Monday, February 25, 2008

...chopping dog...

A good week. That is my prediction for this week. I plan on being super productive and getting a lot done! Actually I NEED to be super productive and get a lot done. I need to be in good shape when the move happens. I want to be uber organized. If I put my mind to it, it will happen. I need to get some supplies though. I don’t know how that is going to happen because I sure as shit am not going to buy them all myself. Maybe I can be semi uber organized and then after the move, I can go get some supplies. I need some stuff as I told you.

I got a new label maker this weekend. A nice Dymo that I have eyed in the past for $3.50 in the Staples clearance. I have the tape for it already because of my now old labeler.

I think I started an entry the other day and then just deleted it. I am in a holding pattern right now and have some time to write. I know I haven’t been doing a lot of writing lately and there are reasons for that. First, I have been super busy at work and therefore have not been writing there. That is where I do all my best thinking for blogging (okay that’s not true, it’s an excuse because writing at work sounds taboo. Believe me though, people all around the world do it.). At home, I have not been on the computer too much. I have been knitting. I am a slow knitter. I also have been watching my soaps. I am almost happy the writer’s strike happened because I have been enjoying the stories more. So more time knitting and watching soaps = less time on the computer and less writing.

The weekend was okay. Saturday was our usual errands day. I did take a little siesta on Saturday, until my arms and hands fell asleep and I woke up in pain. Sunday was mostly a lazy day. My crazy aunt came over and mom worked on her taxes and then I finished them up for her. What should have taken 20 minutes took two and a half hours!

After the taxes, we went to the grocery store and then a quick gamble…didn’t win. Then back home to knit some more. I finished my very first dishcloth. I will upload pictures someday. I would say tonight, but it all depends on how the work day goes.

What else? I was so bored last night. There was nothing worth watching on. I ended up on the Oscars and let me tell you that it was awful. The jokes were not doing it for me and the stupid montages were boring. I usually like John Stewart, but not last night. I totally missed Best Actress. I had to look it up on the net before bed. I hate that SoapNet has gone to SNM on Sundays. I could have totally used some stories last night instead. Even the Q was boring. The host was that Bitchy Lady and it was all jewelry. I love jewelry but not four hours of it. Just a boring night.

I rented a movie Friday. We Own The Night. I haven’t watched it yet. Maybe I can put it in when I get home from work today and start watching it. I usually don’t rent movies because I am hardly ever in the mood to watch them.

I did watch a movie on Saturday night. I watched Heaven Can Wait with Warren Beatty. Wow, he was hot in the day! I totally get how he got so much tail in the day. I am sure he would have gotten it even if he wasn’t an actor/celebrity.

It is cold in here this morning. I am at Corporate today…hopefully all day. It is super cold. I have on a tank and the poncho my sister made me. If I had worn a longie under the poncho, it would have been like an oven in here. I just can’t gauge the temperature in this place. It changes from one second to the next. Very frustrating when trying to plan your wardrobe.

I have to go to Hell tomorrow morning. I just can’t balance! It is very frustrating. So I called in reinforcements. Then it is off to the former to help out a little. After tomorrow, I should be back on track for the rest of the week. I have to go to Hell on Friday too. Am I special or what?

I made some purchases this weekend. I got a new purse. I can live with this one. I have been looking for a new purse because I need something for my trip in April. I fell in love with a Fossil, but I just can’t bring myself to pay that much for a purse. I got another GAL on sale. It is cute and springy and mostly green. I got some shirts at Maurice’s and that is about all. I picked up a set of size 3 straights to do a dishcloth with.

I started using the ablounger again. Two days in a row so far. Mom said she is going to be my personal trainer. Which means she is just going to nag me until I do it. I am such a procrastinator.

Holy man boobs Robin! I was chopping dog poo out of ice in the yard on Saturday morning and my hands are still killing me. Of course, that coupled with knitting has left me nearly crippled…but I persevere!

Okay it is 20 after 8 and only a few people are here. I am spoiled that I work 7-3. I think I will change that when we move and work something like 8-4 or 4:30…except for the days when I have to go to Hell and PostHell.

