Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Keanu gave notice

I saw a little blurb on the other day about the New Kids On the Block getting back together for a tour. Oh, how I loved me some NKOTB back in the day. Then I checked out and totally realized that I still love me some NKOTB. I had a crush on Donnie. Of course, Jordan has always been a cutie. Never ever a Joey fan though. He was too young. I like the older guys. If you are interested in their return, and quite honestly, you know you are, check out their website and sign up. I don’t know what you get, but I signed up. At least it isn’t rewards reservations or whatever that ripoff thing is called. If they were close enough to me, I would totally go and see them in concert. They had some totally kicking music back in the day. They were pioneers of the modern day boy bands. Hell, I like boy bands. NKOTB, Backstreet Boys, NSync, 98 Degrees, I have at least one of their cds in my collection.

Well today was a sick day. My back hurt so much that I couldn’t even sit up. After some rest and drugs, I am feeling much better. I so have to make it to work every day next month.

Keanu gave notice! No further word on why or anything…I will have to check with my minion spies. Couldn’t come at a worse time either. At least I will have everything for this Friday. But now I am worried about March. It is going to be a nightmare. EEK!

Well I don’t have much to talk about. I was just all excited about NKOTB and thought I should share the information. I am going to go take tums and get some water then settle in for OTH in about an hour.

Monday, January 28, 2008

who will now be known as Richard Prybar

Here is how Monday is shaping up kids. I slept on the floor last night. It was not comfortable, but did help a little. I got up, no snow (always a good thing), got ready and headed out the door. Stopped for a coffee and a coke. Got on the highway and was cruising right along until about Fairmont. Then the conditions turned from nice warm, clear January morning to blowing snow, to complete whiteout! I couldn’t seem a damn thing. Half the time I don’t even know if I was on the road or the shoulder. When the semi’s passed me I could see less than nothing. I had the hardest damn time seeing the exit. I had to slow to about twenty miles per hour to exit this morning. Then walking in, my hair got soaked. Definitely not a great start to the day.

Then there is work. And well, I got started on it pretty early and had some troubles. So I had to wait for Keanu to come in and email him. Then things finally worked themselves out about 15 minutes ago. Then the state called and wants some stuff that quite honestly, I don’t think they should get, but it’s not up to me. I will wait to hear on that. I made an appointment to have my back worked on later today. I might go home after lunch and take a couple hours of sick time. The drive home is going to suck.

I transferred files to my usb so that I can spend some time getting those in order. I am multiple copies of things. That is not good. I need to just have one copy and probably just keep things on the usb’s instead of on the lap top and usbs. That way I could always have the updated copy with me. I need to rename stuff too. I am putting dates in the names of my photos and probably will start doing that with my documents to.

I know that everything I am talking about is of great interest to all of you. I know that you wait for my updates. It is your portal into an interesting life. I get it. I wait for the lame people I read to update too. Not that everyone I read is lame, but certainly there are a few I keep reading because their lives are more pathetic than mine. It makes me feel better that others lives suck more than mine does. I am not ashamed to admit that.

I think that tonight will be another night of working on some knitting. That is if I can stay awake. I seem to get really sleepy in the afternoon.

Good grief, Barbara Streizand (who will now be known as Richard Prybar because of her language (did you ever see one of Richard Pryor’s early routines? Holy god they can’t even show those on comedy central)) and Sandra Burnhard are totally bitchy today. All over stuff they can’t control and doesn’t even affect them in any way. Actually it makes both of their jobs easier. I have been sitting here quietly listening to them. Frustrating all to hell it is for me. Music still sucks. Richard even got Daddy Warbucks to agree with her and take the money for something entirely unrelated. I think what they are doing is wrong, but it is not my place to say anything. I just hope that things work out to disbenefit them. It will make me so happy if that happens. Sandra was supposed to be gone this afternoon and tomorrow, but alas because of mother nature’s ire she is not going to be. Boo.

I am thinking that we should have an early lunch today, because I am quite hungry right now. I guess I could pop the top of my Pringles. Speaking of lunch, I told Mom that Sandra was complaining about not having anything for lunch. Mom suggested that I should share with her and I told her no freaking way. She didn’t offer any popcorn after she stunk up the office with that lung deteriorating bag of chemicals, she should have saved it for lunch. I am not sharing. Call me a selfish brat, but nobody ever offered to share their lunch with me when I forgot something. That is why I keep a backup in my drawer.

Well the Pringles are good. I wish now I had some chocolate. It’s true, “once you pop, you can’t stop”. Okay, off to wait for lunch and check my email.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Oh yeah…and 20,000

I did something to my back again. It is hurting a little less now. I took some drugs. That is what I did today. I sat around in pain for most of the day.

Big news today is that I got my plane ticket to Bellingham for $10! Yes, you read that right, $10 to fly roundtrip from Butte to Bellingham. Oh yeah…and 20,000 of my mom’s skymiles. Still though, $10 compared to the $393.50 it was going to be.

Anyone know anything about this Ian Devlin character on General Hospital? Did I miss something in the Digest? He just showed up out of nowhere.

