Sunday, December 30, 2007

By the way...

I am trying to find a new template, so if you come here often (even though I don't post often), you might notice a different look until I find the right one.

And just because...

This was my creating area right around the second week of December. It doesn't look much different now, except the drawer is a little less cluttered.

I may have to rob the piggy bank

So I just transferred my folder from the desktop to my laptop to weed through. Holy crap it took a long time! I still have to move music over too. I know there is a lot that is going to be deleted. I have stuff that I am never going to look at again. Time to get rid of it. I am taking on a huge project this year of going through all of my files and getting rid of what I don’t use, haven’t used, will never use again! I have a lot of music to clean out and a lot of duplicate pictures. I am missing a floppy drive right about now. I have some pictures on floppies that I would like to keep. I will have to set aside a day to use the desktop to transfer them to disk.

After I get the desktop stuff on the laptop, I am going to start unloading some of the usb drives. My plan is to eventually have everything, except music on usb’s. That way I can carry them with me and when I think, “Hey I have that at home” I can instead pull it up and be all happy and excited.

Ugh, I just paid bills. It so needed to be done, but is super depressing. I am a little low on money right now. It’s a good thing that Mom gave me some of the gambling cash ins. I need it if I want to buy anything. What really sucks is that two days ago was pay day and there isn’t another one for two weeks. I will be living frugally. Of course, $60 is going to my massage. It is a treat for me. I know I treat myself to my weekly magazines and food and stuff, but this is a treat that I love. It is an hour of bliss. I forget everything and just enjoy.

I may have to rob the piggy bank if I want a Coke at work this week. Which I will want. There is something about the water. The cooler is another used piece of crap that makes the water hot, but the cold comes out room temperature at best. Works great for my coffee though.

I work tomorrow (New Year’s Eve). Not a big deal. I have a ton of work to do tomorrow and then Wednesday is my crazy day! I hate the first working day of the month. I dread it every month! Ugh! I like exclamation points in case you couldn’t tell. I thought I had it crazy when I had five centers to prepare ar bed dates for, but now I am getting another one. I will get it done though…it will take some doing, but I will get it done. The big push for me is to try to get everything done by noon. Sure it’s five hours, but when you have to wait on other people it makes it tough. I have to compare ins and outs with the feds and with two other centers in our corporation. The feds take their own sweet time sending out the email. And almost every time, there is something that doesn’t match. The inter-corp comparison is relatively easy. It gets a little confusing when they have one coming to my facility when they actually went to county before. And then last month, we had an extra person, turns out we didn’t, he has two names. Little communication blunders make a huge difference when you are crunching.

I can’t wait to try out my new dvd recorder…but I have to read the book first. It is rather long. I thought it was going to be simple, like the vcr, but now I am not so sure. I am also waiting to hear back from the cable company about my dvr. It is not really recording when it says it is. Then I had a whole slew of programs that I could hear, I just couldn’t see. I would blame it on the dvd-r, but it was doing this before. Caused me to miss two Knitty Gritty’s and a couple of South Park’s. Pissed me off.

I did my filing today. It is only about four months old. Took a little while, but I got it done before the year ended.
I have a monstrous task list on outlook. Huge I tell you. I should be working on some of that right now, but I am not, as you can tell.

I have General Hospital on in the background and let me just say that I cannot stand Sam. I can’t stand Kelly Monnaco or that character. The look, the voice, the attitude, it makes me twitch!

Well I am off to transfer more files. I should be posting pictures soon! I hope.

I am hoping to update my blog soon too. You know, new layout, adding some links, make it look like I care about it more than it does now.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

...tight fit...

Remember that gift I was going to get my mom? Well it was a digital camera and I got it and I took it back. She adamantly told me she did not want a camera. So I returned it about an hour and a half after I bought it. Eh…it was a thought.

I finished the towels for my aunts. I tried to make a little pot scrubber last night. It is quite a tight fit around the fingers. I will show the prototype to Mom tonight and get her thoughts on it.

I have a few things to finish wrapping but then I have a few things to finish making before I can wrap them. I have almost lost hope on getting the one thing I am working on for her done. That makes me a little sad. I have another towel to make, I have to make cookies this week, and I have a couple little bags I want to work up (those shouldn’t take too long). I know that I will get it done, but the fun for me was going to see her open it on Christmas Eve. I just don’t know that I can get it done in time. I also have one other thing to make for her, but it is a quick thing. Still makes me sad.