I hate skiers! Mother Nature dumped a butt ton of snow on us and it is still coming down. I thought we just got a little last night…yeah I am stupid for not looking. There was about six inches on the roof of my car this morning! I had to wear my wetties and my ankles still got wet. The roads weren’t that great either. Glad I am in town. It can stop anytime. Last week the people at work thought I was slightly crazy for not wearing a coat and I simply told them that I believe if I dress for warm weather, warm weather will come. So I blame this shit on all the yuppie skiers. I want to wear sandals. I am tired of wearing socks. And I have some cute capris that I want to wear. I am going to dress for spring when I go to Washington. I have some super cute clothes to wear. I was going to take a whole bunch of comfies, but I am going to take comfie capris and my slip ons.

So it’s a done deal. I am going to be alone with the boys on my birthday. I have a project planned. That’s it. I will be alone with my project. The project is a surprise.

I need to pay bills. I might do that tonight, if I get a chance to work on my checkbook today. I know that is bad, but seriously, I don’t foresee having enough work to keep me busy until 3:00, minus the ½ hour for lunch and the ½ hour that I am going to need to do some manual labor to get warm. Okay…it’s ridiculous, I just put on my coat and ½ gloves. I need to pee but I am afraid that the bathroom is going to be like an ice box. If I would have worn my sweater and pants that I wanted to today, it would have been an oven and I would have had to roll in the snow to cool off. I think that I need to carry a second outfit with me to work to compensate for the changing temperatures.

Well I am on to three pages now, so I will leave you all and do something productive. As productive as I can be on a computer that won’t allow me to use my usbs.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

but with enough candy and sunflower seeds the feeling went away.

So I have been missing again…I have been knitting! Seriously, all my time is spent either working or knitting. Two hours ago, I was going to go have some pizza. Yeah, now it is almost bed time. All I do is knit and if I am not knitting I am trying to find new patterns. I have so many projects and so very little time.

I do have my next projects lined up though. There is a new dishcloth starting tomorrow (2/18) and I have a boucle wrap I just got the yarn for. I found it earlier today, but they only had one skein and for the throw on the package it called for two. So I went online to try and find more and of course I couldn’t so…I was looking around and found a wrap that only needs one skein. I also got some Angel Hair yarn that is super soft that I am thinking would be good for a hat or a scarf. Something quick and simple.

I got my new camera and am loving it…when I use it. I haven’t used it too much because I have been waiting for the battery charger to show up. It finally got here so I will be taking more pictures. I tried to clean today, but it doesn’t look like I did anything.

I am happy that I don’t have to go to work tomorrow. I had sort of a dread feeling earlier today about Tuesday, but with enough candy and sunflower seeds the feeling went away. I worked my ass off for two weeks, but just didn’t get everything done. I tried though. So Tuesday, I am going back in to work on it some more. Of course that puts me a day behind on the rest of my work. I have decided that I am just going to look for the bills that need to be paid and not all the ones I usually pay. It is not my ideal way of doing things, but it is going to have to work. I don’t need the extra stress of trying to get it all done in two days. I have to make some time to go to the former facility to help the new girl. I was going to go this week, but I am going to have to push it to the beginning of next. I need to get bills paid…that is the priority. I will send her an email tomorrow. I am going to just get what I can done on Tuesday and what I don’t get done, well someone else is going to have to. I am quite sure that I won’t have time to run the checks, but that is no big deal for someone else to do.

I just watched Knight Rider, the new sort of pilot. I loved it. I want it to get picked up for series so bad. I thought it was awesome and not just because it had Jamie from All My Children in it. It was fresh and fun and Val Kilmer is the voice of Kitt. Hello Iceman!

I am trying to decide if I dare eat a piece of pizza before going to bed. A few weeks ago, I ate before going to bed and was super sick. Let me tell you it is no fun to throw up in your mouth and swallow it (gross I know…but believe me there is no delicate way to put it). My throat was burning the next day! I really want a piece though. I guess I will chance it and stay up for a few minutes and watch television.

