...chopping dog...

A good week. That is my prediction for this week. I plan on being super productive and getting a lot done! Actually I NEED to be super productive and get a lot done. I need to be in good shape when the move happens. I want to be uber organized. If I put my mind to it, it will happen. I need to get some supplies though. I don’t know how that is going to happen because I sure as shit am not going to buy them all myself. Maybe I can be semi uber organized and then after the move, I can go get some supplies. I need some stuff as I told you.

I got a new label maker this weekend. A nice Dymo that I have eyed in the past for $3.50 in the Staples clearance. I have the tape for it already because of my now old labeler.

I think I started an entry the other day and then just deleted it. I am in a holding pattern right now and have some time to write. I know I haven’t been doing a lot of writing lately and there are reasons for that. First, I have been super busy at work and therefore have not been writing there. That is where I do all my best thinking for blogging (okay that’s not true, it’s an excuse because writing at work sounds taboo. Believe me though, people all around the world do it.). At home, I have not been on the computer too much. I have been knitting. I am a slow knitter. I also have been watching my soaps. I am almost happy the writer’s strike happened because I have been enjoying the stories more. So more time knitting and watching soaps = less time on the computer and less writing.

The weekend was okay. Saturday was our usual errands day. I did take a little siesta on Saturday, until my arms and hands fell asleep and I woke up in pain. Sunday was mostly a lazy day. My crazy aunt came over and mom worked on her taxes and then I finished them up for her. What should have taken 20 minutes took two and a half hours!

After the taxes, we went to the grocery store and then a quick gamble…didn’t win. Then back home to knit some more. I finished my very first dishcloth. I will upload pictures someday. I would say tonight, but it all depends on how the work day goes.

What else? I was so bored last night. There was nothing worth watching on. I ended up on the Oscars and let me tell you that it was awful. The jokes were not doing it for me and the stupid montages were boring. I usually like John Stewart, but not last night. I totally missed Best Actress. I had to look it up on the net before bed. I hate that SoapNet has gone to SNM on Sundays. I could have totally used some stories last night instead. Even the Q was boring. The host was that Bitchy Lady and it was all jewelry. I love jewelry but not four hours of it. Just a boring night.

I rented a movie Friday. We Own The Night. I haven’t watched it yet. Maybe I can put it in when I get home from work today and start watching it. I usually don’t rent movies because I am hardly ever in the mood to watch them.

I did watch a movie on Saturday night. I watched Heaven Can Wait with Warren Beatty. Wow, he was hot in the day! I totally get how he got so much tail in the day. I am sure he would have gotten it even if he wasn’t an actor/celebrity.

It is cold in here this morning. I am at Corporate today…hopefully all day. It is super cold. I have on a tank and the poncho my sister made me. If I had worn a longie under the poncho, it would have been like an oven in here. I just can’t gauge the temperature in this place. It changes from one second to the next. Very frustrating when trying to plan your wardrobe.

I have to go to Hell tomorrow morning. I just can’t balance! It is very frustrating. So I called in reinforcements. Then it is off to the former to help out a little. After tomorrow, I should be back on track for the rest of the week. I have to go to Hell on Friday too. Am I special or what?

I made some purchases this weekend. I got a new purse. I can live with this one. I have been looking for a new purse because I need something for my trip in April. I fell in love with a Fossil, but I just can’t bring myself to pay that much for a purse. I got another GAL on sale. It is cute and springy and mostly green. I got some shirts at Maurice’s and that is about all. I picked up a set of size 3 straights to do a dishcloth with.

I started using the ablounger again. Two days in a row so far. Mom said she is going to be my personal trainer. Which means she is just going to nag me until I do it. I am such a procrastinator.

Holy man boobs Robin! I was chopping dog poo out of ice in the yard on Saturday morning and my hands are still killing me. Of course, that coupled with knitting has left me nearly crippled…but I persevere!

Okay it is 20 after 8 and only a few people are here. I am spoiled that I work 7-3. I think I will change that when we move and work something like 8-4 or 4:30…except for the days when I have to go to Hell and PostHell.

I hate skiers! Mother Nature dumped a butt ton of snow on us and it is still coming down. I thought we just got a little last night…yeah I am stupid for not looking. There was about six inches on the roof of my car this morning! I had to wear my wetties and my ankles still got wet. The roads weren’t that great either. Glad I am in town. It can stop anytime. Last week the people at work thought I was slightly crazy for not wearing a coat and I simply told them that I believe if I dress for warm weather, warm weather will come. So I blame this shit on all the yuppie skiers. I want to wear sandals. I am tired of wearing socks. And I have some cute capris that I want to wear. I am going to dress for spring when I go to Washington. I have some super cute clothes to wear. I was going to take a whole bunch of comfies, but I am going to take comfie capris and my slip ons.

So it’s a done deal. I am going to be alone with the boys on my birthday. I have a project planned. That’s it. I will be alone with my project. The project is a surprise.

I need to pay bills. I might do that tonight, if I get a chance to work on my checkbook today. I know that is bad, but seriously, I don’t foresee having enough work to keep me busy until 3:00, minus the ½ hour for lunch and the ½ hour that I am going to need to do some manual labor to get warm. Okay…it’s ridiculous, I just put on my coat and ½ gloves. I need to pee but I am afraid that the bathroom is going to be like an ice box. If I would have worn my sweater and pants that I wanted to today, it would have been an oven and I would have had to roll in the snow to cool off. I think that I need to carry a second outfit with me to work to compensate for the changing temperatures.

Well I am on to three pages now, so I will leave you all and do something productive. As productive as I can be on a computer that won’t allow me to use my usbs.


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