except for WTF, because it seems so much cleaner that way.

Speaking of clean. My language has greatly improved. I don’t say the f word very much anymore. I mean I drop a bomb here and there, but I don’t say it in regular conversation. I think part of it was some form of peer pressure. Somewhere in my messed up mind (I fought the urge to use the Fer there), I thought that I wouldn’t fit in with the two girls unless I used it. At least that is what I am telling myself.

I finished a sock last night. Yes, I do realize that I am all over the place tonight with my thoughts. Part of it might be because my bra is driving me crazy and I have to pee. And yes, I do realize that it is well past bra wearing time for me. It should have been off two hours ago…except that I wasn’t home then. Anyways, I finished my first sock. Now, I have to suck it up, pull up the granny panties and make the other one. They really are a pretty quick knit. DPNs are not as scary as I thought they were. Oh yeah, and I didn’t flat knit any of it to start with, like my so called instructor wanted me to. After I make about another fifty acrylic worsted weight pairs, I may attempt to use the nice sock yarn I bought.

Okay, well I am going to go shower and proactivate my face. Then I am going to read and before I go to sleep, I am going to look at a magazine. That is my new routine, I read, see the special of the day, check the news, crawl in bed and look at magazine. I think I might make my bed tomorrow. In foresight, I probably won’t, but right now I would like to.

My weekend is half over. How sad is that???


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