I fell asleep on the couch last night and was woken up sometime before midnight with headlights blazing through the window and people screaming. Yes my fucked up neighbors just drove up practically on our lawn and started running around screaming. Then we wake up this morning and one of their deadbeat friends had parked on our front lawn. They finally moved it this afternoon after they woke their passed out asses up! I wanted to confront them, but mom said no. Then I wanted to call the cops, but mom said no. This shit is not going to keep happening. I am also going to either call the Chief Executive’s office or write them a letter. I called animal control for the fourth time on Friday and they just drove by and did nothing. Then yesterday, Mom had to drive a little girl home because their dogs were jumping on her and chasing her. These dogs are a huge nuisance. The one is super cute, but needs discipline. I don’t want the dogs necessarily picked up, I want the owners to be punished, fined, strung up by their toes and beat with a wet hose…anything to make them take responsibility for these animals. If they are picked up, I suspect they would go to better homes.

Okay, well I am going to go have the pizza and watch QVC.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Classiest Slut Award

I deserve a little break. I have been going hard since 6:30 this morning! Holy crackadoos Batman! I am enjoying a snickers and a root beer. The root beer has a funky taste to me today. Could be the ice I guess…or it could just be that I have had too much root beer lately.

I know that I have been missing. I haven’t had anything to write about. I just work and go home and watch soaps. For those playing the guessing game on General Hospital…I think Michael is going to shoot and hit Carly and she is going to lose the baby. She hasn’t had a lot of angst lately so I am sure it is time for some. I did not like Sarah Brown the first time around on GH when she was Carly. I do like her now. I am kind of enjoying Claudia. I am not enjoying Trevor and little Richard. Or that Marianna. They got a new actress to play her…this one doesn’t have a lip fungus so that is nice. I enjoy very few females on GH so I wouldn’t mind seeing Sam, Carly and Elizabeth get picked off by the Text Message Killer. Which brings me to…why can they not track the text messages? They do it all the time on Law & Order SVU and CSI...or they did when there were new episodes.

In other soap news…I watched two soaps last night and they both had the exact same line word for f-ing word. “I don’t expect you to wait for me.” Both said by people who are or should be going to prison for a very long time. Marcy said it to Michael on One Life To Live and Lucas said it to Sami on Days of Our Lives. I absolutely loved how Lucas thought that Sami should have brought Allie to the jail to say goodbye to him. Yes, I would always bring my colicy newborn to the jail to say goodbye to daddy. I think that she should have said…”Uh, I’m sorry, I am not bringing my child to a jail!”

Over on All My Children. Doesn’t it go a long way to show a man who doesn’t know you at all, even though you are his wife, how classy you are by slutting it up and trying to jump his bones so he will remember you? Yes, Annie McDermott-Lavery-Who the hell are you get’s last week’s Classiest Slut Award. She will stop at nothing to get Ryan to remember her. I have a feeling this week’s award might just go to Kendall Hart-Slater for boning Aidan when her husband was missing and locked in an underground bunker with sometimes frenemy Greenlee, who is Aidan’s girlfriend. The duo were so consumed by grief of their missing loved ones that the only thing that would ease their pain was to get it on. Now Miss Cosmetic Goddess turned Novelist fears she might be knocked up with the Englishman’s little seed. Classy…considering she just popped out a kid only a few short months ago.

Okay…that is all the time I have. I will be back soon. I promise.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

He is so dreamy.

I can’t decide if I want to print checks or keep entering invoices. It is a dilemma. I should probably print the checks…nobody is here to sign them though. Eh…it can wait a little bit.

I am tired. I am tired as in sleepy and I am tired as in frustrated. Nothing to do with work…maybe the sleepy part. I am tired of the same things over and over in my groups mail. I am almost ready to just get rid of all of it. The problem is for every 873rd email, there is one with a link or a pattern worth keeping. I am tired of newbie introductions and the same questions asked over and over again. I am tired of topics veering so off from the original. I am tired of the “let’s meet up” messages for people who live in California and Wisconsin. I am tired of all capital letters. It may be easier for some, but for the majority it is hard to read…almost painful. Have some consideration. I am tired of tiny urls. I am tired of writing what I am tired of.

I am going to unsub from the writing groups because I don’t even read anything. I think that I am going to post saying why I am leaving. These groups have sucked for the last two years. I am getting nothing from it but clogged up email. I am thinking about going to Digest on another group to see what it is like…if I like the format.

