but with enough candy and sunflower seeds the feeling went away.

So I have been missing again…I have been knitting! Seriously, all my time is spent either working or knitting. Two hours ago, I was going to go have some pizza. Yeah, now it is almost bed time. All I do is knit and if I am not knitting I am trying to find new patterns. I have so many projects and so very little time.

I do have my next projects lined up though. There is a new dishcloth starting tomorrow (2/18) and I have a boucle wrap I just got the yarn for. I found it earlier today, but they only had one skein and for the throw on the package it called for two. So I went online to try and find more and of course I couldn’t so…I was looking around and found a wrap that only needs one skein. I also got some Angel Hair yarn that is super soft that I am thinking would be good for a hat or a scarf. Something quick and simple.

I got my new camera and am loving it…when I use it. I haven’t used it too much because I have been waiting for the battery charger to show up. It finally got here so I will be taking more pictures. I tried to clean today, but it doesn’t look like I did anything.

I am happy that I don’t have to go to work tomorrow. I had sort of a dread feeling earlier today about Tuesday, but with enough candy and sunflower seeds the feeling went away. I worked my ass off for two weeks, but just didn’t get everything done. I tried though. So Tuesday, I am going back in to work on it some more. Of course that puts me a day behind on the rest of my work. I have decided that I am just going to look for the bills that need to be paid and not all the ones I usually pay. It is not my ideal way of doing things, but it is going to have to work. I don’t need the extra stress of trying to get it all done in two days. I have to make some time to go to the former facility to help the new girl. I was going to go this week, but I am going to have to push it to the beginning of next. I need to get bills paid…that is the priority. I will send her an email tomorrow. I am going to just get what I can done on Tuesday and what I don’t get done, well someone else is going to have to. I am quite sure that I won’t have time to run the checks, but that is no big deal for someone else to do.

I just watched Knight Rider, the new sort of pilot. I loved it. I want it to get picked up for series so bad. I thought it was awesome and not just because it had Jamie from All My Children in it. It was fresh and fun and Val Kilmer is the voice of Kitt. Hello Iceman!

I am trying to decide if I dare eat a piece of pizza before going to bed. A few weeks ago, I ate before going to bed and was super sick. Let me tell you it is no fun to throw up in your mouth and swallow it (gross I know…but believe me there is no delicate way to put it). My throat was burning the next day! I really want a piece though. I guess I will chance it and stay up for a few minutes and watch television.

I fell asleep on the couch last night and was woken up sometime before midnight with headlights blazing through the window and people screaming. Yes my fucked up neighbors just drove up practically on our lawn and started running around screaming. Then we wake up this morning and one of their deadbeat friends had parked on our front lawn. They finally moved it this afternoon after they woke their passed out asses up! I wanted to confront them, but mom said no. Then I wanted to call the cops, but mom said no. This shit is not going to keep happening. I am also going to either call the Chief Executive’s office or write them a letter. I called animal control for the fourth time on Friday and they just drove by and did nothing. Then yesterday, Mom had to drive a little girl home because their dogs were jumping on her and chasing her. These dogs are a huge nuisance. The one is super cute, but needs discipline. I don’t want the dogs necessarily picked up, I want the owners to be punished, fined, strung up by their toes and beat with a wet hose…anything to make them take responsibility for these animals. If they are picked up, I suspect they would go to better homes.

Okay, well I am going to go have the pizza and watch QVC.


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