...a hermit...

Tomorrow is Friday! I am due in Hell at about 7:00 am. Perfect way to end a shitty week.

I just ordered my sister’s birthday present. I will get my oldest nephew’s present this weekend and get the money sent to my sister for the little guy’s present…figures the one thing I can’t get here. Ugh!

I finally picked up the needles tonight. I worked on my needle cozy and well I worked on the socks…barely, I don’t think two rounds really counts as working on them. I have been spending a lot of time on the internet looking at patterns. Last night, I organized some bookmarks and read.

I am getting ready to go read for a while before I go to bed. Once in bed, I read a magazine and then go to sleep. I haven’t even gotten through last week’s books and tomorrow I will get this week’s. Craziness. Where is all my time going???

We developed…or I should say I developed…a chore chart. I am going to try to pitch in a little more. It will be good for me.

I am going to join the Y. I found some water aerobics classes that I can go to before work and on Tuesday and Thursday, I can go to a water walking class after work. It will be great! I might have to skip Thursday morning wa though to go to my meeting. Then there are the early mornings…but those are few and becoming far between at the moment. The hope is to kind of phase them out. Well maybe not completely. I don’t mind the occasional early morning early release scenario.

I need to start cooking more. I will try to plan out a menu tomorrow night for next week. If we have a plan, it works a lot better. The last three nights, we have eaten out! That is terrible!

Yes, so as I said this has been a shitty week. I am stressed about little things right now. I have to change a few ways I do things. I need to get more organized. That is my goal for May, to be more organized and not rush through things. That will make the changes a little less stressful. Make sure I have all my t’s dotted and i’s crossed. Plus, there is a new Keanu! Good god, I truly believe that men are not meant to do certain jobs. Of course, I also believe that there are certain jobs women are not mean to do too. Don’t lecture me. I grew up with the “you can be anything you want to be.” Thankfully I did not want to be a porta potty mover. I just hope this new guy can handle the job. I don’t need another C.J.! I wonder what happened to the lady that was there for one day.

There have been a lot of sirens tonight. I don’t know what is going on. When I got home from work there were fire truck sirens, about eight minutes ago there were ambulance sirens and just now, police sirens. No, I can’t really tell the difference, they just go flying down the main drive by my house. Not that the news would tell us anything if it were major. The news kind of sucks around here. Doesn’t stop me from tuning in every night at 10:00. The routine is first three minutes of the news, then check QVC for the Today’s Special Value. Then it is off to bed. I turn into a pumpkin sometime between 10 and 11. Been that way for a long time. I don’t expect it to change anytime soon.

I am a special bird. Let me tell you. I listen to the way coworkers talk about going out and drinking and going to this fundraiser and that fundraiser and I think, how lovely it is to just sit at home and away from crowds. I am a hermit…to an extent. It’s not that I don’t like events, it is that I don’t know enough people to go to an event with. I am a loner. I have two friends and they are both related to me. I have coworkers who I am friendly with, but no friends. I am totally serious. Not one friend. I have acquaintances, but not one friend. I don’t have that go to person. That one person who is there no matter what. I have tried to be that person for different people, but they only wanted it when it was convenient for them or when they needed me because nobody else was around. Thanks, but I don’t need that.

This went from being about my shitty week, to my happiness that I found something for my sister, to being depressing. I think I will go ready my super awesome book now.


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