I am trying to figure out if I can work it out to get my ap done in the next couple of days and maybe take Friday off to work on it. I would take Christmas Eve off, but I don’t know that I would get much work done on it. A lot of it will depend on if someone will be in the office on Monday. I don’t have a lot of checks to run this time around, but someone still needs to be there to let me get checks and the stamp. I will get all my batches in this week to be reviewed. I am waiting on an email from my boss. I got quite a lot done on it last Friday and I think I could really get it done if I took this Friday to work on it. I worked on it a little on Saturday, but then on Sunday decided that I had to get started on the towels. I can finish the other towel and maybe a little bag tonight. Tomorrow night I could work on it for a little while or work on it tonight and the towel tomorrow night. Thursday night I need to make the cookies and have that towel done. I definitely need to make a decision today on whether or not I take Friday off. I have to turn in my time sheet by tomorrow.

Such stress at the holidays. I have been getting kind of sad the last few days. I fear being alone on the holidays. It just makes me sad to think about spending holidays alone. I don’t want to think about it now, so on to something different.

How about work? I better get started on it! I will try to take pictures of the towels tonight and the prototype pot scrubber.

Christmas Journal Days 17 & 18

Day 17
It wouldn't be Christmas without...

Snow! Snow is what makes Christmas, Christmas.

Day 18
Write about a special present

I've received so many special presents over the years. I wrote about the Barbie Dream House and the cassette tape. There was a year when I got a lava lamp and I remember the tag said "To: Heather From: Dad". That always sticks out to me. I remember the wooden tree box that he picked out for me one year too. Last year, I got a very special present from my nephews. One made me a cup and the other made a matching saucer. Anything that somebody makes for me is special. I have a crocheted afghan on my bed that my sister made for me. I have my mommy quilts. This year (yes I know it's early), I got a very special gift from my mom. She got me a vintage original 1983 Mokey Fraggle Rock doll in good condition. I know she spent a lot of money on it. It means so much to me because I have wanted one for years. It's hard to pick out one special present, because so many are very special. I would say anything handmade means the most to me.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Apparently there was a bad connection

Well the annual CCCS Christmas party was Saturday night. It was a nice event and great food (even if it did make my date (Mom) not feel to well the next day). It was a late dinner for us. As usual, I did not win a raffle prize. Three years and still not even close to winning! At least last year we took table decorations!

Busy weekend. Got up early on Saturday to head to Herberger’s for a chance at getting a free Arctic Bart ornament. We scored! I also got a free $10 gift card. Super nice. I bought some gloves that I can’t find right now. I will search my room again tonight. I also got a cute sweat suit from JC Penney. I wore it yesterday and I loved it. It is soft and warm and snuggly. I will wear it for Christmas Day.

I dyed my hair Thursday night. It is a nice shade of Natural Darkest Brown (aka black). I love it though! It makes me feel exotic. That’s funny to type let alone to think.

The car is fixed. Apparently there was a bad connection. $20 to fix that and a $30 oil change. Right in the middle of Christmas. Eh…I needed it.

I will be finishing up Christmas at the last minute again. I just can’t stop buying stuff. I did pick up another small gift on Saturday. I have another idea for Mom that I really want to get her, but I need to make sure I have enough money. I will use my bonus for part of it, but I need a little more to go with it. I am taking part of another one back because it is not what I really wanted or expected.

I got this super cute speaker for my mp3 player. It is a little penguin that dances and his belly lights up to the music. I like it.

I picked a name off the angel tree and bought a gift for a little 2 year old girl. I got her a baby that laughs and a cute sweater and jean set. We also had a bear at home that is brand new and threw that in too.

Friday was exactly what I wanted it to be. I took the day off to get the car fixed, but I spent the day in my cozy chair, knitting and watching television. It was a nice day. I am almost done with the towels for my aunts. I have one more to finish and then sew on the buttons and they are done and I can wrap those presents. I think I will make one more towel and some cookies for another gift. I don’t know that I will get the thing I am working on for my mom done. I would almost need another day off to do another big chunk on it. I wish I could, but I really can’t or rather, shouldn’t.

I guess I will get to work now. I have the pictures of the scarflet/pidge done, I just haven’t taken them off the camera yet. Soon.

Christmas Journal

My sister is working on a Christmas journal for my nephews and is sending prompts to both me and my mom. I thought it would be nice to post my responses here. Here are my responses through yesterday. I cleaned up the spelling errors I had made when I sent them to her. Hopefully she will change those for me when she puts them in the journal (hint hint sister).

Day 1
What are your favorite things about Christmas?

I love the Christmas tree. It is by far my most favorite symbol of Christmas. I love to just turn the lights on and the house lights off and just look at it and let it light the room. My other favorite thing about Christmas is giving gifts. It is so much fun to buy stuff for people, maybe stuff they want, maybe stuff they won't normally buy for themselves. It is always fun to see someone open something they didn't expect and be super excited about it. As frustrating as it can be to find that special gift, the end result is worth all the frustration.

Day 2
The first sign of Christmas is ....................

