...in 68 days

So my sister and I were talking today and she mentioned some of the crazy things she has seen on Ravelry, like the Man Thong and the Vibrator Cozy. I had to totally check those out, because I love a good train wreck. Wow. I almost wish I knew a guy that I would feel comfortable knitting a thong for. Unfortunately I don’t. So…anyone interested??? No? Okay then.

Today was a good day. I slept in, until 10 ‘til 9 again (same thing Friday). Cooper was under the weather this morning but perked right up after a trip in the sub-zero yard. I am happy to report that he and his brother are right back to getting in trouble. I was watching I Love the 80’s because quite honestly, who can resist? Anyways, they had a bit on about Children of the Corn. I need to stop calling my boys Corn Children. They are not sadistic little fucks (sorry Mom) like those kids.

I made a pair of baby mitts today and they turned out. I need to work on my seeming a little better, but other than that it was great. I even did the color changes called for. I am special.

So I mentioned Rick Springfield yesterday. Yeah, not going to go see Rick. It’s not like I was going to get to sit with him and chat it up about the good ole days or Dr. Noah Drake so. Instead, I am going to go see my sister! I am so excited. Of course, I don’t have the dates figured out, or the tickets or any concrete plans, but I am so going this year! I didn’t go last year or the year before. Holy man I haven’t been there in a while. Mattias was still a baby! Holy crapmobile Batman, time flies when you don’t really want it to.

I will be 32 in 68 days. That means I get presents. No, seriously it means that I am getting older and I need to take more responsibility. I kind of need to learn how to do laundry. Okay, talked to Mom and I am doing laundry this Sunday! Woohoo! I also need to dye her hair this Sunday I think.

My room is a disaster. I should pick it up right now, but I think I am going to get my knitting bag stocked and then get my Myrtle Tyrtle supplies together. I had a request.

Anyone have any ideas what I can get my 5 year old nephew for Valentine’s day? Think about it…I need ideas (hint hint sister dear)


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