I may have to rob the piggy bank

So I just transferred my folder from the desktop to my laptop to weed through. Holy crap it took a long time! I still have to move music over too. I know there is a lot that is going to be deleted. I have stuff that I am never going to look at again. Time to get rid of it. I am taking on a huge project this year of going through all of my files and getting rid of what I don’t use, haven’t used, will never use again! I have a lot of music to clean out and a lot of duplicate pictures. I am missing a floppy drive right about now. I have some pictures on floppies that I would like to keep. I will have to set aside a day to use the desktop to transfer them to disk.

After I get the desktop stuff on the laptop, I am going to start unloading some of the usb drives. My plan is to eventually have everything, except music on usb’s. That way I can carry them with me and when I think, “Hey I have that at home” I can instead pull it up and be all happy and excited.

Ugh, I just paid bills. It so needed to be done, but is super depressing. I am a little low on money right now. It’s a good thing that Mom gave me some of the gambling cash ins. I need it if I want to buy anything. What really sucks is that two days ago was pay day and there isn’t another one for two weeks. I will be living frugally. Of course, $60 is going to my massage. It is a treat for me. I know I treat myself to my weekly magazines and food and stuff, but this is a treat that I love. It is an hour of bliss. I forget everything and just enjoy.

I may have to rob the piggy bank if I want a Coke at work this week. Which I will want. There is something about the water. The cooler is another used piece of crap that makes the water hot, but the cold comes out room temperature at best. Works great for my coffee though.

I work tomorrow (New Year’s Eve). Not a big deal. I have a ton of work to do tomorrow and then Wednesday is my crazy day! I hate the first working day of the month. I dread it every month! Ugh! I like exclamation points in case you couldn’t tell. I thought I had it crazy when I had five centers to prepare ar bed dates for, but now I am getting another one. I will get it done though…it will take some doing, but I will get it done. The big push for me is to try to get everything done by noon. Sure it’s five hours, but when you have to wait on other people it makes it tough. I have to compare ins and outs with the feds and with two other centers in our corporation. The feds take their own sweet time sending out the email. And almost every time, there is something that doesn’t match. The inter-corp comparison is relatively easy. It gets a little confusing when they have one coming to my facility when they actually went to county before. And then last month, we had an extra person, turns out we didn’t, he has two names. Little communication blunders make a huge difference when you are crunching.

I can’t wait to try out my new dvd recorder…but I have to read the book first. It is rather long. I thought it was going to be simple, like the vcr, but now I am not so sure. I am also waiting to hear back from the cable company about my dvr. It is not really recording when it says it is. Then I had a whole slew of programs that I could hear, I just couldn’t see. I would blame it on the dvd-r, but it was doing this before. Caused me to miss two Knitty Gritty’s and a couple of South Park’s. Pissed me off.

I did my filing today. It is only about four months old. Took a little while, but I got it done before the year ended.
I have a monstrous task list on outlook. Huge I tell you. I should be working on some of that right now, but I am not, as you can tell.

I have General Hospital on in the background and let me just say that I cannot stand Sam. I can’t stand Kelly Monnaco or that character. The look, the voice, the attitude, it makes me twitch!

Well I am off to transfer more files. I should be posting pictures soon! I hope.

I am hoping to update my blog soon too. You know, new layout, adding some links, make it look like I care about it more than it does now.


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