I found the camera I want. I thought I wanted a Nikon, but I don’t. I want the Kodak EasyShare Z8612 IS. The Z712 is a nice camera, but why not upgrade for less money. I found a super bargain online. I hope it is still there when I get all the money I need. I have a little under half right now.

I did my taxes today. That was fun. It didn’t take much time at all. I am going to do better this year and keep better track of my receipts to claim what flex doesn’t cover. I didn’t do a good job this past year of keeping track because it was my first year with flex and I am dumb enough to have thought that I wouldn’t have spent more than I put away. Yeah, dumb. I am such a bad estimater.

So, camera found, plane ticket purchased, taxes done. Now if I can find out about this Devlin character. Oh how I wish they would get rid of Laura Wright on GH. I cannot stand her. I liked Tamara Braun. Laura Wright is too big to be Carly. And by big, I don’t mean fat, I mean tall, larger boned, just not Carly. And when she leaves, could she please take Kelly Monaco with her? I am over little bad girl gone glam. She is nothing but an antagonist and so “poor me”. Also, could someone cut Elizabeth’s bangs and get Lucky a set of balls? Oh yes, and also on my wish list, an explanation as to why dear Kate said no to Sonny’s proposal. Good lord woman.

I got some clothes this weekend too. I got two pairs of pants, a sweater and a well I guess it is a jog suit, all for about $33! My hope is that the one pair of pants will look okay and I can wear them to work tomorrow with my new sweater. I need to pick out some shoes though. I guess the brown loafers as the other brown shoes are way too high, especially with my back being all screwey.

Back to GH (it’s on in the background), um why are Sonny and Carly’s children just running around on their own? He walks around with a driver and body guards and his kids, who have been targeted in the past, are wandering around buying guns from street urchins? Hello continuity person? And could Logan please be knocked off? I can’t stand him. I love Lulu with Johnny though. And Leyla is kind of like Chief of Sluts at good old GH. I like Patrick, but he is a dick! Robin is a great character, but golly she is depressing lately. And I didn’t like Amanda Baker as Jolene on Night Shift, I sure as hell don’t like her as Babe on All My Children.

Okay well that is my little soap talk for you. I will leave you with pictures (from my Olympus) of my work in progress on the needles. If all goes correctly, it will be a cabled fingerless glove. Time will tell.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Come to find out...

I don’t have enough to keep me busy all day. That sucks. I could have enough if my flash drive worked…but it doesn’t. So I do a few, I check a few emails. I like to weed out as much email as I can through the day. I am getting closer and closer to unsubbing from a writing group I have been a part of for several years. I don’t read the email, I don’t do the prompts, I don’t critique. I guess I am worried I will miss something. I don’t know what the something would be. I have no desire to write anymore. None. I write here and that is all I am up for.

It goes in cycles. My interests that is. Last year this time, I was looming away. I was also in bed because my back went out, but still I was crafting. Then February rolled around and I was into something else, probably just the internet and television. Then spring came and I was into One Tree Hill. Then summer came and I was into reading and writing. Then fall came and I was into watching television and looming. Now I am into knitting and crocheting class. I want to read, but I just don’t have the desire to pick up the book and do it. I just keep buying them and putting them on the shelf. I make all these plans throughout the day of what I will do when I get home and then I get home and I am too tired to do what I planned most of the time.

Last night, instead of working on my gloves or a tyrtle, I took pictures of my yarn and uploaded them to flickr and worked on entering them into my stash on ravelry. Then I had a tummy ache and went and laid down on the couch and watched nothing. Then I went to bed. Laying on the couch was the perfect time to read. The book was right in front of me and I just left it there. I was tired and I knew I wasn’t going to be able to concentrate. Don’t you hate the beginning of books when you can’t quite get into them. Holding those first fifty pages or so. Frustrating! And I really want to read this book too. I guess I am just going to have to force myself.

So yeah, that is where I am at right now. I am hoping to break the cycle and just be into knitting/crocheting/looming, reading and internet and of course my television watching, which is getting hard because of this stupid strike. I have no ideas for writing! None. I have no desire to write a novel anymore. I don’t want to do character profiles. I don’t want to do any of it. I don’t know if I am trying to convince myself that I should just dump these groups or what I am doing.

Hey it was above zero this morning! For the first time since Sunday or Monday I think. It is like a heat wave. I am glad I didn’t wear two long sleeved items. This office goes from super cold to super hot on any given day. The front is always different than the back. It is crazy. And it is a small building.

I like Jordin Sparks’ song Tattoo. I like it a lot. I get to listen to what I want to today. I am in an office all by myself. Just me and the music. I can hear the people talking in the cubes, but nobody is in here with me. It is just me. Did you get that? Just me. I can’t wait until that is a regular thing. Just in case I haven’t mentioned it.

I had such great plans to go and get something for breakfast this morning. Then I stayed in bed for an hour after the alarm sounded. Cooper was snuggly. Then I showered, got dressed, read the paper real quick and left. I stopped and got a coffee, bottle of Coke, bottle of Water and some Pringles. That is my breakfast. Coffee and Pringles with a water chaser. Jealous aren’t you? I can tell. I was going to have a barbeque burrito, but by the time I dragged my lazy ass out of bed and showered, I didn’t have time to go downtown to get it. As it was I got here a little after 8:00. Of course last time I worked up here, I got here at 7:30 and the place was locked and dark. So I didn’t plan on getting here early again. Come to find out there were people here. Schedules people! Schedules!

