...but that man was vile

People piss me off! I freecycled my ab lounger and gazelle (didn’t take long for both to be claimed). I have been getting a lot of emails enquiring about them and one asked if the ab lounger works. Uh, yeah it works, jesus I wouldn’t offer something that is a piece of shit and should just be junked! Also, there is a lady on the list who is looking for a car…a FREE car! Is it just me or is that really ballsy to ask people to just give you an fing car?!? So she emails me and wants the ab lounger. I almost asked her how she planned on getting it home…but I didn’t. I just told her it was gone. I tell you, Batman, people are just wackadoodledoos.

We had our Administrative Professional’s Day lunch today. It was nice…it was Mexican…it made me gain 8 pounds I am sure. Couldn’t have been the m&ms or the pizza for dinner…nope I blame it on my bosses. We also got $50 gift certificates to an upperscale restaurant. Very nice. We usually get one to a steak house, but this is a place I go frequently, so it will be nice.

I am on the downward side of the second sock. I did the heel and gusset last night…32 rounds plus decreasing and grafting and that baby is d-o-n-e.

I also have an idea for some Christmas gifty things…I will do a trial run and see how easy/how much I like it and then decide.

So my brand spanking new fancy pants office at the brand spanking new fancy pants building came with a price…hard manual labor. We spent yesterday clearing out all the leftover shit! I spent the day in the basement going through old binders/boxes/file cabinets and then lugging shit up the stairs until the men arrived. We loaded a big ass truck…one and a half times. Holy beaded shirt batman, that was a lot of crap. The shredder man came today and filled his truck. We got rid of 25 year old paper! It was insanity at its finest.

I have to report to hell tomorrow morning. It is my mandatory last day of the month field trip. Can’t freaking wait!

I had my monthly massage today. I was just about asleep when it was all said and done. I started falling asleep when she started on my feet. If my boob wasn’t so uncomfortably wedged underneath me, I would have been asleep earlier. The problem with having big boobies, they go where they want to…since they are all natural!

Well…I should think about bathing and get to knitting. I don’t know what is on later, but I want to read some more tonight. I didn’t read as much as I wanted to last night. I can’t even remember what I was watching. I know it wasn’t CSI Miami because the suspected bad guy was too gross to look at. Sorry if he is a relative or your lover, but that man was vile! Ick!

So the mystery of where my usb cord to my camera is solved. It’s in Washington. How could I have left that there, when I don’t even remember taking it out of my bag??? Strangest damn thing. Of course, I don’t need it to download pictures, I do believe I have a media port in my computer, but…it is just easier to use the usb. We will see how the weekend goes…maybe I will still take pictures and download/upload them.

So I am off to watch my beloved Penguins play the Rangers. Any idea why Jagr is being an asshole tonight??? Don’t get me wrong, I still love the man. You can love someone who is being an asshole at times. I love Elliott and he is an asshole almost every day to Cooper…and I usually tell him to stop being an asshole. Okie dokie kidlets…goodbye.


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