I don’t understand my email. I dl everything to Outlook at home, but when I am not at home, I check it via the web. Well…I created a folder to put the stuff that I want to keep and download at home separate from the new incoming crap and every time I try to transfer the messages to it it says it doesn’t exist. Yet I can switch to it. It’s kind of pissing me off.

For all my blogger readers do you just love my countdown clock? And for my OD readers…well it is counting down to when I leave for Washington.

Speaking of Washington. I had totally planned on taking nothing but comfies. But then I started thinking that I don’t look super cute in all my comfies. I don’t want to look like a slob while I am there. I mean I may be one, but good grief I don’t want to look like one. I am going to take my new super cute jeans. They are kind of comfy too. I can’t be walking through the airports looking like I just crawled out of bed. What if Clive Owen was in the Seattle airport and I looked like a bum. I would be so upset with myself. He is so dreamy.

Eh…I should be working. I just took a little break to go pee and now I just can’t get back into the swing of things.

I have class tonight. I am starting a new project because I want to learn yarn overs. I think I get it from the book and I actually think I did them when I was making the mitts, but I want to be sure.

Did I mention that I was reading Happy Hooker and I think that my instructor totally teaches crocheting the “cheating” way. Yeah, not too happy about that. So I think that I will watch the video this weekend and read the book a little more and maybe next week pick out a crochet project to work on. I want to make the longies for Maribel and a super cute Cloche hat. So I will decide between those two…or maybe I should see if I have the yarn for a sweater for Cooper. I don’t really want to make him a homespun sweater because it will be too hot when it starts to thaw. Ugh! I just need to invent a belly protector for my Cooper.

It’s pay week. That is a nice thing. Except I have it mostly spent between bills and pills. That’s okay, I don’t really need anything. I don’t even know what I would buy…it’s not like there is a ton of selection around here. Better to save my money for my trip.

Well I guess I will print checks.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Why do it?

There are some things I just don’t understand. For instance, I don’t understand Quantum Physics, or the appeal of The Apprentice. I don’t understand the Middle East or Japanese or Chinese for that matter. Another thing I don’t understand is the desire of some people to tell their life stories to strangers. I am not talking about blogs. I understand blogging. I should, I do it enough. I am talking about Yahoo Groups again. It is one thing to ask for some easy-to-do lightweight pattern ideas, but it is an entirely different thing to go into extreme detail about why you need them (a hospital stay to push your innards back in). I don’t understand that. I don’t understand people who post “I’ll be gone” messages either. Granted in a few groups, I am more of a lurker, but that is because I don’t share the private details of my life.

This is something that has been on my mind for quite a while now. I have even talked with Mom about it…well because she is there and she listens. Is it because people want the sympathy or pity? Is it because it makes them feel special? Why do it? I have been on groups for quite a number of years and when I have had things happen (deaths, births (not mine), quitting a job, getting a job, quitting that job, getting a better job), I have not made announcements about it. I make announcements when I finish a project or update my craft blog, if it is relevant to the group, but I don’t share personal information.

I don’t share it, I sure as heck don’t want to read about it. I have been deleting more and more posts because they are either off topic or written in all capital letters. There is nothing I hate quite as much as something being written in all capital letters. That is just annoying and almost rude. Capital letters affect the eyes. I don’t have a study to back this up, but I am sure something has been done on it. I personally think that it is poor internet/email etiquette to write in all capital letters. Not to say that if you want to emphasize something, a word or two in all caps is justified, but the whole entire email including the subject line is not! If I see it, I delete it. I don’t care what kind of gems might be inside, I just can’t do it.

Another thing I can’t do is start the day off with a headache. Oy. I woke up with a headache and still have it. I am going to go get some caffeinated beverage in hopes that that will help. I also plan on taking a handful of ibuprofen. My eyes feel weird. The music station I have on sucks and I don’t know where to begin my work. I am in somewhat of a quandary. I will get through it though. I guess I will start with credit cards and then do mail. I can’t wait.