I think Keanu Reavz comes back to work today. A lot of good that does me, I needed him yesterday.

Okay well one and a half pages are enough for now…I may be back later if I think of anything worth writing about.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

...what class...

Time for an update. It seems like a long time since I last wrote, even though it was just the other day.

Not a lot has been going on. This has been an argh week at work. A lot of little frustrations. I think today was probably the worst. I am working in town tomorrow so I get to sleep in a little and it’s Friday! Can’t go wrong with Friday.

I started my first “real” needle knit project last night. Mind you, I started it three times! Yes, you read that right, three (3) times. I knit when I should have purled and purled when I should have knit…it all is better now. I get it! That’s what class is for right? I mean the teacher isn’t being paid to just sit there and stitch and bitch with you right? Granted they don’t get paid a lot (I know I did it a year ago…computers…definitely not crafts!). So, I am on my way!

Have you ever just wanted to let out a huge primal scream in the middle of somewhere? I wanted to do that at work today. Of course, I wanted to scream other things at people too, but I didn’t. I played it very diplomatically, even though people were super bitchy. Very frustrating day.

I should be paying bills right now, but my head and heart just are not in it. Instead, I took pictures of my yarns and started updating my stash on ravelry. Yeah I am a total nerd.

Thought Mom was kind of pissed and upset because of all the needles I bought…so I did what I do and sent her an email. She said she’s not pissed. She also said she is not buying me the looms I asked for for my birthday, which is perfectly fine. Instead I think I will be getting a plane ticket to go see my sister in April. I can’t wait! I will get all settled in in the new office and then head to Washington for a week. Then back to the grind. It will be nice to actually go somewhere this year. Believe me, two days in Missoula is not a vacation. Especially when it is so hot that you just want to sit in the air conditioned room and read or sleep.

I have a tummy ache, so I am going to end this here and go lie down.

Monday, January 21, 2008 68 days

So my sister and I were talking today and she mentioned some of the crazy things she has seen on Ravelry, like the Man Thong and the Vibrator Cozy. I had to totally check those out, because I love a good train wreck. Wow. I almost wish I knew a guy that I would feel comfortable knitting a thong for. Unfortunately I don’t. So…anyone interested??? No? Okay then.

Today was a good day. I slept in, until 10 ‘til 9 again (same thing Friday). Cooper was under the weather this morning but perked right up after a trip in the sub-zero yard. I am happy to report that he and his brother are right back to getting in trouble. I was watching I Love the 80’s because quite honestly, who can resist? Anyways, they had a bit on about Children of the Corn. I need to stop calling my boys Corn Children. They are not sadistic little fucks (sorry Mom) like those kids.

I made a pair of baby mitts today and they turned out. I need to work on my seeming a little better, but other than that it was great. I even did the color changes called for. I am special.

So I mentioned Rick Springfield yesterday. Yeah, not going to go see Rick. It’s not like I was going to get to sit with him and chat it up about the good ole days or Dr. Noah Drake so. Instead, I am going to go see my sister! I am so excited. Of course, I don’t have the dates figured out, or the tickets or any concrete plans, but I am so going this year! I didn’t go last year or the year before. Holy man I haven’t been there in a while. Mattias was still a baby! Holy crapmobile Batman, time flies when you don’t really want it to.

I will be 32 in 68 days. That means I get presents. No, seriously it means that I am getting older and I need to take more responsibility. I kind of need to learn how to do laundry. Okay, talked to Mom and I am doing laundry this Sunday! Woohoo! I also need to dye her hair this Sunday I think.

My room is a disaster. I should pick it up right now, but I think I am going to get my knitting bag stocked and then get my Myrtle Tyrtle supplies together. I had a request.

Anyone have any ideas what I can get my 5 year old nephew for Valentine’s day? Think about it…I need ideas (hint hint sister dear)

Sunday, January 20, 2008

...except I don't think he is a total pussy

I wanted to be a bitch just a few minutes ago, but decided to be nice. It’s nothing really, I am just in a mood, because I am watching this stupid ass football game. I don’t even watch football, but I cannot tell you how badly I want Green Bay to lose. It would make me so super happy to have them lose. It would make me happier than the possibility that I am going to see Rick Springfield in April. Yes, you read that right. I may get to see Dr. Noah Drake, Nick Knight, Jesse’s Girl singing Rick Springfield live! I am calling tomorrow to make some inquiries and reservations.

