who will now be known as Richard Prybar

Here is how Monday is shaping up kids. I slept on the floor last night. It was not comfortable, but did help a little. I got up, no snow (always a good thing), got ready and headed out the door. Stopped for a coffee and a coke. Got on the highway and was cruising right along until about Fairmont. Then the conditions turned from nice warm, clear January morning to blowing snow, to complete whiteout! I couldn’t seem a damn thing. Half the time I don’t even know if I was on the road or the shoulder. When the semi’s passed me I could see less than nothing. I had the hardest damn time seeing the exit. I had to slow to about twenty miles per hour to exit this morning. Then walking in, my hair got soaked. Definitely not a great start to the day.

Then there is work. And well, I got started on it pretty early and had some troubles. So I had to wait for Keanu to come in and email him. Then things finally worked themselves out about 15 minutes ago. Then the state called and wants some stuff that quite honestly, I don’t think they should get, but it’s not up to me. I will wait to hear on that. I made an appointment to have my back worked on later today. I might go home after lunch and take a couple hours of sick time. The drive home is going to suck.

I transferred files to my usb so that I can spend some time getting those in order. I am multiple copies of things. That is not good. I need to just have one copy and probably just keep things on the usb’s instead of on the lap top and usbs. That way I could always have the updated copy with me. I need to rename stuff too. I am putting dates in the names of my photos and probably will start doing that with my documents to.

I know that everything I am talking about is of great interest to all of you. I know that you wait for my updates. It is your portal into an interesting life. I get it. I wait for the lame people I read to update too. Not that everyone I read is lame, but certainly there are a few I keep reading because their lives are more pathetic than mine. It makes me feel better that others lives suck more than mine does. I am not ashamed to admit that.

I think that tonight will be another night of working on some knitting. That is if I can stay awake. I seem to get really sleepy in the afternoon.

Good grief, Barbara Streizand (who will now be known as Richard Prybar because of her language (did you ever see one of Richard Pryor’s early routines? Holy god they can’t even show those on comedy central)) and Sandra Burnhard are totally bitchy today. All over stuff they can’t control and doesn’t even affect them in any way. Actually it makes both of their jobs easier. I have been sitting here quietly listening to them. Frustrating all to hell it is for me. Music still sucks. Richard even got Daddy Warbucks to agree with her and take the money for something entirely unrelated. I think what they are doing is wrong, but it is not my place to say anything. I just hope that things work out to disbenefit them. It will make me so happy if that happens. Sandra was supposed to be gone this afternoon and tomorrow, but alas because of mother nature’s ire she is not going to be. Boo.

I am thinking that we should have an early lunch today, because I am quite hungry right now. I guess I could pop the top of my Pringles. Speaking of lunch, I told Mom that Sandra was complaining about not having anything for lunch. Mom suggested that I should share with her and I told her no freaking way. She didn’t offer any popcorn after she stunk up the office with that lung deteriorating bag of chemicals, she should have saved it for lunch. I am not sharing. Call me a selfish brat, but nobody ever offered to share their lunch with me when I forgot something. That is why I keep a backup in my drawer.

Well the Pringles are good. I wish now I had some chocolate. It’s true, “once you pop, you can’t stop”. Okay, off to wait for lunch and check my email.


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