Sunday, March 30, 2008

...when I realized that it was Canadian

So somewhere around 17 hours ago, I turned 32. I was asleep. Then two hours and 44 minutes into my 32nd year I had horrible cramping. Ugh…not the best way to start the day. It resolved and I went back to sleep. Somewhere around 7:30 I got up for real. I got a phone call at 8:08 and my mom and nephews sang happy birthday to me. I spent the day at home for the most part. I did some laundry, did some work, watched hockey, checked my email. Nothing overly exciting. After my nap, I got up and got dressed and my aunt took me to an early dinner. Did a little gambling and then came home.

Currently on the television is HGTV and a show about RV’s. While it is interesting, I am switching back to baseball. The Braves are playing. They are loosing, but they are on television. It took over an hour for me to get birthday kisses from the boys this morning. I don’t think they understand birthday. I don’t like Joe Simpson…at least I think that is his name. Truth be told, I don’t like ESPN announcers. Bandwagonning bastards.

I have to go to the so called valley tomorrow. We can just call it Hell Valley. Not looking forward to that.

This morning I opened up the newspaper to find out that on Tuesday, Bill Clinton will be in my town. He will be at the local public high school at 5:45. I think I might try to go. I love, love, love Bill Clinton. I am taking a book and going after my dentist appointment. I would take my knitting, but I might not get through security. I will see. Holy dorkiness Robin, the president is in the booth with the ESPN nummers.

I get a massage tomorrow. Definitely looking forward to that. I can’t wait actually.

I have a lot to do still. I had this whole plan of things I would get done while mom is gone and so far I haven’t done anything. I mean I have done stuff, but I haven’t completed anything except laundry. Yes, you read that correctly, I did laundry today. Not just underwear and towels, but real clothing. This is a big deal. For 31 years, I have never ever done my own laundry. You see, I am quite spoiled. I rarely cook myself dinner, never did my own laundry, usually get waited on instead of doing the waiting on of others and generally get my feet rubbed if I ask for it. I don’t pick up a lot of dog poo either. I have some I need to pick up…I should do that now instead of tomorrow…but it is freaking cold outside. I have to take garbage out on Tuesday anyways, so if I do it tomorrow it will be okay.

Speaking of cold, I am expecting it to snow a bunch tonight because I have to be on the highway to hell tomorrow. Ugh. But you know what…in two weeks I won’t even be near my computer. I will be in Washington visiting my sister. I am going to spend a lot of money. Just want you all to know that.

Have I mentioned my total and complete dislike of my neighbors? If not, let me tell you that I totally and completely dislike my neighbors. Their dogs shit all over our front lawn. Well what is left of the grass anyways. It is gross. They don’t give a shit either. They obviously don’t care that I am trying to sleep at 10:30-11:30 at night when the fat ass is out there whistling and calling for the little bastards. I have noticed lately that when her little dogs are along our fence, Elliott pees on them. I know he is trying to make it known that this is his domain, but he definitely pees on them most of the time. I have seen it hit them. I always tell Ell what a good boy he is and give him a pat on the head and treat.

I was going to paint our front door red this weekend, but decided to wait. It wouldn’t have gotten done anyways because it is too freaking cold. Where are the nice springy days I am wishing for? I want to take mostly capris on my trip, but now I don’t know. It has been snowing there. I didn’t plan on taking a lot of socks, but it looks like I am going to have to…which means I might have to go buy some. I can’t wear socks with some of my comfies because they have shrunk up to Michael Jackson length and I am not going to look like some freaky white man.

If you are planning on watching the movie The Phoenix Agenda, I suggest you rethink that. Unless you like poorly made, horribly written, terrible acting Canadian movies. Seriously, I wasn’t paying super close attention because I was painting something, but I think I finally turned it off after ½ hour when I realized that it was Canadian. Just like Canadian hockey teams, I am not a fan of horribly made Canadian movies. Who sets a movie in Canada these days anyways?

I started to watch We Own the Night, but I didn’t feel like paying close attention, so I quit. Maybe sometime down the road, I will try it again. I think it might be an okay movie, but I think you need to be in the right mood, and honestly the only thing I have been in the mood for are soaps and hockey or baseball.

Okay, well I need to let my children in the house and get stuff ready for work tomorrow…

Saturday, March 22, 2008

I have foudn the perfect place...

I’ve been busy. Or at least that is what I am saying. I don’t have an excuse to where I have been except that I hate being in the back room and that is where my computer has been. Also, I used to do a lot of my writing on my work breaks, but I haven’t really had any since the end of January. I spent February at the Corporate office and the first part of March working on getting ar and ap done and then there was a few days when I was entangled in a credit card nightmare that is still ongoing then before I knew it the middle of March arrived and it was moving time. I am almost settled in my brand spanking new office and let me tell you I love it! I am waiting on two chairs and a bookcase and my office will be done.