Well I didn’t do much last night. I did the whole email, read my faves thing. I settled on my pattern to take to class this week. I am making something for my sister and need to learn a few new techniques. I tried to watch Welcome To The Captain, but that was horrible. My Penguins lost in overtime and the Avalanche got screwed on a call. I knitted some while watching General Hospital and then screwed up the dishcloth, which quite honestly wasn’t really working. It is very hard to see a design on variegated yarn. So, I practiced binding off. I have about half a dishrag. Eh…I will do a tyrtle tonight while watching One Tree Hill. I watched Days. Let me tell you, I am so glad I did not miss John slamming Marlena’s head into the wall. That was fun. I checked out the Today’s Special Value on QVC, watched the beginning of the news, until they started talking politics and then I went to bed.

Today calls for the usual, work and email/internet stuff when I get home and then some television watching. Lucky me.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Miracle Grow & Pig Spit

I should be knitting. Actually I knitted (loomed) a project, but I am not impressed with it. I am not sure what I will use it for, but it definitely won’t be for its intended purpose. So I should be working on something else. I am not though. Instead I am trying to keep to furry boys from getting into trouble. And there are some flashing lights on my printer that I need to deal with, but later. Okay, not later because they are driving me nuts! My color ink is low. It’s not enough that they pop up a message on my screen, but then they have incessant flashing lights that annoy a person who spends much of their time in the dark.

I get a massage in about 21 hours. I am very happy about that. I am also very happy that for the better part, if not all of the next two weeks I will be working in town!

I don’t watch football. I watch hockey. The Super Bowl, however, is on in the background. The only thing I care about is if I win some money and if New England wins. The few commercials I have seen have sucked ass big time. I do know that there is apparently a penalty for having too many men on the field, much like having too many men on the ice. The difference is, some guy does not have to sit on the sidelines for two minutes, but some team either gains yardage or loses yardage or some such nonsense. Like I said, I don’t care.

Since we are on the subject of things I do not care about…Days of Our Lives. I watch it sporadically. I catch glimpses while I turn on my computer when I get home from work. I read about it in the Digest (Soap Opera Digest). That is it. I don’t pay attention to every story. If I did, I would need to have a brain transplant. I do however read the interesting things. Such as…on this week’s cover, there is a picture of Belle & Shawn (not the originals, these newbie that are pure crap) with the words “OUT!” So, I, being kind of excited, but not so much that I will wet myself, open up to the article and read that indeed Shawn & Belle are no longer going to be on the show. I am ready to burst with joy. But I am reserved. I mention this because as some of you will remember a few months ago, it was announced that the forever constipated looking John Black was dead…D-E-D (it’s a Grease 2 reference (if you haven’t seen it shame on you)). I was beside myself with joy. Never had I felt so much happiness…okay well I had and quite more to be honest, but I want you to realize how happy I was. Then a few weeks later, darkness and despair wielded their way into my happy sans John world when it was announced that he was alive. Can you fucking believe that? My dream come true and it turns out to be a crock of shit!

So John John returns. If you haven’t watched or read, here is what apparently happened. John died in the hospital and the physicians (paging former police woman turned criminal aider and abettor turned all around specializing doctor Lexie, newly named chief of staff at a hospital that has more test result changes than a Texas high school football team) pronounced him dead. He was embalmed and laid out for the family to cry over and eulogized before being lowered into the frozen earth. Then…in the middle of the night, Stefano sends out his cronies to unearth John Black, bring him back, reinfuse him with cat and dog blood (sorry have you ever noticed how there are no animals on soap operas? The only explanation is that their blood is used to revitalize dead people), then used a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser to scrub his brain. After all of that he was dressed in some black sweaties and a hoodless hoodie and strapped to a tall dining room chair. Then, they pulled out some sunglasses circa 1986 (the kind that were just a band of sunglass material that didn’t fold, didn’t have defined eye lenses…getting it yet?) that had some headphone wires duct tapped and then stretched to some old Apple computer, which we were led to believe images were transferred to his brain. It should be noted that this happened before and when he was found, in mercenary mode, Marlena used some Miracle Grow and Pig Spit to bring his memories back.

