...what class...

Time for an update. It seems like a long time since I last wrote, even though it was just the other day.

Not a lot has been going on. This has been an argh week at work. A lot of little frustrations. I think today was probably the worst. I am working in town tomorrow so I get to sleep in a little and it’s Friday! Can’t go wrong with Friday.

I started my first “real” needle knit project last night. Mind you, I started it three times! Yes, you read that right, three (3) times. I knit when I should have purled and purled when I should have knit…it all is better now. I get it! That’s what class is for right? I mean the teacher isn’t being paid to just sit there and stitch and bitch with you right? Granted they don’t get paid a lot (I know I did it a year ago…computers…definitely not crafts!). So, I am on my way!

Have you ever just wanted to let out a huge primal scream in the middle of somewhere? I wanted to do that at work today. Of course, I wanted to scream other things at people too, but I didn’t. I played it very diplomatically, even though people were super bitchy. Very frustrating day.

I should be paying bills right now, but my head and heart just are not in it. Instead, I took pictures of my yarns and started updating my stash on ravelry. Yeah I am a total nerd.

Thought Mom was kind of pissed and upset because of all the needles I bought…so I did what I do and sent her an email. She said she’s not pissed. She also said she is not buying me the looms I asked for for my birthday, which is perfectly fine. Instead I think I will be getting a plane ticket to go see my sister in April. I can’t wait! I will get all settled in in the new office and then head to Washington for a week. Then back to the grind. It will be nice to actually go somewhere this year. Believe me, two days in Missoula is not a vacation. Especially when it is so hot that you just want to sit in the air conditioned room and read or sleep.

I have a tummy ache, so I am going to end this here and go lie down.


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