This mother of a football game is going into overtime. I don’t know how overtime works in football. All I can hope for is that Green Bay loses. What would make it so much sweeter would be if Brett Favre totally choked. Words cannot express how much I dislike that man. He is like Eric Lindros, except I don’t think he is a total pussy. Green Bay is happy for some reason. I am sure the Giants are totally hosed right now. Anywhoo, in case you didn’t get the reference, Eric Lindros is the most hated hockey player in my book. Granted he is not playing anymore, if you could call what he did was playing. I have several in the Lindros Files, any Red Wing, Bertuzzi, Roenick (oh the man makes my stomach turn), Rob Blake, Paul Kariya, the list goes on, I am just too lazy to type it all out. It would probably be easier to list the people not in the file. So…

That had nothing to do with anything. It has been a good weekend. I am a little sad that today is Sunday. I don’t have to work tomorrow, but still sad. Friday was awesome, I didn’t do much, which was just what I had planned. Yesterday was errand day and then I did some computer stuff. Today was a lazy house day, did do some gambling and a quick trip to Hastings. It snowed…a bunch. Not a lot by any definition of a good Montana snow, but it was quite a dump. It is currently lightly snowing and according to The Weather Channel (or…one in the same) it is -8. Yes, -8 at 8:09 pm. It is supposed to be a cold one tomorrow kids. The corn children, aka, the boys, aka Cooper & Elliott will be staying in most of tomorrow.

We interrupt your regularly scheduled post to announce that NY Giants just intercepted the ball from the Green Bay Packers. I don’t know much about football, but I do know that it is a good thing (or not a good thing) when the other team catches the ball thrown by the other team. Team B catches ball thrown by Team Asshole.

Okay…yes the corn children have been quite frustrating this weekend. Too much pent up energy and too cold to do anything about it.

I do believe I see tears on a larger than life football players face. I am sure that it could be passed off that it is cold (-4…still not as cold as me) and that his eyes are watering, but let’s at least be honest. Some sports guys are just totally pussies. And they are being well compensated for it.

GIANTS WIN! God I love this…it is totally like Favre f’d his team by throwing that interception! I am so happy. This is like when Tampa Bay won the Stanley Cup (because I wasn’t watching when the Pens did it in 90-91).

I should mention that I don’t like NY and that I am totally for New England winning the Super Bowl. I don’t even really watch football, well not even really…I just don’t. I watch hockey and Atlanta Braves baseball. I don’t like the Manning brothers at all, but I don’t like Brett Favre more. I don’t like Tom Brady, but if he can pull it out, great.

Okay…well I spent some time Friday looking for patterns, easy patterns to get started with. I am working on some practice crocheting right now and tomorrow I am going to break out the needles and some super fun yarn and work on knitting me up a little project…or at least starting on one. I have some wrist warmers I want to try.

Yes, so I am cold and happy and for the hockey buffs out there, Colorado (who I like) are beating Columbus (who I don’t even care about) 3-1 with 3:46 in regulation. We say in regulation because things can change in 34 seconds in hockey. Your team can be up by three goals and in 34 seconds can be up by one and in 1:28 can be tied and with 17 seconds to go can totally lose the game. So, there are 3:22 left in regulation.

With that, I am going to go do something crafty and try to find something to watch on the television.


Last week I promised a picture of my latest loom project. Well here it is…
This is the original workup from the pattern. I have named this project Myrtle Tyrtle(s). The pattern author called them Shellies. I made this as a sort of reminder of my Granny. Well to say I was disappointed in the size is an understatement! I guess I didn’t really think about what loom was used when I saw the supply list. The pictures that were posted looked much larger. So, I wanted something more substantial so I did a little bit of math, calling on my days of algebra, and came up with some new numbers and created this…

I like it much better. I actually included the tail on the larger Myrtle. I am in need of a small bottle of Emeraud to add the final touch and make the memory Myrtles more original. (Granny used Emeraud perfume). It didn’t take all that much more time to work up the larger one than it did the smaller one. There was some trial and error with the legs, but I am very happy with the end result. I have been wanting to use this yarn since I bought it, but every time I went to work with it, it was too thin. So I double stranded with a solid sage green and thus the result is a very earthy Tyrtle (or Dude as my nephew would say). I used beads for eyes, because I didn’t have any small googlies.

So anyways, that is my latest project. I am getting ready to start my first needle project and my first crochet project, but I had to get this out of the way first.

As an added bonus, here are pictures of my new wall art. Every year for Christmas, I get a new purse, some sort of novelty purse. The first year, I got the Grease purse, followed by the smaller black Elvis purse, then the Elvis magazine purse, then my nephew Niklas made me my canvas purse, then my sister got me the wooden purse, then last year I got the Bee Gees purse (who doesn’t just adore the Bee Gees?), then this year I got Fraggle Rock (I need another hook to hang it). I was going to buy shelves to put them on, but then trying to find floating shelves that are large enough to hold the purses, coupled with anchoring and leveling, the hooks worked much better and I could stagger them. They are also easily removable. I have also used these hooks to hang my looms in my craft closet. So much easier! So without further ado, here is my wall art…

Thursday, January 17, 2008

today is Elvis Day

I remember thinking this a long time ago, but I don’t know that I ever really mentioned it. So here it is…The one half way decent thing about snow on the highway is that it makes the light reflect and you can see better, provided you are not in a total white out blizzard. There was a little snow on the highway this morning and while not enough to make me slip n slide around, there was enough, for a while anyways, to illuminate the peripherals better when I couldn’t use the brights. I was totally able use the brights for Anaconda to Warm Springs though so that was kind of nice. It was snowing a bit, but the roads were still clear, except for the exit ramp which was anything but clear.