At this point, the only memories that John has is that he has a mission to kill someone. Well we find out that this someone is the supposedly dead Colleen Brady (Grandpa Shawn’s nun sister who boinked Stefano’s father before flinging herself off a cliff in Ireland). Turns out that Sister Colleen, faked her death (never mind that she had already committed a mortal sin by boning Stefano’s father while she was getting ready to marry the Lord, but then faking her own death? This woman is definitely going to burn in the fiery depths of hell), moved to South Africa. Well John and Marlena fast track it to Ireland. John takes Marlena and slams her head in to the wall. How sweet is that? That is love right there people. The super couple is back! Then he gets ready to knife one-foot-in-the-grave Colleen when she drops the bomb that she is his mommy. So then he develops a feeling. And apparently that feeling is that he can’t fail, and if he fails, then he must take his own life. To which I am so happy about and then that fancy ass Bo (who might have a terminal illness) comes to stop him and John is like “Well then I’ll just kill you” and Bo is like “Let’s sing Kumbaya (sp)” They hug it out and all is well. Except for Marlena who is bleeding and has the mother of all headaches, but not to worry, she fell off a ledge and was in a coma for like a year before waking up and seeing her husband Roman who didn’t look like he used to because he had a face transplant after Stefano “killed” him. Not to worry kids, she’s a trouper. A couple of Excedrin and an Icy Hot and she will be back to her possessed by the devil self.

With me so far children? What was I talking about? Oh yeah, so nu Shawn and nu Belle are history. And I am so happy because I hate looking at Belle. She is not a pretty girl. There is something about her face that bugs me. I mean she is not a dog, but I don’t call her pretty, but her portrayer shouldn’t feel bad because I don’t call myself pretty either. And well Shawn is just a pussy. And for all you Shelles out there…they are supposedly going to get their happy ending. Perhaps they can ride off on the same horse that Carrie & nuMike did back in the day. They literally road out of the show on a freaking white horse. It was very gayish…much like nuMike.

Oh and for anyone who is worried about Bo’s terminal illness. The magical cure of dog piss and a Miller Genuine Draft cocktail will be discovered by Kayla (who is knocked up by her husband at what? Like the ripe old age of 48? I mean how old is Stephanie? She didn’t have her when she was twenty, no she was well into her late twenties, early thirties when she popped that kid out), the nurse turned doctor in on script missed by the Tijuana vacationing continuity person.

Well son of a beaver’s hairy bottom’s uncle, New York is winning now. I don’t like football. Or announcers. Bunch of jump-on-the-bandwagon ass munchers.

So in other news: My weekend is all but over. I need to take a shower and shave my legs. I usually forget to shave before a massage and I can’t imagine that my stubbly legs feel good to the masseuse. Not like I should really care, I do pay $60 for an hour. I am so in the wrong business by the way. The only accomplishment I have to show this weekend is an f’ed up loomed project and my first recorded DVD! I was supposed to record some other stuff, but could not get up for it. There was hockey on and then I watched a movie and then I was watching Moment of Truth. I have to give props to the card carrying hair-club-for-men member who admitted to padding his tighty whities to look more endowed for all the chia pet loving women out there. He didn’t gamble away his kid’s college fund though…but if you are his coworker he will go through your things, steal money from the company and let you take the blame. He believes in teamwork. Oh yeah, if you haven’t watched it…well now you don’t have to. And just to piss you off even more…he takes $100,000!

I purchased some new clothes today. It would have been nice if I was wearing a bra when I tried them on. I like to believe that they will look even better with non-sagging boobs. I got like six things for $130. I got a camisole for like $5.50 and a skirt for $6.25. I picked up a pair of jeans because I need to start wearing jeans that don’t have an elastic waistband because you don’t have an ass in elastic jeans. I also picked up a jumper but I need to loose some boobage to wear it…I think it might work better with a bra. I also got another cami and a sweater. I know I shouldn’t have bought the stuff…but at least it wasn’t comfies. I found a comfy set I wanted at Wal-Mart but didn’t get it because Mom didn’t have that look of “Wow that’s cute” on her face. It was comfy though. I should have saved the money and just bought the elliptical. Hopefully I will get my camera this week. Oh I can’t wait.

Well I am going to go shave and pick out something cute and comfy for tomorrow. I have to step it up in the wardrobe department at work. I need to look like I feel pretty and not like I feel like dog shit. Which probably isn’t fair to dog shit because I don’t know what it feels like. I do know it smells horrid though. If I could figure out a use for it that people would pay a ton of money for, I would be rich. I mean Mom already mines it out of the snow and ice, all I have to do is figure out a use and clever marketing. Off to ponder.