Movie Review: Nick Knight

I just finished watching 1989’s Nick Knight starring Rick Springfield. A television pilot that never took off, but was later remade with an entirely new cast as Forever Knight. I do believe that John Kapelos reprised his role as Det. Schanke. I will let you know when I start watching my Forever Knight cds.

So why did I purchase this film? Two reasons, I was obsessed with vampires and I adore Rick Springfield. At the time (about five months ago) it was a no brainer.

There’s not much to say. By today’s standards the movie sucked. The effects were questionable, the dialogue…ehh…the actors, unknown except for Rick. It was the 80’s what was to be expected? There were some decent tunes…then of course I love 80’s music. One little bit of trivia, the song, Human by the Human League was used and later rerecorded by Rick Springfield on one of his best cds.

Is it just me or did the women in 80’s movies always look old? Take for example Top Gun, Maverick was passable as a cocky early 30’s pilot, while Kelly McGillis looked like she was in her 40’s. The men just looked younger and the women older. I blame the hair and clothing. If you weren’t wearing Valley Girl spandex and bright oversized shirts, then you were wearing knee length pencil skirts and button down blouses with shoulder pads. It really was a no win situation. Men are just lucky…they look great in some jeans and a t-shirt. It is unfair really. Not to say that there was not bad men’s fashion in the day. There were acid wash jeans, Member’s Only jackets (which are making a sad comeback), and polo shirts. I know polo’s are still around, I just have never ever liked them. Sorry to all the polo wearers out there but it is not a good look.

Any ways, back to the movie. The plot was simple, vampire feels bad, trying to do good and wants to be human again. It’s pretty much the same thing as Moonlight, except Moonlight is made now and Mick St. John is a private detective instead of a police detective.

I give this movie a 8.3. The breakdown is:
5.5 - Rick Springfield - any movie with an actor I adore gets an automatic 5
2 - Soundtrack – Human League, INXS, Richard Marx (I love sappy pop music)
.8 - Rick Shirtless for 2.6 seconds – what can I say, I am a girl and I am in love

Yes, at some point I will rewatch this movie…for now I can check it off my list!


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