I put in a request to take tomorrow off. I know it is bad, but I just want to stay in my jammies and do nothing! Actually I have a ton of stuff to do so when I say nothing, it means to do the stuff that I haven’t gotten done on the weeknights. I still have 35+ emails in one group to go through. I weeded out some emails last night.

I was kind of excited to do the January loom along, but, I don’t have the yarn for it and they don’t sell it any where near me. So…I got the pattern and I may try it with something else, but I don’t have any double point needles yet, so I will have to wait.

Speaking of dpn’s. I placed me a large order from last night. No doubt that it will come in a matchbox, because while expensive, not very large. I got a complete supply of dpn’s and a complete set of circular needles. I wasn’t able to get the bamboo like I wanted, but I was going by cost and need versus need and want. Does that make sense? I want bamboo, but I am cheap. I also picked up some little notions like, bobbins, cable needles, a pair of therapeutic wrist thingies, a yarn cutter and probably something else that I can’t remember. I was going to get some wool yarn, because well I don’t have any and most of the stuff I want to knit calls for wool, but when I put it in the cart, even though it was on sale, I nearly had a heart attack. So…yarn for another day. I am going to pick up some Caron at Wal-Mart this weekend so that I can begin work on a pair of wrist warmers. I found a pattern that doesn’t require dpn’s or circulars so I am going to try it. I think I might have this tension thing figured out. I also found a pair to crochet in my Stitch N Bitch: Happy Hooker book, but I need to figure out the stitches first. Cables I can totally understand and they don’t seem like they will be too hard. I am hoping to get started on glove one either Monday or Tuesday night and then if I have questions, I will ask at class on Wednesday. I didn’t want my first project to be a freaking scarf! I want to make beanies, but I think I will look at the crochet patterns for that. I am totally going to make Cooper a sweater from my new Crochet for Pets book. It uses homespun, my favorite. Now if only I had a color that he would like. I am guessing he is not going to enjoy a nice lilacy color. Although, he might not notice. I don’t even know if he will like the sweater, but I think he might. He is pretty good about wearing stuff. Elliott on the other hand, does not like to wear stuff. And by stuff I mean collars and bandanas. They will leave them on for a while and then chew them off of each other. Cute really when you stop and think that they help each other out, but annoying when you have Christmas santa fabric all over the kennel.

Apparently today is Elvis day. I thought I missed it last week when I was sick, but they moved it to today. So in a couple of hours, I will head down to TC to see the Elvis performances. I am hoping to enjoy it more than Frank Sinatra days.

I am so behind on my weekly plan. I just haven’t felt like doing anything. Last night I had a headache and I made it through some of my emails, but not all of them. I was busy looking for a pattern to work on. I will look some more tonight for more patterns. I also found a hilarious blog yesterday that I am in love with. They are not updating anymore, but you can read the past entries. Just type in You Knit What? Into google and there is a blogspot address that comes up. Use the archives drop down to move around. Hilarious!

Well I am going to get started on checkbooks this morning.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Seriously Tuesday

Every Sunday around 5:00 I get a little sad. Mostly because the weekend is all but over and I don’t have a lot to show for it. This Sunday I had a semi clean living room and a stack of magazines I had taken a look at. I guess I also had a cleaned out mp3 player too. I got rid of a lot of songs off that machine. I am thinking I will make another pass before I load on the new music I have. I picked up a few cds this weekend. I grabbed two used Rihanna cds and a new Daughtry. I know I went on about how I don’t have to listen to Daughtry, but in reality, I kind of like his music. I picked up a used Fergie about a week ago that I haven’t loaded yet. I did load Jordin Sparks. I love Tattoo.

I would post pictures of my Friday night class project, but…I don’t have pictures with me. I planned on making at least one more, but never got around to it. Tonight, I start another class project. Tomorrow I go back to school. The more I say that the more I realize that I don’t really want to go back to real school. I am happy taking these adult ed classes to learn stuff I want to learn. I would love to have my masters, but the thought of spending Sundays doing homework instead of sitting in my chair watching television does not appeal to me right now.

I watched the Golden Globes News Conference last night. What a joke. They could have at least found announcers who were not total tools. I love that I could find out the winners without having to sit through hours of boring lame ass jokes and speeches by people who barely speak English, but some people just got screwed. Johnny Depp, whom I adore, has been nominated seven times and finally wins and there is no acknowledgement of it except for whoever the tool in the suit was. I must say, I am quite happy that Katherine Heigle didn’t win. I don’t like her. I don’t like her at all, but I want to see 37 dresses, go figure. I don’t remember much else about the show, I was reading People.

I like Britney Spears. I think she needs serious help, but I like her music. And when she is cleaned up, she is a pretty girl. Messed up, but pretty. Maybe what she really needs is to tour for a few months. Maybe that could get her straightened out. Have something else to focus on besides the drama that is surrounding her in LA/Hollywood. Where did this come from you ask. I watched MTV Hits last night and all they played was Mary J Blige, so I had to go onto to see the Pieces of Me video. Catchy tune. I also want to see the new Alicia Keys video because I read about it in one of my magazines, but I didn’t feel like looking for it. I am intenet lazy sometimes.

