today is Elvis Day

I remember thinking this a long time ago, but I don’t know that I ever really mentioned it. So here it is…The one half way decent thing about snow on the highway is that it makes the light reflect and you can see better, provided you are not in a total white out blizzard. There was a little snow on the highway this morning and while not enough to make me slip n slide around, there was enough, for a while anyways, to illuminate the peripherals better when I couldn’t use the brights. I was totally able use the brights for Anaconda to Warm Springs though so that was kind of nice. It was snowing a bit, but the roads were still clear, except for the exit ramp which was anything but clear.

I put in a request to take tomorrow off. I know it is bad, but I just want to stay in my jammies and do nothing! Actually I have a ton of stuff to do so when I say nothing, it means to do the stuff that I haven’t gotten done on the weeknights. I still have 35+ emails in one group to go through. I weeded out some emails last night.

I was kind of excited to do the January loom along, but, I don’t have the yarn for it and they don’t sell it any where near me. So…I got the pattern and I may try it with something else, but I don’t have any double point needles yet, so I will have to wait.

Speaking of dpn’s. I placed me a large order from last night. No doubt that it will come in a matchbox, because while expensive, not very large. I got a complete supply of dpn’s and a complete set of circular needles. I wasn’t able to get the bamboo like I wanted, but I was going by cost and need versus need and want. Does that make sense? I want bamboo, but I am cheap. I also picked up some little notions like, bobbins, cable needles, a pair of therapeutic wrist thingies, a yarn cutter and probably something else that I can’t remember. I was going to get some wool yarn, because well I don’t have any and most of the stuff I want to knit calls for wool, but when I put it in the cart, even though it was on sale, I nearly had a heart attack. So…yarn for another day. I am going to pick up some Caron at Wal-Mart this weekend so that I can begin work on a pair of wrist warmers. I found a pattern that doesn’t require dpn’s or circulars so I am going to try it. I think I might have this tension thing figured out. I also found a pair to crochet in my Stitch N Bitch: Happy Hooker book, but I need to figure out the stitches first. Cables I can totally understand and they don’t seem like they will be too hard. I am hoping to get started on glove one either Monday or Tuesday night and then if I have questions, I will ask at class on Wednesday. I didn’t want my first project to be a freaking scarf! I want to make beanies, but I think I will look at the crochet patterns for that. I am totally going to make Cooper a sweater from my new Crochet for Pets book. It uses homespun, my favorite. Now if only I had a color that he would like. I am guessing he is not going to enjoy a nice lilacy color. Although, he might not notice. I don’t even know if he will like the sweater, but I think he might. He is pretty good about wearing stuff. Elliott on the other hand, does not like to wear stuff. And by stuff I mean collars and bandanas. They will leave them on for a while and then chew them off of each other. Cute really when you stop and think that they help each other out, but annoying when you have Christmas santa fabric all over the kennel.

Apparently today is Elvis day. I thought I missed it last week when I was sick, but they moved it to today. So in a couple of hours, I will head down to TC to see the Elvis performances. I am hoping to enjoy it more than Frank Sinatra days.

I am so behind on my weekly plan. I just haven’t felt like doing anything. Last night I had a headache and I made it through some of my emails, but not all of them. I was busy looking for a pattern to work on. I will look some more tonight for more patterns. I also found a hilarious blog yesterday that I am in love with. They are not updating anymore, but you can read the past entries. Just type in You Knit What? Into google and there is a blogspot address that comes up. Use the archives drop down to move around. Hilarious!

Well I am going to get started on checkbooks this morning.


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