I am going with the first feeling of the season is for me. And that is...the first good snowfall. The one that sticks and that you need to shovel. The one that blankets the city in white.

Day 3
Shopping: When do you start planning? When do you start shopping? When do you think you will finish?

I usually start planning in October, but don't actually start shopping usually until November. I like to really start my shopping the day after Thanksgiving, but if I see stuff before then, I will pick it up. I think that I will finally finish a few days before Christmas. I always seem to be picking up little things here and there, stocking stuffers mostly. I enjoy the rush and the excitement of last minute shopping. Sometimes it takes until the very end to find that special present.

Day 4
When you look outside during the Christmas season, what do you see?

When I look outside, I see snow kissed trees and streets, brilliant lights and a sense of excitement.

Day 5
As a child did you write letters and/or visit Santa? Share a special memory.

I remember writing a letter to Santa in second grade. In fact, I think Mom still has it in my envelope of stuff. I remember visiting Santa at the mall. The one I remember best is when we lived in Wyoming and went to Casper; there was Santa and Mrs. Clause. I think the one that sticks out most though, is the one I don't remember. There is a picture of me and Dawn when I was just a baby on Santa's lap. That is the one I think about when I think of visiting Santa.

Day 6
When and how did you learn the truth about Santa?

I truly believe that I never really believed in Santa. I don't know if it is because Dawn is so much older than me that by the time Santa would have been real, she didn't believe any more or because we did almost everything on Christmas Eve. I just don't ever really believing in Santa.

Day 7
How do you decorate and when do you start?
I usually start the first week of December. We are pretty simple a tree and some scattered knickknacks. We do have the village that is quite large now and the mantle lights and garland.

Day 8
Write about your tree and your favorite ornaments.

I love the tree. It is my most favorite thing about Christmas besides giving people gifts. But more about it. It is artificial. Always has been since I can remember. Dad used to put it together then the task was passed onto Dawn and then finally to me. It's pretty simple, about 5 or 5 1/2 feet, clear non-blinking lights and mostly homemade ornaments. The manufactured ornaments that are on it have some special meaning though. The ornaments I love the most are the personalized ones that Ellen Cauble made for us. I always look for those. My other most favorite ornaments are the "tube" scene ornaments that Dad made. I love to just sit in the dark at night with the tree lights on. There is something magical about the Christmas tree.

Day 9
Write about your traditions new & old.

When I think of traditions, I think of people who have grand traditions. I don't always think of the stuff we do as true tradition...but here it goes. We usually go to church on Christmas Eve and then come home and have some food, usually snacks and then open Christmas presents. The past five years, Mom and I have had a little Christmas party. We go to dinner, some place nice and exchange a gift. This year, we went to a concert after. On Christmas morning, we have breakfast with Aunt Parkie and Bob and then go to their house and exchange gifts. I guess another tradition is that every year I buy my nephews a new ornament. I got the idea from a lady I worked with who said that every year she got her kids an ornament so that when they were older and moved out, they would have decorations for their tree. I liked the idea and went with it. Last year, for the first time in a long time, we had people over for Christmas dinner. This will be the second year. Does that make tradition? I can't think of any more things that I would call tradition.

Day 10
What do you dread most about the holidays?

The crowds. Not being able to find the perfect gift. Time constraints! Being away from the people I love a lot. Those are the four that jump right out at me. There are times where I kind of dread being around certain people. I know I shouldn't but I do.

Day 11
How do you wrap presents? Paper or bags? Ribbons or bows?

This year I am doing all wrapping! No bags! I usually use a combination of the two. If it is an awkward item I use a bag, provided I have one big enough. I like to wrap the gifts though. It is more exciting to rip paper than to lift out some tissue paper! I didn't use ribbons or bows this year. It always seems like the bows get smashed or fall off. I like ribbon, but only used it to tie up two gifts this year. Sometimes the plain wrap is enough. I love the nice ribbon, wide, maybe fabric, but I much rather spend the money on the person than the wrapping.

Day 12
Favorite holiday show or movie

National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. It is my standard, classic holiday movie. I laugh every time I see it, no matter how many times I have watched it.

Day 13
How has Christmas changed for me over the years?

Before it used to be about getting stuff for me. Now it is about giving stuff to others. I love to buy for other people. It doesn't matter if I get one thing or twenty things, for me the joy is giving something to someone else. I especially like it now that I am a little more crafty and can make things for others. They seem to really appreciate those things more.

Day 14
What food do you eat or make only during the Christmas season?

I don't really make anything, except the occasional pistachio salad. Mom usually makes pumpkin bread that I love! We usually get a crab ball and Ritz crackers. Mixed nuts, fudge, cocktail pasties and for the last I'm not sure how many years, we have prime rib for Christmas dinner.

