Come to find out...

I don’t have enough to keep me busy all day. That sucks. I could have enough if my flash drive worked…but it doesn’t. So I do a few, I check a few emails. I like to weed out as much email as I can through the day. I am getting closer and closer to unsubbing from a writing group I have been a part of for several years. I don’t read the email, I don’t do the prompts, I don’t critique. I guess I am worried I will miss something. I don’t know what the something would be. I have no desire to write anymore. None. I write here and that is all I am up for.

It goes in cycles. My interests that is. Last year this time, I was looming away. I was also in bed because my back went out, but still I was crafting. Then February rolled around and I was into something else, probably just the internet and television. Then spring came and I was into One Tree Hill. Then summer came and I was into reading and writing. Then fall came and I was into watching television and looming. Now I am into knitting and crocheting class. I want to read, but I just don’t have the desire to pick up the book and do it. I just keep buying them and putting them on the shelf. I make all these plans throughout the day of what I will do when I get home and then I get home and I am too tired to do what I planned most of the time.

Last night, instead of working on my gloves or a tyrtle, I took pictures of my yarn and uploaded them to flickr and worked on entering them into my stash on ravelry. Then I had a tummy ache and went and laid down on the couch and watched nothing. Then I went to bed. Laying on the couch was the perfect time to read. The book was right in front of me and I just left it there. I was tired and I knew I wasn’t going to be able to concentrate. Don’t you hate the beginning of books when you can’t quite get into them. Holding those first fifty pages or so. Frustrating! And I really want to read this book too. I guess I am just going to have to force myself.

So yeah, that is where I am at right now. I am hoping to break the cycle and just be into knitting/crocheting/looming, reading and internet and of course my television watching, which is getting hard because of this stupid strike. I have no ideas for writing! None. I have no desire to write a novel anymore. I don’t want to do character profiles. I don’t want to do any of it. I don’t know if I am trying to convince myself that I should just dump these groups or what I am doing.

Hey it was above zero this morning! For the first time since Sunday or Monday I think. It is like a heat wave. I am glad I didn’t wear two long sleeved items. This office goes from super cold to super hot on any given day. The front is always different than the back. It is crazy. And it is a small building.

I like Jordin Sparks’ song Tattoo. I like it a lot. I get to listen to what I want to today. I am in an office all by myself. Just me and the music. I can hear the people talking in the cubes, but nobody is in here with me. It is just me. Did you get that? Just me. I can’t wait until that is a regular thing. Just in case I haven’t mentioned it.

I had such great plans to go and get something for breakfast this morning. Then I stayed in bed for an hour after the alarm sounded. Cooper was snuggly. Then I showered, got dressed, read the paper real quick and left. I stopped and got a coffee, bottle of Coke, bottle of Water and some Pringles. That is my breakfast. Coffee and Pringles with a water chaser. Jealous aren’t you? I can tell. I was going to have a barbeque burrito, but by the time I dragged my lazy ass out of bed and showered, I didn’t have time to go downtown to get it. As it was I got here a little after 8:00. Of course last time I worked up here, I got here at 7:30 and the place was locked and dark. So I didn’t plan on getting here early again. Come to find out there were people here. Schedules people! Schedules!

I think Keanu Reavz comes back to work today. A lot of good that does me, I needed him yesterday.

Okay well one and a half pages are enough for now…I may be back later if I think of anything worth writing about.


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