I have foudn the perfect place...

I’ve been busy. Or at least that is what I am saying. I don’t have an excuse to where I have been except that I hate being in the back room and that is where my computer has been. Also, I used to do a lot of my writing on my work breaks, but I haven’t really had any since the end of January. I spent February at the Corporate office and the first part of March working on getting ar and ap done and then there was a few days when I was entangled in a credit card nightmare that is still ongoing then before I knew it the middle of March arrived and it was moving time. I am almost settled in my brand spanking new office and let me tell you I love it! I am waiting on two chairs and a bookcase and my office will be done.

I love being in town again. It is wonderful. I get to sleep in, I get up early enough to eat breakfast. I am about three minutes away from work and home. It is very very nice. My office is beautiful and I have put my own touches on it. I finally have the perfect place for two irish posters I have. One is an Irish Music poster and the other is an Irish Writers poster. I love those posters and they work so well on my one wall. I purchased a new Old World style clock and fountain. I feel very comfortable and love being at work. I don’t long to be home knitting like I did for so long. Don’t get me wrong, I would love to be home knitting and watching soaps if that paid the bills, but since it doesn’t I am happy being at work.

Speaking of knitting. I am on variation number three of the secret sister mystery knitting project. I have less than three weeks to get it done. I have completed another project that I plan on taking to her. I have one dishcloth done, I started on a scarf that will be gifted to some lucky person I work with and I have a ton of projects I want to do.

What’s happening at home you may be asking? Not a whole lot. We have been watching a lot of soap operas because of the writer’s strike. I have been keeping up on One Tree Hill. I have been watching a lot of hockey…the regular season is all but over at this point…only a few games left. The boys are good…but still mischievous. The weather has been sketchy. We had a bluster the other day. We have had a lot of mud and that leads to Cooper needing a bath every time he comes in the house! He is a very patient and good boy though so that is helpful.

Mom is getting ready to leave for about two weeks. She leaves on Tuesday and will be back a week from Friday. Thank god I have work to do otherwise I would be stressing and nervous. I am always nervous when she is gone, but I have some projects planned.

I leave for vacation in three weeks! Three weeks from this moment I will be in Washington! Woohoo!

Mom and I are going to Washington D.C. towards the end of June. I can’t wait. I also can’t take any time between when I get back and then to build up enough time to take off. I may be forced to take a day or two without pay…but we will see when it gets closer. I can’t believe that I am going to take two trips in one year! Heck in one quarter.

The DC trip comes in right before the end of our fiscal year. I will get back just in time to do ar and ap. Once again, I may have timed things just right so that nobody has to pick up my slack. I, on the other hand, may have to pick up someone else’s. Grr.

Well I am going to go check in on my groups and try to wade through some neglected email.


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