Day 15
What Holiday music do you listen to?

I like Manheim Steamroller. I also like music I can sing along to. Alone of course. Right now, I am listening to Rick Springfield's new Christmas album.

Day 16
Favorite holiday memory as a child

It is so funny, Mom and I were talking about this yesterday. I remember getting the Barbie Dream House. I was so shocked. I think I may have cried. I know that Dad spent the entire day Christmas Eve putting it together and then setting it up in my bedroom. It was the biggest surprise of my life I think. It was incredible. I don't remember anything else about that Christmas. Another thing that I always remember about Christmas was the very first cassette tape I got that was all my own. Dawn bought me Joan Jett & The Blackhearts. I remember that the wrapping had an orange scratch and sniff sticker on it too.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Planting a seed

Right after Thanksgiving, like the Saturday after, I made the comment on another site that I wasn’t going to take any more time off until the day after Christmas. Then I took the Monday after Thanksgiving off. This morning I was thinking, “Gee, I sure would like to take tomorrow off and just sit in my chair, watch DVR and knit.” So the seed was planted and well watered by the time I put my coat on to leave for work. It was decided by me that I would take Friday off. Then I get in my car and my heat is not working! UGH! It is freezing out and I had very little heat on my 30 mile commute this morning. I thought my fingers were going to just fall off by the time I got in the building! So now I am taking tomorrow off because I need to get my car fixed. I still will get to sit at home and knit, but it is just so frustrating. This is the second time in a month I have had to take a day to get my car fixed. But this really needs to get fixed. We haven’t even hit below zero all day temps yet and I can’t drive well if I can’t feel my feet or my fingers!

I have a reminder popping up on my computer to take pictures and post them. I have to take a picture of the scarflet I gifted. I think the recipient, also known as Mom, really liked it. I “closed” it with a pin that was her grandmothers to make it more special. I also included buttons, because I didn’t think the pin would be very practical, but I wanted to do something with that pin for her. She talks about it often, but it is a little more dressy than an every day pin. I will take a picture with the pin and then sew on the buttons she picked out and take another picture.

I also have to take a picture of the super duper present I got from Mom. She bought me an original, now antique in good condition, Mokey Fraggle doll. I absolutely love it. I have slept with her every night. I have to be mindful of her because I am sure that Cooper would love to take her and chew on her, which would lead Elliott to wanting to chew on her too and that would be very upsetting. I got a Fraggle Rock purse as well. After I am done with my knitting projects for Christmas, I will be making her a blanket with some yarn I love, but haven’t found anything to do with yet. It is perfect for her.

Mom and I had our gift exchange on Friday the 7th. We went to one of the nicer restaurants in town and had a very delicious dinner, exchanged gifts and then went to a holiday concert at the local theater. It was very beautiful. The performers were Cherish the Ladies, a group of women who plan traditional irish music. The theater was beautiful, the music was incredible, we laughed, we had a good time. It was a nice evening that I will remember for quite some time.

We ventured to the Tech bazaar on Saturday the 8th. That was a huge disappointment. It is usually quite a large bazaar that we go around twice. This time it was barely worth going around once. Mom bought a picture for an aunt and I purchased a package from the Edmonton Police Bagpipers. The bagpipers come to Butte every St. Patrick’s Day and the money goes towards bringing them back. I got a t-shirt, a patch, two pins, and a calendar. I will gift the calendar. I wanted one of the pins and a t-shirt. The other pin was a throw in on a package deal.

I came up with a super idea for a gift/stocking stuffer for my mom. But, I can’t tell you because she might find out and I don’t want that. I will tell you after Christmas.

I have one more gift to pick up. I have four towels and something for my mom to finish. I can’t believe it is almost here.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Missing again

I've been missing in action again lately. I post elsewhere and so I sometimes forget about this and my myspace page. My bad.

Things are going well. Christmas is just around the corner. I am almost done shopping. Working hard to finish up a few projects.

The house is not fully decorated yet. The tree is up, the lights are on, but it ends there. The mantle is done though. I will finish by bedtime on Sunday.

Friday night is our annual Christmas Party (Me and Mom). We are having dinner at Lydia's and exchanging a gift. Then we are going to "Cherish the Ladies". It is an irish concert. Saturday is the annual Tech bazaar. Looking forward to that.

I have a few gifts to finish up for Mom. I hope I get them done!

Work continues to go well. In February or March the new corporate office will be finished and I will be moving in town. That will be nice. I will still travel out of town, but only about once a week, not bad at all.

Check out for some of my crafty items. I will be able to post more after Christmas. I don't want anyone seeing their gifts before they open them. I have more pictures to post, I just haven't found the time to sit down and do it.

Happy Holidays