I love being in town again. It is wonderful. I get to sleep in, I get up early enough to eat breakfast. I am about three minutes away from work and home. It is very very nice. My office is beautiful and I have put my own touches on it. I finally have the perfect place for two irish posters I have. One is an Irish Music poster and the other is an Irish Writers poster. I love those posters and they work so well on my one wall. I purchased a new Old World style clock and fountain. I feel very comfortable and love being at work. I don’t long to be home knitting like I did for so long. Don’t get me wrong, I would love to be home knitting and watching soaps if that paid the bills, but since it doesn’t I am happy being at work.

Speaking of knitting. I am on variation number three of the secret sister mystery knitting project. I have less than three weeks to get it done. I have completed another project that I plan on taking to her. I have one dishcloth done, I started on a scarf that will be gifted to some lucky person I work with and I have a ton of projects I want to do.

What’s happening at home you may be asking? Not a whole lot. We have been watching a lot of soap operas because of the writer’s strike. I have been keeping up on One Tree Hill. I have been watching a lot of hockey…the regular season is all but over at this point…only a few games left. The boys are good…but still mischievous. The weather has been sketchy. We had a bluster the other day. We have had a lot of mud and that leads to Cooper needing a bath every time he comes in the house! He is a very patient and good boy though so that is helpful.

Mom is getting ready to leave for about two weeks. She leaves on Tuesday and will be back a week from Friday. Thank god I have work to do otherwise I would be stressing and nervous. I am always nervous when she is gone, but I have some projects planned.

I leave for vacation in three weeks! Three weeks from this moment I will be in Washington! Woohoo!

Mom and I are going to Washington D.C. towards the end of June. I can’t wait. I also can’t take any time between when I get back and then to build up enough time to take off. I may be forced to take a day or two without pay…but we will see when it gets closer. I can’t believe that I am going to take two trips in one year! Heck in one quarter.

The DC trip comes in right before the end of our fiscal year. I will get back just in time to do ar and ap. Once again, I may have timed things just right so that nobody has to pick up my slack. I, on the other hand, may have to pick up someone else’s. Grr.

Well I am going to go check in on my groups and try to wade through some neglected email.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

I am immune to caffeine

I don’t understand why the Colorado Avalanche keeps buying broken players. It makes no sense to me. First Jose Theodore was acquired when he had a broken foot and now Peter Forsberg. Huh? Forsberg said that it would be a “game time decision” whether he plays or not tonight. With two of their top players out of the lineup, it should be a no brainer. He’s the one who said he was ready to return to the ice. Bullshit I tell you. Pierre La-whatshisname needs to pull his head out and get someone worth getting. Granted he made a great acquisition in getting Adam Foote back, but still. I’m not anti-Forsberg. I am anit-buying broken players.

Well it’s Tuesday. Not much going on today. Just work. Nothing exciting. The only thing I have to look forward to is OLTL, GH, Days and OTH. My life lacks life. I am sure that you have all figured out how boring my life truly is. But you know…I kind of like it. I mean what’s the alternative where I live? Hanging out in the bars that play god awful country music, where the men are mostly drunk and stink of stale beer and chew? Sure, I may die alone, I may never get married or have children. But at least I know the people sleeping with me are there because the love me. Actually the only person sleeping with me of late is my Mokey doll. I cannot convince the boys to sleep with me. Elliott is pretty independent and the last time he slept with me he fell off the bed and Cooper takes care of Mom. I figure when she is gone, Coop will share the bed with me, maybe Ell too…but I doubt it.

I have projects planned for when Mom is gone. I have something for my nephews that I need to work on and then a surprise for my mom. Let’s hope I have the energy to do it all.

So the new move date is St. Patrick’s Day. There is no way our offices are going to move on St. Patrick’s Day. Butte, Montana is the party destination of the west when it comes to St. Patrick’s Day. There is a parade and thousands upon thousands of drunk idiots wearing green. The parade runs right down Park Street. Our current office is on Park Street. There will be no moving happening that day. I could move because I avoid the festivities all together. Do you know how many people take the day after St. Patrick’s Day off as a sick day? They plan for it a year or two in advance. Some bar owners in the uptown area claim that the 17th is their make it or break it day. Can you imagine that your business relies solely on one day a year? I am sure things are a little better for them bars now that the Evel Knievel Days are held uptown…but still the big day is March 17th. I’ve been to about two parades in the last 15 years. One was with my loser friend and her loser boyfriend, and two were with Mom.

15 years ago seems insane to me. Hell 10 years ago seems insane to say. In December this year, I will have been out of college for 10 years. And fifteen years ago, I was a junior in high school. Time seemed to stand still when I was younger and then when I entered high school it started going by faster and now it is almost lightening fast. My nephews are going to be six and four this year. My dad will be gone for six years in June. Six years! That means my first tattoo is turning five! I am going to be 32. I would say that the window of getting married and having children is nearly closed for me. That’s how I feel.

