He is so dreamy.

I can’t decide if I want to print checks or keep entering invoices. It is a dilemma. I should probably print the checks…nobody is here to sign them though. Eh…it can wait a little bit.

I am tired. I am tired as in sleepy and I am tired as in frustrated. Nothing to do with work…maybe the sleepy part. I am tired of the same things over and over in my groups mail. I am almost ready to just get rid of all of it. The problem is for every 873rd email, there is one with a link or a pattern worth keeping. I am tired of newbie introductions and the same questions asked over and over again. I am tired of topics veering so off from the original. I am tired of the “let’s meet up” messages for people who live in California and Wisconsin. I am tired of all capital letters. It may be easier for some, but for the majority it is hard to read…almost painful. Have some consideration. I am tired of tiny urls. I am tired of writing what I am tired of.

I am going to unsub from the writing groups because I don’t even read anything. I think that I am going to post saying why I am leaving. These groups have sucked for the last two years. I am getting nothing from it but clogged up email. I am thinking about going to Digest on another group to see what it is like…if I like the format.

I don’t understand my email. I dl everything to Outlook at home, but when I am not at home, I check it via the web. Well…I created a folder to put the stuff that I want to keep and download at home separate from the new incoming crap and every time I try to transfer the messages to it it says it doesn’t exist. Yet I can switch to it. It’s kind of pissing me off.

For all my blogger readers do you just love my countdown clock? And for my OD readers…well it is counting down to when I leave for Washington.

Speaking of Washington. I had totally planned on taking nothing but comfies. But then I started thinking that I don’t look super cute in all my comfies. I don’t want to look like a slob while I am there. I mean I may be one, but good grief I don’t want to look like one. I am going to take my new super cute jeans. They are kind of comfy too. I can’t be walking through the airports looking like I just crawled out of bed. What if Clive Owen was in the Seattle airport and I looked like a bum. I would be so upset with myself. He is so dreamy.

Eh…I should be working. I just took a little break to go pee and now I just can’t get back into the swing of things.

I have class tonight. I am starting a new project because I want to learn yarn overs. I think I get it from the book and I actually think I did them when I was making the mitts, but I want to be sure.

Did I mention that I was reading Happy Hooker and I think that my instructor totally teaches crocheting the “cheating” way. Yeah, not too happy about that. So I think that I will watch the video this weekend and read the book a little more and maybe next week pick out a crochet project to work on. I want to make the longies for Maribel and a super cute Cloche hat. So I will decide between those two…or maybe I should see if I have the yarn for a sweater for Cooper. I don’t really want to make him a homespun sweater because it will be too hot when it starts to thaw. Ugh! I just need to invent a belly protector for my Cooper.

It’s pay week. That is a nice thing. Except I have it mostly spent between bills and pills. That’s okay, I don’t really need anything. I don’t even know what I would buy…it’s not like there is a ton of selection around here. Better to save my money for my trip.

Well I guess I will print checks.


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