I realized last night that I am taking a class on Tuesday nights. Tuesday? Seriously Tuesday. I will miss One Tree Hill! I will have to stay up a little late on Tuesday’s just to watch it. Because there is no way I am going to get through Wednesday without seeing OTH. I just can’t do it.

I am depressed by the writer’s strike. I just think that this was a bad time to go on strike. Probably not for them, but for me it was. I love Moonlight and I have to hang in the balance to see if it will get picked up for next year after Friday’s episode. Ugh! I also found out that I have to wait until May to watch the last three Bones episodes (I think there are three). Believe you me, I can last without more CSI Miami. I will be tuning in tonight to see Elizabeth Saved By the Bell-turned whore Showgirl-can’t act Berkeley playing Horatio’s ex. That should be interesting. Who knows if tomorrow’s NCIS will actually be a new episode or not.

I could have totally used a mental health day today. I could have stayed in bed (actually I stayed in bed longer than I should have) today. I was so peaceful and snuggly. I could have spent the day watching DVR’d television. I could have spent the day in my comfies knitting, or uploading pictures, or uploading music, or reading, or doing anything but being at work.

Well I should go and do something. I don’t know what yet, but something.

Friday, January 11, 2008

My hands stink

I’m supposed to write this great entry. That’s what my To Do List says. Well I don’t have it in me to write a great one, so I will just write this one instead.

I got to work at 7:30 this morning (I was in town) and nobody was there! It was dark and I couldn’t get in. So…I went to Burger King for breakfast. Then I went back to work and had to wait a few minutes for someone to open up the front doors. Then I started on my last…or so I thought…ap batch and made corrections to some others (nothing big, just little things, like usual). Then someone who is leaving gave me another facility to do and while there wasn’t a lot it was a disruption to my plans and I don’t handle that too well. I am a person who is kind of dependent on a schedule and when something puts a kink in that I get agitated. It all worked out though. I got it all done, for the most part, and got checks run. I just have to wait for them to be signed and then I can mail them out.

Today was pay day. I paid bills last night. This week is also medicine week and since it is the beginning of the year, I have to clear a $250 deductible before my pharmacy benefit kicks in. Not a great benefit like the state had, but still $82 a month is cheaper than $200+. So rent will be late, but the landlady is a very forgiving person.

I had a loom class tonight through yahoo groups. Well technically the class lasts until the 16th, but I can’t imagine needing that long to complete the project. It is smaller than I thought it would be. A little discouraged by that, but it did turn out. I made a few minor adjustments to the pattern though and gave it my own name. I will be posting pictures of it later. I am too tuckerd to do it now.

Not a lot of plans for the weekend, outside the house wise. Groceries, dog food, maybe a trip to the mall and a couple of walks. That is about it. I have some stuff on my to do list to finish. I want to try to record some stuff on my new dvd recorder from the television. I also need to figure out how to store my looms. The nail on the wall thing didn’t work out too well. I wish I had room for a peg board. I don’t want it to look tacky though.

I have been toying with the idea of removing the “hutch” from my desk and putting it on my bookcase. I think I could benefit from the added desktop space and stop cramming junk into the cubbies. I would keep it in the room because I have displays on the top that I don’t have anywhere else to put. I also need a place to put my calendar and so without the hutch, there would be open wall space to hang the calendar. I could also move my bulletin board over and actually use it. I think I will put that on for tomorrow. Hopefully it is just removing a couple of screws like I think it is.

My hands stink. Ugh. I have washed them like three times and they still smell from the hamburger I had for dinner. You ever notice that? When you eat a hamburger or something your hands smell gross after? Of course my dogs were intrigued by it, but then E became pissed when he realized there was no hamburger for him to share. So instead they got honey nut cheerios. Works for them I guess.

Well I am going to go shower. I have a lot of email to read, but I am tired and spent my email time knitting and watching Moonlight. Did anyone else watch it? Hello? Mick looked smokin’ during his workout. Oh, I have missed that show. Yummy vampire. I don’t remember if I mentioned that I watched the abominable Cashmere Mafia on Sunday night. God that show sucked. I recorded Wednesday night’s episode, but have yet to turn it on. I also recorded tonight’s episode, but if the Wednesday one sucks, then I will just delete it. I figure if I make it through the pilot, I will give the show another look. But after two if it doesn’t do it for me, I drop it. Hello Bionic Woman. That show was sucktastic. I like Women’s Murder Club. I couldn’t even get through the Life pilot. I missed the last few Chuck’s. I do enjoy Reaper. Couldn’t get into Pushing Daisies even though I really wanted to. Renewed my interest in Bones which I am happy about. I watch Gossip Girl and One Tree Hill. Anyone watch OTH the other night? No? Just me then? Okay, well Nathan is a dick. There is no other way to put it. He needs to pull his head out and realize that he has a smoking wife and adorable sun. I am not a huge Naley fan, but she deserves better than Dan Jr. Oh and the whole Lucas/Peyton thing? Never did it for me. I am a Brucas fan. I heart Brooke. She is adorable. I could have a girl crush on Sophia Bush. She is sweet. And I don’t know if she and Chad Michael Murray are still friendly after their divorce or if it is great acting, but I love it. I am hoping they are still friends because they are so cute together on the show as friends. I am interested in seeing K-Fed next week. There are shows that I wish were like soap operas and never went into an off season, Moonlight and One Tree Hill. I could watch them forever. I used to feel that way about CSI, but then I just got tired of it. I still watch it, but if I miss it, I don’t want to curl up and cry. Just not my cup of lemon herb tea anymore.

