My hands stink

I’m supposed to write this great entry. That’s what my To Do List says. Well I don’t have it in me to write a great one, so I will just write this one instead.

I got to work at 7:30 this morning (I was in town) and nobody was there! It was dark and I couldn’t get in. So…I went to Burger King for breakfast. Then I went back to work and had to wait a few minutes for someone to open up the front doors. Then I started on my last…or so I thought…ap batch and made corrections to some others (nothing big, just little things, like usual). Then someone who is leaving gave me another facility to do and while there wasn’t a lot it was a disruption to my plans and I don’t handle that too well. I am a person who is kind of dependent on a schedule and when something puts a kink in that I get agitated. It all worked out though. I got it all done, for the most part, and got checks run. I just have to wait for them to be signed and then I can mail them out.

Today was pay day. I paid bills last night. This week is also medicine week and since it is the beginning of the year, I have to clear a $250 deductible before my pharmacy benefit kicks in. Not a great benefit like the state had, but still $82 a month is cheaper than $200+. So rent will be late, but the landlady is a very forgiving person.

I had a loom class tonight through yahoo groups. Well technically the class lasts until the 16th, but I can’t imagine needing that long to complete the project. It is smaller than I thought it would be. A little discouraged by that, but it did turn out. I made a few minor adjustments to the pattern though and gave it my own name. I will be posting pictures of it later. I am too tuckerd to do it now.

Not a lot of plans for the weekend, outside the house wise. Groceries, dog food, maybe a trip to the mall and a couple of walks. That is about it. I have some stuff on my to do list to finish. I want to try to record some stuff on my new dvd recorder from the television. I also need to figure out how to store my looms. The nail on the wall thing didn’t work out too well. I wish I had room for a peg board. I don’t want it to look tacky though.

I have been toying with the idea of removing the “hutch” from my desk and putting it on my bookcase. I think I could benefit from the added desktop space and stop cramming junk into the cubbies. I would keep it in the room because I have displays on the top that I don’t have anywhere else to put. I also need a place to put my calendar and so without the hutch, there would be open wall space to hang the calendar. I could also move my bulletin board over and actually use it. I think I will put that on for tomorrow. Hopefully it is just removing a couple of screws like I think it is.

My hands stink. Ugh. I have washed them like three times and they still smell from the hamburger I had for dinner. You ever notice that? When you eat a hamburger or something your hands smell gross after? Of course my dogs were intrigued by it, but then E became pissed when he realized there was no hamburger for him to share. So instead they got honey nut cheerios. Works for them I guess.

Well I am going to go shower. I have a lot of email to read, but I am tired and spent my email time knitting and watching Moonlight. Did anyone else watch it? Hello? Mick looked smokin’ during his workout. Oh, I have missed that show. Yummy vampire. I don’t remember if I mentioned that I watched the abominable Cashmere Mafia on Sunday night. God that show sucked. I recorded Wednesday night’s episode, but have yet to turn it on. I also recorded tonight’s episode, but if the Wednesday one sucks, then I will just delete it. I figure if I make it through the pilot, I will give the show another look. But after two if it doesn’t do it for me, I drop it. Hello Bionic Woman. That show was sucktastic. I like Women’s Murder Club. I couldn’t even get through the Life pilot. I missed the last few Chuck’s. I do enjoy Reaper. Couldn’t get into Pushing Daisies even though I really wanted to. Renewed my interest in Bones which I am happy about. I watch Gossip Girl and One Tree Hill. Anyone watch OTH the other night? No? Just me then? Okay, well Nathan is a dick. There is no other way to put it. He needs to pull his head out and realize that he has a smoking wife and adorable sun. I am not a huge Naley fan, but she deserves better than Dan Jr. Oh and the whole Lucas/Peyton thing? Never did it for me. I am a Brucas fan. I heart Brooke. She is adorable. I could have a girl crush on Sophia Bush. She is sweet. And I don’t know if she and Chad Michael Murray are still friendly after their divorce or if it is great acting, but I love it. I am hoping they are still friends because they are so cute together on the show as friends. I am interested in seeing K-Fed next week. There are shows that I wish were like soap operas and never went into an off season, Moonlight and One Tree Hill. I could watch them forever. I used to feel that way about CSI, but then I just got tired of it. I still watch it, but if I miss it, I don’t want to curl up and cry. Just not my cup of lemon herb tea anymore.

Well now I am really going to go take a shower. Look for pictures of my project coming soon…


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