I am home! Somewhere around 16 ½ hours late! But I am home.

My trip was awesome! I visited, played, shopped, knitted, played, shopped…the usual. My nephews are the cutest things. Even when they whine and cry and attack me with puppets, they are adorable. And my sister is super crafty. She made me a super cool project bag and accessory bag!

I finished a project! Granted it is only a dishcloth, but it is finished. Maybe if I can get my ass off the couch tomorrow I will take a picture of it before I wash it up. I am more than half way through my first sock. I finally have something on dpns! And better yet??? It is not so scary! I also have a needle case because the first thing my sister said to me the first night I was there was, “You’re not knitting.” So, she pulled out a pair of needles (because I had a total moment of retardedness and didn’t think) and a pattern and I started a needle case. I am a slow knitter. That is all there is to it…I am slow. I am a slow, thrower.

Hit a coupe of yarn stores and got some yarn for two projects. Picked up a truckload…well close, of cotton and joined a dishcloth group.

I bought some clothing, not a lot by any means, but some and some new unders. I didn’t really need unders but I got them any way. I got some new bras, after I was fitted in the middle of the freaking store! Hello? Who measures a girl for a bra in the middle of the store? Want to know who? The manager at Lane Bryant, Bellingham, that’s who! I couldn’t believe it. I couldn’t believe I went up a cup size either. I thought my bras were big before, now my nephews could fit their heads in my cups! Good grief!

So yesterday I get all my crap packed up…it was a tight tight fit and took a lot of maneuvering, but I did it. Got to the airport, too early so we went to Barnes and Noble, where I dropped about $45 dollars…eh. Then back to the airport, where the aircraft was late. So wait, wait…wait a minute…the aircraft is having mechanical difficulty. Our new departure time is 7:00? Really? Okay…make the call that I am going to sit and knit. Then nothing. No new information, no anything. Me and three other people just waiting. Except that two of those people work for the airline and are flying standby and are now at the computer reticketing themselves on a later flight. Then they leave. So then I go out of the secured area and to the ticket counter where I find out the flight is cancelled! Cancelled? Wait a minute, I am supposed to get home at midnight! My plain leaves Seattle at 8:00. I can’t take the late flight. So then I am a mess. I am crying and just not happy. I am tired and stressed. Good news, I get to take Monday off and I got a raise. So then I am scheduled on a 9:00 am Sunday flight, leave Seattle at 11:00 get home at 1:30. Super. I go back to my sister’s house, have some food, watch some hockey, finish my dishcloth and get an okay sleep. (I slept great until 2:40 am and then I woke up every hour because I was a afraid, at least I think, that I wouldn’t wake up.) So I get up, get to the airport, get on the plane, get to Seattle, ride 3 different trains to get to the gate, grab some magazines, a snack, a coke and go pee. Then I stand around for nearly an hour, because me are assholes and won’t move their shit so a hobbling fat girl can sit down. Dickheads.

Then it is time to board. The plane is full! Ugh! So I get on and there is a lady trying to stuff a bag the size of Rhode Island into the overhead. It’s not going to fit. It should have been put on the ala cart. Anywho, she is right where I needed to be and I was in no mood to deal with crap. So I say, “That’s where I need to be.” She moves, I get situated, she stuffs her oversized bag under the seat, where my shit needed to be (by this time, I had my backpack, which fit nicely in the overhead, my purse, which was stuffed to the brim, a newspaper bag, a bag of magazines). I had no place to put my feet. Then to make it worse, someone behind me shoved their shit so far into the under seat storage that it was practically in my lap and their knees were almost inside my body through my ass! I wanted to put the arm rest down and the lady didn’t want that, and I basically told her I didn’t care, and put it down. Remember, I am already 11 hours late in getting home. I was dying of heat sitting on that plane. Then we hear that we are waiting because the weather in Butte is not landing weather. So we wait.

Finally the doors close and we hear that we are heading out and if we can’t land we are going to Kalispell. Now, I don’t want to be stuck in Seattle, but I don’t want to be in Kalispell either. Sure it’s in Montana, but not where I want to be. Hell, I have never even been there. So we go and go and I think that we are never going to get our snack. How come on the way to Seattle, they started at the front, where I wasn’t and on the way from Seattle, they start at the back, where I wasn’t? Then we start to descend…I think. I was tired and cranky and uncomfortable. Apparently we circled, I don’t really know when that is happening, but whatever. The asshole flying the plane (yes I know it is not his fault, but at this point, it is) says that we are not landing in Butte, we are going to Bozeman. Then every asshole on the plane whoo hoo and clap and are happy. Me? I start to cry. While it isn’t Kalispell, it isn’t home. I am now 14 hours late in getting home. We land, nothing is said to the poor tired stressed crying people that are now nearly 100 miles from home. Nothing! No, “poor you, you’re fucked.” Nothing. So I get my bags at the bag cart and head off to find a rental. I am going home damnit! I sidle up to the Hertz counter and the guy says, “Do you need something?” Yes asswipe, I need a freaking car to get me home because the asshole airline isn’t getting me home. So I get me a brand new Ford Explorer and head out. The roads don’t really turn to shit until you hit one of the biggest mother of a hill in the entire state. Perfect. Anyways, as you can tell I make it okay. $115 for an hour’s use of a vehicle is ridiculous, especially when I had to sink $18 to fill the son of a bitch up with gas! Christ I am in the wrong business.

When I look back on it…my trip was perfect still. Even with the trip home being a total nightmare, it doesn’t take away from the fun I had.

Okay, I am going to check a couple more things and then get ready to go to sleep. My nephews have been in bed for an hour and fifteen minutes, that’s if they went to bed on time. They are so sweet. I miss my sister so much already. Okay…have to go…have to pray for Dallas to win this game.


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