Well now I am really going to go take a shower. Look for pictures of my project coming soon…

Thursday, January 10, 2008

I hope it's not boring

I realized the other day that my last post…my long rant…was my 100th post on blogger! Yippee! And I have written nothing since then. Well I am back.

I would have written earlier in the week, but I was home sick on Monday and just didn’t feel like writing. Tuesday, Wednesday and Today, I am bogged down with work. So why do I have time to write??? Well let me tell you, it is because I am connecting to a city 28+ miles away through a little itty bitty wire and I am trying to print. Which means that I tell the program 28 miles away to print, it sends a signal to my computer here, another 28 miles and tells it to print. That is a traveling distance of 56+ miles to print a single page. And my report has 19 pages. Yes, it takes time. But soon…soon little children it will be different. Like end of next month soon.

I don’t really have a lot to say. I had a few comments on This is Me. My sister liked it, my mom was okay with it, so it doesn’t really matter what anyone else says or thinks. I cancelled my myspace account a couple of nights ago. Not that much had been happening in those neck of the woods anyways, but it is nice to be rid of it. A few more groups have gone by the wayside to. I am still holding on to two that I just can’t let go of yet, but I am not actively participating.

I signed up for a knitting and crocheting class at the high school. I start on Tuesday night. I know, you od readers are saying, “Wait, didn’t she complain about not wanting to go to class the last time she took one?” Yes I did and I probably will again. But if I want to learn how to knit and crochet, I am going to need someone to help me and for $45 I will take the chance. It is 10 weeks. That is only 30 hours of instruction. I hope it is not boring. I also hope the class is super small because I like me some undivided attention. I am a visual learner. I can read all the knit and crochet books I want to, if I can’t see it, I probably can’t do it. It took forever to figure out the drawstring cast on on the looms and I still don’t know how to do it without practicing for hours before hand.

I also signed up for a few KALs (knit a longs). One starts tomorrows and it is to make little stuffies that I can’t describe because if they turn out, I am gifting them to people as a remembrance. I also signed up for a towel topper (it’s a new pattern and I want to see which way I like better) and a sock kal on ravelry. I will be back into the knitting scene.

I am no longer taking my fat pill. It makes me mean and crabby and quite honestly it is not working like I think it should be. I eat because it is time to eat or because something sounds and tastes good. If I ate because I was hungry I wouldn’t be having a problem, but alas I don’t. With knitting though, that should keep my hands busy at night and maybe I won’t want to eat as much and once this work thing is settled and there isn’t candy just sitting in front of me, I will do better. I also started walking a little and will gradually increase. I need to find some good shoes.

Well the first paycheck of the year has been issued and I am down about $10 a check. I increased my flex, so I will get the money back, but $10 is almost just under three magazines. Well it is three if I get an In Touch for $1.99. Thankfully I don’t pay sales tax. But I do pay state tax so they get me anyways the bastards.

Well the Odyssey has printed and I need to get back to entering bills. I love it and hate it all at the same time.

Friday, January 04, 2008

This is me...

This started at myspace as a way to get ready to say goodbye to it (myspace), but it became so much more. I am posting this on all of my blogs because it feels right and it feels good to say some of this stuff. There are some f bombs in here, but deal with it. I am not all perfect and innocent.

This is me...

There was a time when I checked myspace a few times a day. Now I barely check it once every two days. It has lost its allure. That, and nobody on my friends list even talks to me much. So I am thinking, “what’s the point”.

It also leads to “Who uses myspace anyways?” Is it a place that is for younger people who everyone they meet is their friend? Is it for trying to hook up? Because let me tell you, if you accidentally mark the “here for relationships” box, you get unindated with messages. Most of them are from aging, slightly less attractive stalker types. For the longest time I didn’t use myspace. I don’t have the time to blog here and in my five other blogs. Quite honestly, there is really nobody here I read, because the people I know don’t blog, and if they do, it’s not here. I don’t need 1,000 people on my friends list to feel popular. I know I am not popular. I am okay with that…always have been. There is enough stress in life without being cautious about did I respond/didn’t I? Did I say something wrong? Who cares. My thoughts are my thoughts, if you don’t like them, don’t read it.

Further, I don’t have the energy to go find a new song every week, hell I don’t even visit my actual page so the song I have selected may have been deleted. I don’t care. Most of the time I can’t find any music I like anyways because I don’t listen to too much mainstream music anymore. I hate wading through pages filled with ads to try and find a new theme. I am almost to the point that if I do another survey/questionnaire, my brain just might say, “You know what, fuck you. Use me or lose me bitch!”

