I am immune to caffeine

I don’t understand why the Colorado Avalanche keeps buying broken players. It makes no sense to me. First Jose Theodore was acquired when he had a broken foot and now Peter Forsberg. Huh? Forsberg said that it would be a “game time decision” whether he plays or not tonight. With two of their top players out of the lineup, it should be a no brainer. He’s the one who said he was ready to return to the ice. Bullshit I tell you. Pierre La-whatshisname needs to pull his head out and get someone worth getting. Granted he made a great acquisition in getting Adam Foote back, but still. I’m not anti-Forsberg. I am anit-buying broken players.

Well it’s Tuesday. Not much going on today. Just work. Nothing exciting. The only thing I have to look forward to is OLTL, GH, Days and OTH. My life lacks life. I am sure that you have all figured out how boring my life truly is. But you know…I kind of like it. I mean what’s the alternative where I live? Hanging out in the bars that play god awful country music, where the men are mostly drunk and stink of stale beer and chew? Sure, I may die alone, I may never get married or have children. But at least I know the people sleeping with me are there because the love me. Actually the only person sleeping with me of late is my Mokey doll. I cannot convince the boys to sleep with me. Elliott is pretty independent and the last time he slept with me he fell off the bed and Cooper takes care of Mom. I figure when she is gone, Coop will share the bed with me, maybe Ell too…but I doubt it.

I have projects planned for when Mom is gone. I have something for my nephews that I need to work on and then a surprise for my mom. Let’s hope I have the energy to do it all.

So the new move date is St. Patrick’s Day. There is no way our offices are going to move on St. Patrick’s Day. Butte, Montana is the party destination of the west when it comes to St. Patrick’s Day. There is a parade and thousands upon thousands of drunk idiots wearing green. The parade runs right down Park Street. Our current office is on Park Street. There will be no moving happening that day. I could move because I avoid the festivities all together. Do you know how many people take the day after St. Patrick’s Day off as a sick day? They plan for it a year or two in advance. Some bar owners in the uptown area claim that the 17th is their make it or break it day. Can you imagine that your business relies solely on one day a year? I am sure things are a little better for them bars now that the Evel Knievel Days are held uptown…but still the big day is March 17th. I’ve been to about two parades in the last 15 years. One was with my loser friend and her loser boyfriend, and two were with Mom.

15 years ago seems insane to me. Hell 10 years ago seems insane to say. In December this year, I will have been out of college for 10 years. And fifteen years ago, I was a junior in high school. Time seemed to stand still when I was younger and then when I entered high school it started going by faster and now it is almost lightening fast. My nephews are going to be six and four this year. My dad will be gone for six years in June. Six years! That means my first tattoo is turning five! I am going to be 32. I would say that the window of getting married and having children is nearly closed for me. That’s how I feel.

I should be filing or something. The last paragraph was depressing. Of course I could just need a can of awake this morning. Seriously, caffeine has no affect on me. None I tell you, none. Do you know how many nights after hockey games I used to go and have a pot of coffee and then go home and go straight to sleep? I am immune to caffeine. That might be a good thing though. But then the sugars in the Coke bring me up for 3 seconds and then I am down again…down for the count. Very frustrating.

I must go. I need to borrow some keys to open the cabinet because mine are still sitting on the front seat of my car where they have been for over a month. I am a procrastinator.

I almost forgot…the music situation in this office has greatly improved…gone are the golden oldies and in is a nice mix of 70-00! WooHoo!


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