...tight fit...

Remember that gift I was going to get my mom? Well it was a digital camera and I got it and I took it back. She adamantly told me she did not want a camera. So I returned it about an hour and a half after I bought it. Eh…it was a thought.

I finished the towels for my aunts. I tried to make a little pot scrubber last night. It is quite a tight fit around the fingers. I will show the prototype to Mom tonight and get her thoughts on it.

I have a few things to finish wrapping but then I have a few things to finish making before I can wrap them. I have almost lost hope on getting the one thing I am working on for her done. That makes me a little sad. I have another towel to make, I have to make cookies this week, and I have a couple little bags I want to work up (those shouldn’t take too long). I know that I will get it done, but the fun for me was going to see her open it on Christmas Eve. I just don’t know that I can get it done in time. I also have one other thing to make for her, but it is a quick thing. Still makes me sad.

I am trying to figure out if I can work it out to get my ap done in the next couple of days and maybe take Friday off to work on it. I would take Christmas Eve off, but I don’t know that I would get much work done on it. A lot of it will depend on if someone will be in the office on Monday. I don’t have a lot of checks to run this time around, but someone still needs to be there to let me get checks and the stamp. I will get all my batches in this week to be reviewed. I am waiting on an email from my boss. I got quite a lot done on it last Friday and I think I could really get it done if I took this Friday to work on it. I worked on it a little on Saturday, but then on Sunday decided that I had to get started on the towels. I can finish the other towel and maybe a little bag tonight. Tomorrow night I could work on it for a little while or work on it tonight and the towel tomorrow night. Thursday night I need to make the cookies and have that towel done. I definitely need to make a decision today on whether or not I take Friday off. I have to turn in my time sheet by tomorrow.

Such stress at the holidays. I have been getting kind of sad the last few days. I fear being alone on the holidays. It just makes me sad to think about spending holidays alone. I don’t want to think about it now, so on to something different.

How about work? I better get started on it! I will try to take pictures of the towels tonight and the prototype pot scrubber.


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