I don’t even know the true purpose behind myspace. I am sure the usual bs they feed you is that it is a place to reconnect, meet and stay in touch with friends. What a load of bullshit. It is a voyeur site that happens to be free. I am sure there are people who are blogging about sex. Hell, I have seen some friend requests that have some chick’s unnatural hairless ass in my face when I open it.

I am tired of denying spammers and blocking and reporting spam messages. I used to get messages, I don’t anymore. I kept up my end, I responded. Others, not so much. Not that it matters, because I am happier blogging in other places. Places where I feel comfortable being a little anonymous. Places where I don’t care if they read me or not, because I do this for me. I have many more favorites on other sites than I do here. The layout here is not comfortable or too user friendly in my opinion. I am quite tired of looking at html code. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.
Perhaps myspace is for people with time. I don’t have that. I rather spend my time doing something more meaningful. I rather read a book or make something. I am not into making themes or skins or whatever the cool younger hip kids are calling it.

I am contemplating a lot this year. I into decluttering my life. I am getting rid of the shit I don’t use, I will never use and just don’t care about. This includes my books, my clothes, my crafts, and my online clubs/blogs/groups/etc. I am going to be entering my 32nd year of life at the end of March and I need to be doing things I want to be doing, not things I think I should be wanting to do. I am not in my twenties anymore. I can’t be acting like a teenager. I am a professional now, with a career and I need to get into that mindset. Funny I was in that mindset when I was a teen and then about the time I should really be getting into it, I revert to teenagerism. How pathetic.

I am going to cool it with the language too. It is not pretty. Nothing is really going to come of me calling someone a whore. Although, I do believe there are those that truly deserve the title and will continue to refer to them as that. My days of saying buttlicker are over, unless I am quoting Cartman. I need to do for me and not for others. I don’t need to join in the caravan of f bombers anymore. Not saying that there aren’t times where it is called for, there are, but most of the time I say it, it isn’t warranted. I don’t need anyone getting all preachy about how cursing is against god and all that. You will be wasting your time and energy. I am not going to listen to the Jesus talk. I believe, I have my own relationship, we are cool. You are not better than me because you go to church eight times a week and quote scripture. Believe me, you are not. No matter what you think. I am not a devil worshipper or some other way unpure because I have marked my body with tattoos. I am not less Christian than you because I don’t sing in choir or because I have never even read the bible. That’s right kids, I have not read the bible. You know why? It is not a book that is terribly interesting to me. It just isn’t. Doesn’t make me any less in God’s eyes than you. I could be a mass murderer and my beliefs tell me that I am loved just the same as a fucking saint. So, no lectures.

You know what else readers? Money doesn’t matter. If you are happy, you have all the wealth in the world. It doesn’t matter what toys you have. I have a lot of toys, but some of them don’t bring me happiness. I don’t have to buy Daughtry because he wins awards and was on American Idol. I don’t have to like country music because I live in Montana. I don’t have to feel weird for liking Barry Manilow AND Marilyn Manson. I can have Rob Zombie’s Pussy Liquor immediately preceding the Bee Gee’s How Deep is Your Love. I don’t have to read the Kite Runner because Oprah says I should. I can take pride in reading a Harlequin romance if I want to. If I want to watch soft core porn on Skinemax or read erotica online, that is okay.

I don’t have to have a terribly interesting life to be important. I can watch as much television as I want to and be called a dork or a nerd or a loser because I am not going out on a Friday night drinking and partying. It is okay that I was in bed by 10:30 on New Year’s Eve. I was up at 5:30 to go to work…were you?

It is more than okay that I live with my mom and consider her and my sister my best friends. There are no other people I would want to call my best friend. I know their love and friendship is true and not because I have a car to drive them where they want to go. I know that if they invite me somewhere to do something it is because they want to hang out with me and not because nobody else was around. You know, Mom worries that I don’t have any friends to do things with. I tell her not to worry, because it doesn’t matter to me. I don’t need fake people pretending to like me to get something from me. If I want to go to a movie and she doesn’t, fine. I can go alone, I don’t need someone.

It’s okay that I have never really had a real boyfriend. Who needs to waste time on something that isn’t true? I am okay with it. I don’t need to hang out in bars to meet that special someone. Because, if he is hanging out in a bar now, he is going to want to keep hanging out in a bar and that is not my scene. I like to stay home and watch television and read. Mr. Perfect does not exist in the real world, so it is okay to be with the one in my mind. He treats me right and loves me for me. I don’t need to lose weight if I don’t want to. I do want to, but not because I want to dress like a skanky slut, but because I need to be healthier. There are more larger people in the world than people think. We are not an anomaly. We are not the odd man out anymore. There are a lot of big and beautiful women.

This isn’t what I was expecting this post to run into, but I am glad it did. Not only because it took up some time I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with, but because it decluttered all the bullshit that people have made me believe and have put me through all these years.

Comment, don’t, it doesn’t matter. I am me and this is my life. I am pretty damn happy with it too. It could be worse. It could be a lot worse.