Christmas Journal Days 17 & 18

Day 17
It wouldn't be Christmas without...

Snow! Snow is what makes Christmas, Christmas.

Day 18
Write about a special present

I've received so many special presents over the years. I wrote about the Barbie Dream House and the cassette tape. There was a year when I got a lava lamp and I remember the tag said "To: Heather From: Dad". That always sticks out to me. I remember the wooden tree box that he picked out for me one year too. Last year, I got a very special present from my nephews. One made me a cup and the other made a matching saucer. Anything that somebody makes for me is special. I have a crocheted afghan on my bed that my sister made for me. I have my mommy quilts. This year (yes I know it's early), I got a very special gift from my mom. She got me a vintage original 1983 Mokey Fraggle Rock doll in good condition. I know she spent a lot of money on it. It means so much to me because I have wanted one for years. It's hard to pick out one special present, because so many are very special. I would say anything handmade means the most to me.


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