I should be filing or something. The last paragraph was depressing. Of course I could just need a can of awake this morning. Seriously, caffeine has no affect on me. None I tell you, none. Do you know how many nights after hockey games I used to go and have a pot of coffee and then go home and go straight to sleep? I am immune to caffeine. That might be a good thing though. But then the sugars in the Coke bring me up for 3 seconds and then I am down again…down for the count. Very frustrating.

I must go. I need to borrow some keys to open the cabinet because mine are still sitting on the front seat of my car where they have been for over a month. I am a procrastinator.

I almost forgot…the music situation in this office has greatly improved…gone are the golden oldies and in is a nice mix of 70-00! WooHoo!

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Movie Review: Nick Knight

I just finished watching 1989’s Nick Knight starring Rick Springfield. A television pilot that never took off, but was later remade with an entirely new cast as Forever Knight. I do believe that John Kapelos reprised his role as Det. Schanke. I will let you know when I start watching my Forever Knight cds.

So why did I purchase this film? Two reasons, I was obsessed with vampires and I adore Rick Springfield. At the time (about five months ago) it was a no brainer.

There’s not much to say. By today’s standards the movie sucked. The effects were questionable, the dialogue…ehh…the actors, unknown except for Rick. It was the 80’s what was to be expected? There were some decent tunes…then of course I love 80’s music. One little bit of trivia, the song, Human by the Human League was used and later rerecorded by Rick Springfield on one of his best cds.

Is it just me or did the women in 80’s movies always look old? Take for example Top Gun, Maverick was passable as a cocky early 30’s pilot, while Kelly McGillis looked like she was in her 40’s. The men just looked younger and the women older. I blame the hair and clothing. If you weren’t wearing Valley Girl spandex and bright oversized shirts, then you were wearing knee length pencil skirts and button down blouses with shoulder pads. It really was a no win situation. Men are just lucky…they look great in some jeans and a t-shirt. It is unfair really. Not to say that there was not bad men’s fashion in the day. There were acid wash jeans, Member’s Only jackets (which are making a sad comeback), and polo shirts. I know polo’s are still around, I just have never ever liked them. Sorry to all the polo wearers out there but it is not a good look.

Any ways, back to the movie. The plot was simple, vampire feels bad, trying to do good and wants to be human again. It’s pretty much the same thing as Moonlight, except Moonlight is made now and Mick St. John is a private detective instead of a police detective.

I give this movie a 8.3. The breakdown is:
5.5 - Rick Springfield - any movie with an actor I adore gets an automatic 5
2 - Soundtrack – Human League, INXS, Richard Marx (I love sappy pop music)
.8 - Rick Shirtless for 2.6 seconds – what can I say, I am a girl and I am in love

Yes, at some point I will rewatch this movie…for now I can check it off my list!

Then I realized the other night that I am retarded

So I am spending my precious Sunday time going through my thousands of bookmarks and organizing them. It has been on my to do list forever and I just decided to get it done.

This month! I will be moving into my new office this month! I think I might do some supply shopping this weekend. I need some stuff!

I finished the mystery project for my sister. Then I realized the other night that I am retarded and while the project did turn out…I didn’t do it quite right. I did it with the instructions written the way they were for a different type of yarn. So…I have started another one. While the new one is going quite fast, I don’t know that it is as strong as the one I sort of did wrong. I still like the first one. I will see how this second one turns out and then maybe, time permitting, try something a little different on a third one. I know the suspense is killing all of you. But, according to my ticker, another 40 days and 16 hours need to pass before I leave!

I have pretty faithfully been watching the stories. In fact, right now One Life To Live plays in the background. I have to say that I was pretty close on the Alcazar thing on GH. Instead of Lorenzo, it is Diego who is the Text Message Killer. I still have faith that Lorenzo will return someday. I just don’t believe he is dead. I know Jason says he threw him off the bridge after killing him…but…if John Black can survive embalming and burial, I do believe Lorenzo can survive a gunshot and fling off a bridge. Call me crazy.

I am kind of pissed at my instructor. I wanted to start some socks the other night. So I casted on all 60 some odd stitches and split them onto the other two needles…then she told me to knit flat for a while. I was a little peeved, but complied. Then somewhere along the way I f’d up and decided to start over. While frogging…I started thinking that if I knit flat, I will have to seam even if I join in the round later. Uh, I don’t want to seam a pair of socks. The point of double pointed needles is to knit in the ROUND! So, I ventured over to and I think I can do it on my own without her help. I don’t know what project to work on this week at class though. I am looking through some patterns and trying to decide what to start on. I don’t want to take the second mystery project and I don’t think I want to do the socks. I have a couple of other projects that I can do that I won’t need too much help with. I actually just saw a bookmark for something I forgot about and I might check to see if I have the yarn (I want to do small projects and try to use up the yarn I so foolishly bought without having a project in mind) to do it with.

Well I should get back to the bookmarks. I might be able to check in more this week. I should be a little more settled in at work this week (at the old facility(s)).